Many people might focus more on big things like the shape of the tub or the color of tiles when designing a bathroom. It is indeed quite important because bathing activities will not be perfect without them. However, there are other things that people often miss: the storage area.

If you go to a furniture store, you will be presented with many choices of shapes and colors for bathroom storage. Don’t be confused or dizzy anymore in choosing the right storage for your bathroom. Here we have compiled smart tips for choosing bathroom storage for you. Check them out!

Make a Storage under the Sink

We often miss the bottom part of the bathroom since we only pay attention to other fixtures that look more vital. Makes storage below your sink to store toiletries.

Hanging on the cabinet door. This spray is hanging on the tension door that underneath the sink. The neat and clean, as a result.
Use a tension rod to hang the spray bottles. Stretch a tension rod, even a pretty one like this spring-loaded pewter curtain rod, inside the cabinet under the sink as a perch for spray bottles.
Keep bin labeled to easily sort out expired items. Labels to clue you in on your use. You can use this idea in an under-sink cabinet to refresh contact lenses or medications on a cycle in the bathroom.
Add hooks and grommets for a custom look. If you dig the idea of turning your cabinet doors under the sink into useful storage but want a little more polish.
A contemporary open cabinet under the sink. Not only usable for place any toiletries but also give you a stunning decoration, as well.

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Put a Rack beside the Toilet

Maximize all the space left in your bathroom. You can use the small space next to the toilet to put your tissue roll or even ornament decoration on a rack or roll bar cart.

This is a smart option for a small bathroom. Some people don’t need a lot of storage in the toilet so this thin cabinet installed around the toilet would come in handy.
It’s an easy way to keep hold your toilet paper and its supply. The bathroom would always need extra storage. If your bathroom needs one, this simple sink-side cabinet may be helpful.
Toilet paper is the most essential element in the bathroom. This simple holder can hold up to 4 rolls of toilet paper excluding the one in use.
It’s one of the most favorite bathroom storage ideas. People love this storage design because of its slim posture. It won’t waste your bathroom’s floor space. But, you can store a lot of items inside the cabinet.
Narrow and high open storage next to the toilet. This amazing idea to keep your bathroom look clean and neat. Moreover, you can easily pick up something while seat in the toilet.

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Add Several Hooks

Do you realize that hooks have many functions besides hanging clothes? Attach a few hooks and use them as a tool to hang your curling iron or towel.

Elongated hooks can help you to maintenance cloth and towel. Especially, in this bathroom that looks neat with the black hooks.

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Rustic touch in the wooden hooks with a green wreath. Not only gives a useful hook as usual but also makes the bathroom look decorative.

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You may not have tons of counter space or closets to work with, but you can stick hooks on the wall to hang towels, robes, and any other must-haves. Opt for hooks in metallic hues to add a slight sparkle to your space.

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Unused pallets turned into a hook in this bathroom. Moreover, you can put a wooden pallet floating shelf above the hooks. It can be used to place some toiletries, as well.
Integrated floating shelf with hooks underneath. In addition, this simple ideas bring the multifunctional furniture in the bathroom.

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Bring a Tall Etagere

Do you need one compact and fit storage for storing all your needs? You seem to need etagere. With some of its shelves, you will be free not only to store items but also to put decorations on it.

Wooden tall etagere next to the bathtub. This furniture can be useful to place some clean towels and some soap in the bottle.

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A brass etagere brings a French appeal to the bathroom displaying decor and bathroom essentials. Moreover, this bathroom look so luxurious with all brass accent on the furniture.

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Use your empty space in the bathroom like in the corner to place an etagere. This can be useful to put some plants, a towel, and even a clean towel.

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Another great way to introduce a ton of storage. Without having to drill into your walls for custom cabinetry and shelving is by sliding in an etagere. As done in this bathroom. This one is super tall, providing a full six shelves of extra space.

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Unique etagere with a decorative ornament adds a beauty decoration in this bathroom. Especially, this etagere place next to the bathtub.

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Trays for Smaller Stuff

As the most common bathroom storage used by many people, trays really help you to organize any items, especially the small ones. If you want them to be neater, put a divider in your tray so you can easily group each type of item.

Sensual leather tray. An elegant office paper tray made of leather actually finds a fit home in this bathroom. The contents are simple: candle, fresh flowers, a mirror, and some hand towels.
Beloved mirror tray. A mirrored glass tray has a kitschy side that can suit the right kind of decor. A bouquet of fresh white roses, a small picture, and some fragrance bottles fill it up.
Simple wood tray. The neutral color of this tray will suit any bathroom, and handles make it easy to move it to another area of the counter if you need to.
Oval pewter tray. If you lack space on your counter, why not use the toilet tank as a storage/decor space?. For example, In this bathroom. A simple oval pewter tray set on the tank holds a candle, fragrances, and lotions. It’s a simple decorative touch that works really well when you don’t have enough counter space to hold a tray.
Multi-level tray. This rustic dream bathroom, found on Happiness Is Homemade. Features a beautiful and practical multi-level tray for hand and finger towels, lotions, and beauty items.
Pretty tiered tray. A vintage kitchen tray transforms this bathroom with extra practical storage space and a dash of quirky styling. This tray keeps practical items such as washcloths, soaps, and oils. As well as a bouquet of fresh flowers set in a mason jar.

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Now we understand how important it is to choose the right bathroom storage for the bathroom. In addition to accommodating space for goods, you can also create extra space for your bathroom. It’s not that hard to create a beautiful and neat bathroom, is it?

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