Living in an apartment is what the urban lifestyle is all about. Even though privacy is there to offer, noise pollution follows behind. Whether your neighbors are party lovers, arguing a lot, television maniac, or a high traffic echo outside your window, all of those sounds can drive you insane.

And since everyone deserves a little peace of mind, blocking those annoying noises from surroundings is a basic need. Forget about heavy installation, here are five soundproof apartment décor ideas that are easy and attractive.

1. Reduce Sounds with Bookshelves

First, find your shared wall that becomes the weak spot for noises. Place your bookshelves there and let them do the trick. Books are mostly thick and dense, and placing them altogether in one shelving will offer great sound insulation. They will also look fancy for your interior.

Take advantage of your blank walls for storage. You can fill it with books in bulk for good soundproofing. This idea is quite cheap and easy to try in your apartment. Most books are thick and compact, and placing them all on one shelf will offer good sound insulation. Equipped with some furniture and other ornaments will present a more stylish dining room design. High to ceiling bookshelf storage from mymove.

If you need peace in your apartment, then make a soundproof decoration using a large shelf filled with several types of books and other small ornaments. Try this idea to get satisfactory results. In addition, the addition of this shelf will make the room neat and avoid clutter. Adding greenery to this shelf will also add a touch of fresh air to the room. Wood bookshelf from mymove.

2. Carpet or Area Rug

Hanging carpet or rug is a common thing since most of them have stunning and unique patterns. As it turns out, a carpet or rug can also reduce sound. Simply hang it on the wall and for an ultimate soundproof function, combine it with rug pads. This pad will also make your rug last longer.

Sound is absorbed by soft surfaces, so decorate your home with as much as possible, including walls. Hanging carpet for soundproof apartment design. This ultra-heavy blanket comes with grommets so you can hang it from a hook on your wall or ceiling. Having this beautiful pattern will also be the perfect focal point of the room. Hanging carpet from apartmenttherapy.

3. Curtains

Just like carpet and rug, the curtain is also able to absorb noises. This, of course, is ideal for a window-facing heavy traffic streets. To get soundproofing curtains, the best materials to choose are polyester, suede, vinyl, and velvet. These fabrics will also make your apartment look more appealing.

One of the easiest ways to reduce noise in a room is to use upholstered curtains. Use curtains with polyester material to make it look more luxurious and quality. Choosing this emerald green color will add a sophisticated look and look more elegant. Combined with a gray sofa and gold accents on the side table and standing lamp, it makes the room look more luxurious. Polyester curtain from digsdigs.

Adding quilted curtains in linen will create soundproofing and privacy in your apartment design. In addition, placing a comfortable soft rug on the floor will also help you make the floor slightly soundproof and feel warm. This idea is ideal because it will make your apartment look more attractive. Layered curtain from digsdigs.

Get creative by placing large, wide curtains in your apartment to reduce the echo problem in the room. The more curtains used, the better the effect. Heavy curtains are a great soundproofing idea for windows if the noise is coming from there. Using this material from suede creates a stylish room design. Wide curtain from digsdigs.

4. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are very popular for studios and offices because they are effective to absorb sounds. These panels are made of porous expanded polypropylene (PEPP). If old acoustic panels only came in one boring design, nowadays, there are much more modern and stylish designs to offer. You can even pick your own images for your acoustic panels.

So that indoor activity are not disturbed, the use of acoustic panels is highly recommended to decorate your apartment. These acoustic panels can work to reduce unwanted noise. The choice of geometric motifs and colorful colors will be the perfect focal point of the room. These panels are made of expanded porous polypropylene (PEPP) and will make any room design stylish. Colorful geometric acoustic panels from digsdigs.

To prevent noise from entering the room, acoustic panels are the best way to fill the empty wall space. You can opt for an attractive neutral, gray, and blue acoustic fish scale panel motif that makes up the entire wall art. Applying this living room design will present an interesting room design for you to try. Gray and blue acoustic fish scale panel from digsdigs.

5. Window Inserts

Do you like your outside apartment view but can’t stand its sound? Then a curtain won’t work for you. Instead of hanging drapery, window inserts are your best solution. Besides being an amazing soundproof apartment décor, they can as well protect your windows from dirt.

Combine the color of the window inserts with the curtains so that your apartment room looks more fashionable and beautiful. In addition, your apartment decoration will also be more effective at absorbing echoes. Choosing white color will give a clean and clean room. Combined with a white color scheme and some modern furniture, this creates an attractive room. White window inserts and curtain from housebeautiful.

Windows that are closed with inserts provide a popular and good idea to reduce noise pollution entering a room. In addition to window inserts, it also keeps windows clean. This design will make your apartment space more stylish. Combined with this white color scheme, it will present a bright and spacious room. Large window inserts from apartmenttherapy.

Living in a flat could be quite a noisy experience. Thankfully, the above soundproof apartment décor will easily help out without having to make a lot of effort. Not only effectively absorb echo, but it will also make your place be more attractive and inviting.

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