The stock tank pool is originally used on farms and ranches as a water container for livestock. However, most people nowadays use it as an alternative to a swimming pool or hot tub. The reason is that the stock tank pool is super affordable compared to a swimming pool or hot tub. It is also easy to install and maintain.

There are two ways of installing a stock tank pool in your house. You can put them above the ground or dig them on the ground.

For above the ground setting, the galvanized stock tank pool would be a great choice. However, if you want to dig them in, you can use a poly stock tank pool. Besides, there are also some awesome stock tank pool design ideas that you can try.

1. Painted Stock Tank Pool

The galvanized metal color would be quite boring for your stock tank pool at the house. For making it more colorful, you can paint it with your favorite colors.

The stock tank pool that is applied to your backyard will appear cleaner and more elegant when you add a splash of beige paint which is equipped with a large swan water balloon. Choose and use paint of good quality so that it doesn’t get scratched easily when exposed to the sun or splashed water every day. Try it easily without spending a lot of money, don’t forget to add an umbrella as a shade accent during the day. Beige paint stock tank pool from lollyjane.

Blue paint is one of the best choices that you can apply to the outer surface of the stock tank pool for a fresh, new appearance, and of course it doesn’t look shabby. Blue paint is a bright color that blends in perfectly when placed around greenery. Surround this stock tank pool with some comfortable furniture that can be used to relax after swimming or soaking in the stock tank pool. Cool blue stock tank pool from lollyjane.

Another paint option that you can use to coat the surface of the stock tank pool is bright yellow paint that looks shiny during the day because it is exposed to direct sunlight reflection. The advantage of using a yellow stock tank pool is that it makes the backyard decoration more cheerful, bright and symbolizes peace. Install and place the stock tank pool right above the deck so that users are more comfortable when using it. Yellow stock tank pool from thespruce.

To make it easier for you when combining the stock tank pool with green plants around it, you can choose white paint to coat the entire surface of the stock tank pool evenly. White is the favorite paint choice that will never fail, besides that white paint also gives the impression that your outdoor area looks wider and cleaner. Isn’t it pretty awesome to try? White stock tank pool from thespruce.

2. Stock Tank Pool Accessories

You can take your stock tank pool to the next level by adding some accessories. Add a wood bench on the stock tank pool to make it look like a swimming pool. This would also provide comfortable seating if you just want to put your feet in.

Another stock tank pool design ideas are by adding a mosquito net. This would keep the bugs out and provide a soft cozy feel for you.

A round stock tank pool surrounded by wooden pallet benches enhances its appearance while making it easier for you to relax after soaking or swimming. Let this wooden bench appear more natural without repainting it with any color paint. Adjust the size of this wooden bench with the stock tank pool that you use for the right layout and is comfortable to use throughout the day. Round stock tank pool with wooden bench from lollyjane.

For maximum comfort in the stock tank pool area, you can add a built-in wooden bench built on a wooden deck. Cover this wooden bench with white cushions for a softer, more cushioned seating area. You can also add floating stripped balloons above the tank pool for a relaxing area on the water with a more interesting atmosphere and impression. The greenery around it becomes a fresh decoration that completes your backyard decor. Combination of a built-in bench and floating stripped balloon from lollyjane.

This white mosquito net covering the stock tank pool thoroughly will protect you from excessive sunlight during the day so you can enjoy it more perfectly. In addition, this mosquito net will also prevent you from insects or dust carried by the wind and can contaminate the water in the stock tank pool. Mosquito nets are one of the highly recommended tank pool accessories with low costs. White mosquito net accessories from lollyjane.

3. Stock Tank Swimming Pool

This idea needs a lot of effort. To build it, you need to dig a hole to put your stock tank pool in the ground. Then, put a wooden deck to provide a contrast on it. You also need to cover it with waterproof blue paint.

Do you have a wooden deck in the backyard? If so, then you can use it as a stock tank pool application which will become a relaxing area with a more interesting and fun atmosphere. Don’t forget to add some outdoor furniture as a complement and can be used to enjoy snacks and coffee with a beautiful view of the garden outside. Wooden deck with stock tank pool from thespruce.

The stock tank pool that was built parallel to the wooden deck is a backyard decorating idea that you should try. This parallel design makes it easy for you to go underwater without stepping on the ground which will cause your feet to get dirty. This stock tank pool is made of galvanized material so it is not easily porous or rusty when exposed to splashing water or changing outdoor weather. Galvanized stock tank pool that was built parallel to the wooden deck from thespruce.

In addition to outdoor furniture, you can also build a stock tank pool that is repainted in orange on a wooden deck with a distance that is not too far away. This stock tank pool design is between the outdoor lounge chairs and a wide dining table so that your backyard can be used better and of course with a variety of fun outdoor activities. Repainting the stock tank pool is done to make it look cleaner and newer. Stock tank pool on wooden deck from thespruce.

Those are some stock tank pool design ideas that we have listed. Hopefully, those ideas would inspire you to have a beautiful one at home.

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