Does your bathroom come in a tiny package? No needs to feel bitter since most people have the same thing. Still, never underestimate your small restroom because with a perfect touch, creating a heavenly personal space is as easy as snapping fingers. One brilliant way to do that is by adding amazing wall art. If you are looking for some inspiring items, here is some bathroom wall art to enhance the tiny bathroom ideas you can steal.

1. Well-Design Wall Mirror

Hanging a mirror in a bathroom above a vanity is versatile. The looking glass can infuse a modern and elegant vibe as well as being functional. Invest with a dazzling or unique design that will make the mirror take the focal part of your shower room. Marry them with scones, backlights, or other pendant lightings.

The mirror is one of the must-have accents in a small bathroom decoration, because the mirror itself will reflect light throughout the room, giving the illusion that the bathroom feels wider. Another function of the hanging mirror is that it can be an area to check your appearance before leaving the room, choose and use shapes and materials according to your current bathroom decoration style, for example a round mirror that is hung by a strong rope. DIY hanging round mirror from housebeautiful.

The vanity area is not perfect without a mirror and chandelier, this time you can combine a square mirror with a gold frame and a wall lamp that is quite large in size. The touch of marble on the walls and floors that have different colors and patterns adds a luxurious impression that is not excessive, you can use a vanity that is repainted in light blue for a newer look. Square mirror with gold frame from housebeautiful.

Decorating a small bathroom to the maximum will look more fun, you can start by using a fairly large mirror covered with a wooden frame. Repaint this mirror frame according to the color of your shiplap wall, then add vintage wall lamp carvings to be the perfect combination that you can use simultaneously. Portable sinks become flexible furniture that can be moved anywhere when needed. Combination of hanging mirror with vintage carved wall lamp from housebeautiful.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a mirror in your bathroom decor as an accent to make the room feel more spacious and airy. This rectangular mirror with a dark frame can be hung on a wooden wall which is enhanced by vintage scones made of crystal glass. The single sink decorated with painting frames and flowers adds a sweet feel that will work well together. Rectangle mirror with crystal glass wall lamp from housebeautiful.

2. Paintings

Yes, you can hang a painting or print arts in the bathroom above your toilet, towel holder, or bathtub. Make sure that your wall arts are covered with waterproof frames such as glasses. You may display one big painting or three to more same-size pictures. You should also consider how much the humidity of your bathroom will affect the artwork.

Don’t let your minimalist bathroom walls appear plain and boring, you can install two modern frames with the same theme and have a splash of color that matches the feel of your current bathroom. The combination of white and blue will work perfectly when combined in one room, herringbone tile gives a soft texture and a modern vibe that never goes out of style. Two painting frames with splashes of color that match the feel of the bathroom from apartmenttherapy.

Take advantage of the empty bathroom wall area to hang some frame paintings with different themes, colors and sizes. The more paintings that are installed, the more artistic the bathroom decor will be, perfect the look of this wall painting with a mirror that is lined with vintage patterned frames and has a bold color like red. Classic wall scones are lighting that you can make the most of. Painting frames with different themes and sizes from apartmenttherapy.

If you have a white bathroom wall, then hanging a wall painting that is dominated by a splash of white and gray is the perfect combination that you can try easily and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money. In addition to paintings, you can also hang a statue of a deer’s head that has a matching color and a mirror that is quite large, so the white wall decoration will look more crowded and not monotonous. Wall painting with white and gray splashes from apartmenttherapy.

Complete the decor of your small bathroom with a wall design filled with painting frames of various sizes and colors. To harmonize the tone of the room and the style in this bathroom, you can use vintage-themed paintings with different frame sizes. The gold finish on the mirror frame gives it a luxurious and classic vibe without being overwhelming. Hexagon tile with white color is a perfect combination that you can easily combine. Vintage wall paintings with different frame sizes from apartmenttherapy.

3. Brass Wall décor

Brass material elevates the classic and luxury ambiance to your bathroom. And the great thing is there are so many designs you can choose, and almost all of them are exclusively artistic; from a tree, world map, contemporary design, seagull, flowers and leaves, to abstract. This bathroom wall art to enhance the tiny bathroom will make the most of your tiny space.

Give a gold vibe to your white bathroom decor through a mirror frame with a unique shape that will become the focal point of the room. Install this mirror right next to the bathtub as a maximum complement to the bathroom accent, don’t forget to add paintings and vintage rugs to coat the white hexagon tiles to make it appear more colorful and of course provide a busy pattern that is never boring. You can use the basket in the windowsill area for towel storage ideas. Gold frame mirror with unique shape from apartmenttherapy.

Not only through mirror frames, now you can also apply wall paintings and tree-shaped wall decorations with a splash of shiny gold. Hang these two wall decorations not too far apart to appear more contrast and make the room look more beautiful. Greenery wreath and deer head sculptures bring the feel of a modern farmhouse bathroom that never goes out of style. Painting frame with gold tree wall decoration from apartmenttherapy

Start using some gold wall hangings to display a luxurious and classic impression that is suitable for your current bathroom decorating ideas. Several mirrors with carved frames with different sizes become wall decorations that you can apply easily without the need for professional personnel. The interior of the bathroom with white color neutralizes the color tone of the room, which makes it appear neutral without being excessive. Gold mirror frame with carved accents from apartmenttherapy.

4. Floating Shelves

If you aren’t ready to go extravagant for your bathroom revamp, then adding storage boxes or wall-mounted shelves on your wall is one fascinating way to enlighten the room. Besides the function, they also can transform into pretty wall art.

In addition to being an area to put some of your toiletries and toiletries, this minimalist floating shelf is also a sweet wall decoration. You simply add a small cactus plant with a gold pot that looks shiny when exposed to light from any direction. Make this DIY shelf easily without spending a lot of expenses, for example, you combine wood with synthetic leather that has a light brown color. DIY floral minimalist shelf from thespruce.

If you need a storage area that doesn’t take up floor space at all, then you can take advantage of the wall area for storage by installing a hanging wooden shelf that is applied right above the toilet. Choose a wood that is strong and not easily porous like teak. Repaint this shelf according to the wall color to make it appear more perfect without destroying the color tone of this modern and minimalist room. Hanging teak wood shelf from thespruce.

The wall area under this mirror has enough space to fit a long floating wooden shelf. You can use this shelf for storage ideas as well as views that don’t cost a lot of expenses by applying some green plants in a glass vase filled with clean water. This gray-dominated wall wallpaper provides a farmhouse pattern into the bathroom decor instantly. Floating rectangle wooden rack from thespruce.

Give a natural vibe to your bathroom decor with the use of floating plywood shelves that have a modern and minimalist look. On the surface of this shelf you can place a gold frame painting and small green plants with white pots. This painting has a gold-colored frame that will look shiny when exposed to sunlight, the feel of a bathroom with white color is always a favorite choice that you can pour into bathroom decorations with limited space. Natural floating wooden rack from thespruce.

Even with limited space, your restroom deserves a little decoration. If you don’t know where to start, those bathroom wall art to enhance the tiny bathroom ideas will help you and create an eye-catching spot in your small toilet.

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