A fireplace is the centerpiece of your living room. It functions as a decoration as much as it serves its rightful purpose. Here are some excellent fireplace designs based on mounting options and materials.

1. Fireplace Mounting Options

Based on their mounting options, there are seven types of fireplaces.

1) Open-hearth Fireplace

An open-hearth fireplace is built into the wall of your home. Thus, you’ll need to have it inside your home already; otherwise, restructuring your wall to accommodate one is going to be costly.

Besides being able to provide warmth to the room, open-heart fireplaces can be easily replaced with new ones to beautify your living room. Choosing this classic styled white coat makes a stylish room design and steals the attention of many people. This white color scheme and hardwood floors give the room a warm and spacious feel. Open-heart fireplaces from bobvila.

Make your living room warmer with this fireplace decoration as the main decoration in the living room. The open fireplace design can also affect the decor of the living room. You can choose materials from stone to give a rustic feel to your traditional living room. Combined with some wooden furniture will give a natural impression into the room. Stone open fireplace from bobvila.

2) Free-standing Fireplace

If you are looking into a practical set up that allows you to move the fireplace at any time, go for a free-standing one.

The best thing you will get by placing a freestanding black fireplace in the living room is that it is simple and easy to move. Round shape with a modern touch that makes the living room decor more chic. Placing this fireplace near the sofa will make the room attractive and look more stylish. This makes room decoration more practical. Round shape freestanding firplace from home-designing.

Get extra comfort with a stand-alone bio-ethanol fireplace. A modern glass enclosure encapsulates the fire of this beauty to create a fireplace that can be seen from all sides. You can put this fireplace in your bedroom to create extra warmth into your room. Combined with this beige color scheme, it will provide a warm and calm room. Standing bio-ethanol fireplace from home-designing.

3) Wall-mounted Fireplace

A wall-mounted fireplace can also be moved from one room to another. You simply need to know how to install the equipment.

Modern fireplace styles are generally unique by sticking to the living room wall. One of the interesting things here is that this fireplace is seen floating on a natural stone wall. Choosing this electric fireplace makes the room warm and looks more stylish. Don’t forget to complete the look with a white color scheme and wooden floors will give the room a warm feel. Modern wall-mounted fireplace from home-designing.

4) Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert can be used to transform your conventional open-hearth into a more, modern-looking design.

With the addition of a fireplace attached to the living room wall, it adds warmth. It will make you and your guests comfortable. Not only that, this small box fireplace model also saves space so it doesn’t look cramped. You can add metal doors to make the decor of the room neat and attractive. Using a black fireplace coat with gold accents makes your room look more elegant and luxurious. Fireplace Insert living room from housebeautiful.

5) Tabletop Fireplace

This type of fireplace is unique because not only it is portable, but you also have indoor and outdoor design options of these tabletops.

The table fireplace that looks small and square has its own uniqueness in decorating the living room table. Not only that, he can also warm the surrounding fireplace even with a limited distance. Adding a glass divider will result in a modern fireplace design and look more stunning. Combined with this shabby leather sofa, it makes your living room look more memorable. Coffee table fireplace from home-designing.

6) Ceiling-mounted Fireplace

A ceiling-mounted fireplace gives a touch of futuristic style into your home. There are not many of them. But, this rare design portrays uniqueness and taste of the homeowner.

Iron fireplace with black paint and hanging from the ceiling. The bottom has a unique shape like a round for burning wood. Putting this fireplace on the terrace of the house will give extra warmth to the room and will make you feel at home for a long time on the terrace of your house. Black ceiling-mounted fireplace from home-designing.

7) Dual-Sided Fireplace

A bi-sided fireplace is see-through. You can enjoy it on either side. Again, this is also a rare design you may explore to showcase your artistic flair.

White walls as a room divider can also be useful as a double-sided fireplace. As shown in the figure, you can make a fireplace extend inside the dividing wall. Choosing this double-sided fireplace divider provides an attractive space so you can combine the dining room with the guest roar at once. Double-sided fireplace from decorpad.

2. Fireplace Materials

Here are some of the most to least popular fireplace materials:

1) Stone Fireplace

A ledgestone or fieldstone fireplace portrays either contemporary or rustic feel to a home.

Country style fireplace with stone to make an awesome decoration in the living room. For a more chic look with a rustic style, you should make a stone fireplace like this. You can also add some antique ceramic vases and some candles placed on the mantelpiece for an interesting room design. Stone fireplace from onekindesign.

2) Tile/ Marble Fireplace

A tile or marble fireplace showcases modernity.

Using marble decoration to coat the fireplace, it will look beautiful like the picture above. Luxury with marble material also gets a rustic impression with a combination of wooden floors. This white color scheme also produces a spacious room design and looks more spacious. Don’t forget to add flowers in a vase to give a fresh impression to your room. Marble fireplace from homebnc.

3) Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace gives a more classic and timeless feel to your living room.

Brick is one of the characteristics of the rustic style. Especially in this fireplace, brick accents are very prominent in the material for making this fireplace. Painted white and combined with some Christmas decorations and this wooden barn door makes this an attractive room. This large farmhouse style clock completes the look. White brick fireplace from homebnc.

4) Plaster Fireplace

If you are looking to create an impression that your fireplace is just coming out of the wall, installing a plaster fireplace could be the way to go.

The white plaster that matches the color of the walls makes this fireplace stand out. But still has the same function and can warm the room well. You can combine it with a white color scheme to make the room spacious and look brighter. This comfortable seating area gives the room a perfect and comfortable look. White plaster fireplace from decorpad.

5) Metal Fireplace

Depending on the material and design, a metal fireplace can give a classic or modern feel to your home.

Besides being known as a strong material, metal can also maintain the temperature of the fire so that it can warm up to the maximum. So you can also place a metal fireplace box between the walls. Placing firewood next to this fireplace will also make it easier for you to retrieve it. Wood accents on the floor add a warm feel to the room. Box metal fireplace from homebnc.

6) Concrete Fireplace

A concrete fireplace gives your home an edgy and professional look to your home.

Whichever design you are based, you will need to make sure that the right fuel is used to create fire. You may consider the most classic fuels like natural wood logs. More modern fireplace designs may apply gas or ethanol as burning fuel.

Concrete is also one of the materials to make a fireplace in a room that is durable. You only need to make a square box like in the picture, on the concrete wall of your living room. You can combine this with white shiplap walls to give the room a natural look and look more spacious and airy. Concrete fireplace from shelterness.

However, never put chemically treated woods or ink-printed paper such as magazines or newspaper into a fireplace. Burnt their chemical residues may poison the air inside your room. Also, charcoals are not advised to be burnt inside a fireplace as they produce carbon monoxide which could poison you.

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