Having a fresh atmosphere in your office is important. It helps you reduce your stress and fatigue when doing your work. That is why you need to pay attention to the decoration.

A green look can be the perfect choice for your office. The effects of the green color can calm your body and mind. Feel the fresh air of your room in these decorative green office ideas.

1. Green Wall

A green look for your wall can be a brand new atmosphere you have never felt before. It freshens up your eyesight and mood at the same time. An expert even proved that a green look is really good for your mental state. That fact makes it perfect for you to accompanied by a green atmosphere.

You can paint the walls green or make a green wall with vertical plants. Install a wallpaper also can be your option. It is more recommended because easier and flexible. If you want to change the different green look, you can do it efficiently. With this office look, you will feel less burden and stressful.

An easy and appropriate step to make your office atmosphere more refreshing is to include green elements for decoration in it. You can use green wallpaper for maximum freshness. Install fake grass carpets to be used as wallpaper on your office walls. Fake grass carpets as wall decorations from homedit.

Complete this modern and contemporary office decor with a wall plant that is equipped with accent spotlights as lighting that can be used at night to display this garden wall decor more clearly and not darkly. This green office decoration is also equipped with some green furniture so that it makes you feel more at home and comfortable while in this area all day long. Wall plant with spotlights from homedit.

In order to get a natural freshness in your office space, try to use wall decorations created from indoor vertical gardens. A vertical garden that meets the wall will be a unique and interesting background for decorating your office. Some white interiors make this vertical garden wall look more contrast and stand out. Green plant wall background from homedit.

You can also apply vertical garden wall decorations in the main entrance area. This is done to maintain natural freshness and make plants get a supply of sunlight for their daily needs. Try pairing it with a colorful herringbone rug to incorporate elements of modern decor into your office. The combination of a vertical garden wall with a herringbone rug from homedit.

If you have an office space with a modern minimalist themed decor, there’s nothing wrong if you include natural elements in it. One easy way is to use a vertical garden background on the dominant wall. This wall plant decoration will look clearer and more contrasting when you use some interior and room furniture using white. Wall plant decoration with white office interior from homedit.

You will get a warm and soothing welcome with vertical garden wall decorations that are applied to the entire wall leading to your office hallway. With this park, your mind will be fresher and of course you will always get brilliant ideas to do your tasks and activities. Combine the paint on the wall that is not covered by this vertical garden with a color that matches the greenery to make it more harmonious. Wall plant decoration in the office hallway area from homedit.

2. Decorative Plants

Sometimes you might to take a break from doing your work a few minutes just to rest and get some air. This decorative green office idea can help you with all that. Decorative plants add a livelier atmosphere to your daily working activity and prevent depression caused by too much work.

It is better to have more than one plant to give a more vibrant look to the room. You can place the smaller ones in the table and the bigger ones in a certain corner of your office. Enjoy your work while feeling the fresh breeze.

Create a natural freshness to calm the mind while working by placing some green plants in pots. Don’t hesitate to include green plants into the room, because if you plant them in pots, it will certainly make it easier for you to take care of them. Place these indoor plants on the edge of the room so they don’t interfere with your activities. Green plant container from balconygardenweb.

The more indoor green plants that are applied to office decorations, the fresher the view will be. You can apply this green plant on the floor using a rectangular pot that has a fairly large size. Another option that you can try is to hang it using a sturdy and strong rope so it doesn’t fall to the floor easily causing a mess. Hanging plant decoration from balconygardenweb.

Place green plants in pots in your office space near the window. Glass windows that will supply maximum sunlight and will keep your plants fresh and green. For those of you who have a job in front of a computer, this green plant is highly recommended to be placed in your workspace. Green plants in pots will cool the view that will make you relax. Green plant container from balconygardenweb.

Several types of green plants that are applied in office decorations become a green view that can be enjoyed when you feel bored with the work you are currently doing. Complete the indoor look of this green plant with a green rug that looks like a beautiful green grass accent. The large glass window becomes a source of sunlight that will help the indoor growth of green plants that are owned in this office. Indoor green plants with different types from homedit.

A unique thing that you can create for decoration in an office space is to include green plants. Do a different way to include this decoration, namely by using a vertical garden that is applied through a large area of ​​the wall that is still empty. This vertical garden will not show the planting medium so this method will make the decorations in your office look more natural. Vertical indoor wall garden from homedit.

3. Wooden Tiles

Wooden material is never a bad choice. They provide a luxurious yet simple touch to any room. The authenticity of its aesthetic always makes you relaxed and homey. That is why having wooden tiles in your office is a must.

Wooden tiles really match the green look of your office. They emphasize a warmer and calmer feeling than ceramic or marble tiles. They also easier to clean and maintain so you can focus on your work more than to take care of it.

There is nothing wrong with using wooden tiles in modern and contemporary office decorations, this floor idea will blend perfectly when you want to create a green office feel that looks natural and fresh. This wooden floor is combined with a standing greenery plant which is applied in a container that is quite large. In addition, you can also use this high indoor greenery plant as a divider room. Wooden tile for modern office decoration from homedit.

Walls and floors made of wood are the office decorations of choice that are currently highly recommended for your office. The wooden floor in this office has a smoother surface and is not easily slippery when splashed with water. On the wooden walls there is also greenery wallpaper which is highlighted with orange lights so that it can be seen more clearly at night or during the day. Wooden walls and floors from homedit.

Choose and use the herringbone pattern for your hardwood tile floor design in today’s green office decor. This herringbone pattern is suitable for all office decorations in any style, including a modern style that never goes out of style. Don’t forget to use the walls to apply some indoor wall plants that look lush and will certainly give the impression of a room that is fresher and not boring. Herringbone wooden tile from homedit.

The wooden floor layer in the office decoration certainly gives a different impression and feel, you can use the walls of green plants and moss at the same time. In this room you are recommended to use bright lighting to emphasize the unique wall decor. The advantage of using wood flooring is that it is very easy to maintain and not easily damaged or porous, you can try it right now. Bright wood floor tiles from elledecor.

Try the different ambiance by decorating your office with those green office ideas!

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