If you have the chance to have the yard space for your outdoor greenery, then make sure that you utilize it well. Here, you can create such an adorable landscape. It is because the greenery won’t only function as the outdoor decoration needs. In this case, you will need the greenery to get the fresh air that the plants could give to you. To give you advice in doing the landscaping project, here are some things for you to consider.

Plants Arrangement

Since plants will be the main point of your garden landscaping, then it should be considered first. There are some plant types that you can have with its arrangement. Here, you should choose the plants that could match your garden. It will be so much better if you can have plants that could survive in any weather and season. Then, for the arrangement, you can do it based on the garden concept that you want to have.

This garden design does not use too many flowers to give color, but using plants that have several different leaf colors will make the garden decoration perfect. In this front garden idea, a mix of annual and perennial flowers like hydrangeas and petunias are used for a pop of color while some evergreen shrubs ensure year-round greenery. Hydrangeas flower from homebnc.

If you want to expose the soil in your garden, it can be the best option. Plant flowers in certain parts of the yard with the addition of fresh green grass. You can use various types of flowers with bright colors so that they will give a different look to your garden decoration. In this example, evergreen shrubs are interspersed with spring and summer flowers and annual greenery to create a lush cottage garden. Colorful flower garden from homebnc.

For your front yard, you can add some colorful succulent plants with unique stone pots. Here, colorful succulent plants look harmonious with your zen garden design. Succulents come in many color varieties and require very little care. If you live in an area with cold or wet winters, bring your planter inside to keep your succulents happy. Colorful succulent plants from homebnc.

Purple and red flowers look very harmonious in this garden design. The vines on this garden wall will provide a fresher atmosphere. As an alternative to ivy, consider making some trellises for the clematis. This plant will withstand any weather so it will be low maintenance. Purple and red flowers ivy from homebnc.

If you like simplicity, you can manage your garden to have a clean design with lush hydrangeas and well-groomed host plants, and some hedge plants. Combined with this green grass will make the garden more fresh and natural. The combination of hostas and lush hydrangeas creates a simple but fun spring and summer choice. Lush Hydrangeas and Hostas from homebnc.

Garden Walk Path

After the plant, the other thing that you should have is the walking path. It is really important so that you can walk through your garden without destroying the plants. Moreover, if you can provide such a unique and pretty walk path, then it will be the other values. It is because the good walk path can really beautify your garden.

Footpaths and stairs made of large unsharpened stones help create a natural, forest-like atmosphere in this front yard. Combined with some green plants and blooming flowers will give the garden a fresh look and have a natural impression. With a unique and beautiful design of the path, it will add another value to your garden. Large rock steps from hgtv.

Pavers installed with a diagonal design draw attention straight towards the entrance of the house. The dwarf mondo grass planted between the pavers gives the walk an extra dimension. On the right and left side of this path is equipped with green grass which will produce a fresh and inviting garden decoration. Diagonals paver and green grass from hgtv.

The stones that surround the arched door in this magnificent front garden will present a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Some greenery and lavender on the right and left of the road will greet you when walking on this road. Choosing a path design like this can really beautify your garden. Stone pathway from hgtv.

The walkway doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical or consist of straight lines to draw your attention to the front door. Varying the size of the bricks and using subtle indentations in the design make it more visually appealing. Combined with green grass that will greet you when walking on this path. Stamped Concrete pathway from hgtv.

Water Fountain

You might think that the water fountain won’t be functioned well since it only gives beauty without any function. However, it could be really useful to create such a real nature atmosphere in your garden. Especially when the sound of the water falling from the water fountain can be heard well. Here are some water fountain ideas that you can choose for your garden.

A large copper pot turned into a fountain sits in a small pond that serves as the focal point of this garden space. Combined with some greenery and blooming flowers will be a perfect garden decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Large copper pot water fountain from hgtv.

From those three basic things for your garden landscaping ideas, you can choose each of those that have the same theme or style. It is because you need to create a harmonious look for your garden decoration. Anyway, you can also choose the design based on your budgeting so that you can make everything in a good balance.

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