Not only for the living room, but you also need to provide such a proper decoration for your kitchen. It is because the kitchen is the heart of your home where good food will be made. In case you do not redecorate your kitchen for a long time, then it’s time for you to give concern for your kitchen. Here we have some different kitchen remodel design ideas that you can adapt to the design for your kitchen.

Farmhouse Style

If you have farmhouse style for your home decoration, then providing the same kitchen style will be so much worth it. As we’ve known that farmhouses use natural elements for decoration needs. Here, from all of the materials, wood becomes the most used material. In hence, you can utilize the wood from furniture, ceiling, and even the floor. Check the following pictures out.

The farmhouse style is made with wooden beams as the ceiling, wooden cabinets under the kitchen island and other wooden material objects will present a stylish decoration of the room and give a warm impression. The wooden floors and white color scheme give the room a spacious and airy feel. Wooden beams ceiling from trendir.

Here, the kitchen uses wood material to create the impression of a farmhouse. Then, cabinets and chimneys are also worthy of a farmhouse style. A large wooden kitchen island and hardwood floors make for a warm and charming farmhouse décor. Antique chandeliers and large windows provide perfect and eye-catching lighting. Wooden cabinet farmhouse kitchen from trendir.

From the top and bottom of this kitchen using the wood material. Choosing shiplap wood for this ceiling and wall design will give you an attractive farmhouse feel. This white color scheme and hardwood floors provide the perfect contrast and create a warm space. A window on one wall will let sunlight into the room so as to give the room a bright design. Shiplap wood on wall and ceiling from countryliving.

Here is an example of applying wood flooring to give it a farmhouse touch. Then, there is also a large kitchen island with wooden countertops provided in the kitchen so that it will produce a charming kitchen. Combined with the white color scheme and the right lighting from the windows and this chandelier above the kitchen island gives your kitchen a more stylish design. Hardwood flooring farmhouse kitchen from trendir.

The difference in the color of the wood used for the kitchen island gives a unique impression. Moreover, the wood used for the table really gives a natural touch to the room. This shiplap ceiling and ivory color scheme will bring a stylish and calmer look to any room décor. Wooden Kitchen island from trendir.

Modern Style

The modern style commonly has a sleek impression with clean and sleek materials. Moreover, the colors are used also in certain choices. Here, you should apply neutral colors such as black, white, grey, beige, and other neutral colors that you like. Anyway, to add the beauty of your decoration and not to make it looks boring, you can combine the neutral with some other bright colors.

This kitchen is equipped with two-color cabinets, namely gray and white for a distinctive contemporary style. The marble patterned quartz countertop and matching backsplash add timeless beauty and practical function. This white, gray, and wood floor color scheme add a splash of warmth. Two-color cabinets modern kitchen from thespruce.

This white kitchen feels very contemporary thanks to its sleek cabinetry and quartz waterfall kitchen island. The gray tiles, marble stove backsplash, and dark wood cabinetry provide the perfect contrast to most white spaces with interesting textures and patterns. Large windows and a waterdrop chandelier add a bit of a fun touch. White kitchen with waterfall island from thespruce.

Black stained custom wood cabinets set the tone for this contemporary kitchen. The bold wood tile backsplash pattern provides the perfect look for this modern kitchen. The contrast with the white countertop will create a sophisticated look. Open shelves made of wood will give a natural touch to the room. Black modern kitchen from thespruce.

Adding a contemporary touch to this bright cooking space by installing colorful brick tiles on the backsplash will catch the eye. Taking the tile from the countertop to the ceiling makes it a focal point in the room. Combined with blue cabinets and this slim table will keep the look simple but look more elegant. Colorful brick tiles backsplash from thespruce.

Black and blue are the main colors in this modern kitchen. This sleek and modern dramatic patterned marble countertop makes any room decor look sleek and elegant. Another interesting feature is the modern glass door refrigerator that displays its contents. Gold accents on this sink add an elegant impression to the room. Black and blue modern kitchen from thespruce.

Industrial Style

For the kitchen industrial style, you can combine between the old decoration style and the modern one. But, you need to concern on the material where you should choose those with industrial impression like the iron or copper. Then, it will be so much better if you can find the materials with the old looks.

Almost all parts of this kitchen use an industrial touch. Colored wood furniture adorns the room in bright, playful colors, while distressed finishes give it a stylish vintage look. Dark wood floors give the room elegance, while raw wood elements and industrial-style lighting add a factory tone. Colored wood furniture industrial kitchen from home-designing.

This kitchen is more colorful, refurbished antique kitchen countertops. The exposed brick wall is equipped with black shelves so that it will make your industrial kitchen more stylish. Choosing this old mint green cabinet provides the perfect kitchen design so that it contrasts with the metal material in this kitchen. Colorful industrial kitchen from home-designing.

Sloped ceilings can be an attractive decoration in an industrial kitchen. Add color and industrial kitchen components to make the kitchen look big and bright, turning the ceiling into a unique feature. Choosing a kitchen table from this metal material will also strengthen the industrial impression so that it will look more stylish. Metal kitchen table from home-designing.

Industrial grade metal sheeting has been used to create the accent wall, creating a more modern industrial style kitchen. Concrete countertops and wooden countertops make the perfect kitchen décor. The right lighting gives the room an interesting and dramatic décor. Industrial grade metal wall kitchen from home-designing.

This industrial kitchen scheme with wood and copper materials makes the room decoration attractive and attractive. Industrial light fixtures are installed to shine directly over the artistic signage, drawing attention to the focal point of the wall. This metal hanging open shelf keeps money decor neat and uncluttered. Industrial kitchen from home-designing.

Basically those kitchen decoration that we’ve served have all aspects of the decoration needs. It covers from the furniture, flooring, and even the ceiling and ornament. In applying the decoration into your kitchen, you can choose the parts that you mostly need. Don’t forget to adjust everything based on your budget and kitchen condition so that everything could be harmonious.

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