The word “rustic” can be interpreted in a good way and offensive way. In the world of home decor and furnishings, however, rustic design is quite popular. It is often associated with adding the elements of wood, metal, and stone to their home.

When people say rustic, it usually means that they want a taste of the countryside and nature to their home. To create that rustic vibe, you don’t have to go all-natural for it may look too bold and overwhelming. Combining the contemporary and rustic elements are the best way to earn that cozy and homey feeling without having to lose the sense of present time.

Below are some rustic bathroom designs that create a big impact:

1. Wooden Floor & Vanity

The first rustic bathroom designs incorporate wooden floor, shower wall, and vanity that complements modern sink and elegant round mirrors that are attached on a brick walls. To add a fresh natural tone, you can put a green plant in the room. Your bathroom looks naturally fresh and clean. Perfecto!

Wood is always the best choice material for a rustic bathroom decoration, you can apply it to the floor, wall, vanity and floating rack areas attached to the wall. This wooden floor with a brighter color can be used in dry floor areas so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Don’t forget to choose a vanity with matching materials which is equipped with a double bowl sink which is neatly placed on the top surface of the vanity. Bright wood flooring from digsdigs.

Choose and use hardwood floors to enhance your current rustic bathroom interior. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a wooden vanity that is equipped with round mirrors without frames that have a larger size. This modern white sink with a square shape provides a modern style that can blend perfectly in this rustic bathroom. Natural wood walls complement the beautiful rustic decor. Hardwood floor with modern white sink from digsdigs.

Small rustic bathroom decorations can be perfected with plywood floors and wooden shiplap walls that are repainted using white. Standing vanity, classic bathtub and ceiling shower are interior combinations that you can use at the same time. Complete the vanity look with a round mirror that hangs above a floating wooden rack that is used to store some of your toiletries. Plywood floor with wooden shiplap wall from digsdigs.

2. How About A Copper Tub?

Want to feel all-mighty and edgy at the same time? Copper tub amidst painted brick wall and wooden floor are the epitome of elegance and luxurious bath.

Hold your wine glass high and do not disturb people, a queen is taking a bath, only without the ladies-in-waiting.

The cooper bathtub is one of the important pieces of furniture that can be applied in a rustic bathroom decor. Its shiny appearance will seem more vintage when you place it in the middle of a brick wall and hardwood floor. You can paint some of these brick walls using blue for a more colorful bathroom look. The candle holder under the bathtub becomes an additional vintage ornament that you can use. Sleek cooper bathtub from decoist.

It could be that this rustic bathroom decoration uses a cooper bathtub which is perfected with some natural interiors that surround it. Red brick walls combined with reclaimed wood floors are the perfect combination for a rustic decoration because it seems simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Glass windows let sunlight into the room to the maximum. Cooper bathtub with natural interior from decoist.

The antique push on the outer surface of this bathtub will look more attractive when there is a shiny copper material on the inside of the bathtub. Its outdated appearance adds a vintage impression that is not excessive. This bathtub design changes the decor of your rustic bathroom to seem more charming because it looks neat and elegant. Antique cooper bathtub from decoist.

3. Can You Feel Rustic with Glass Shower? Heaven Yes!

Even a fan of glass shower can still get a rustic bathroom sense when combined with fine wooden wall and fall. Not only does it complement the natural elements, but it also puts them all together in simplicity.

An easy way to apply a modern style in rustic bathroom decor is to use a transparent glass shower that is perfected with a wooden panel wall with a splash of lighter color. The shower room is also equipped with a gold accent which is applied through the shower. The standing wooden ladder becomes a towel storage area that you can use to maximize the use of the bathroom area with limited space. Transparent glass shower room from digsdigs.

So that the corner in your rustic bathroom can function better, then you can use it as a glass shower room design with a unique hexagon shape. Perform maintenance on the glass shower regularly to get a clean and shiny surface. Natural wood walls and classic white bathtub emphasize the rustic theme in this bathroom decor. Corner hexagon glass shower from digsdigs.

4. Outdoor Shower

Okay, this may sound a bit off, but what is more rustic and natural than actually being in outdoor? An outdoor bathroom without being surrounded by a concrete wall but plants instead is the ultimate answer!

Simply put the bathroom essentials such as shower, toilet, and sinks on a well-arranged floor, then you’ll get that dream rustic bathroom.

If you have a backyard decoration with a fairly large size, then you can use it as an outdoor shower which is enhanced with several types of green plants around it. The wooden divider in the outdoor shower area can be used to hang clean and dry towels so that they don’t get wet from splashing water, making them more multifunctional and a must-have. Outdoor shower with multifunctional wooden divider from housebeautiful.

The outdoor shower decoration in this garden is equipped with water infiltration underneath so it doesn’t cause the surrounding soil area to become muddy. The greenery that surrounds the shower is an impressive sight as well as a natural divider. Some tropical plants make the feel of this outdoor shower fresher and greener. Sunlight petrifies the area around the shower is not damp. Outdoor shower with water infiltration from housebeautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, get undressed and feel the natural atmosphere while bathing in your new rustic bathroom. 

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