Are you feeling trapped in a cramped, lack of storage, and unattractive look of a kitchen? You’ve already got plenty of reasons to do a kitchen remodel. By giving home updates, you’ll have positive input to your homes, such as an enchanting look and a comfortable atmosphere. So, let’s start the process by planning the project well because a well-planned remodel can result in something incredible on a budget.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen Backsplash 

You never want to see a dated backsplash, don’t you? 

A backsplash does not only work as a wall protector but also as a decorative item. It is an ideal element of a kitchen to upgrade. Thus, keeping them in their maximum condition is obligatory for every homeowner. 

Don’t worry! Since most of the backsplash installment is an easy self-installed job, you can cut your budget for this project. You only need to decide what material to use for this backsplash, such as shimmering glass, wood planks, or metal tiles.

To protect your walls from splashing water, you can use a backsplash made of ceramic. In fact, it will be a decorative item for your kitchen remodeling ideas. Choosing black as a background and complete with a pattern will add to the appearance of your modern kitchen. Combined with this white color scheme will produce a bright and airy room. Black Ceramic backsplash from hgtv.

This herringbone-patterned backsplash will be an attractive and extraordinary decoration. Combine with white cabinets to add your furniture to complete it. Thus, keeping them in the maximum condition is mandatory for every homeowner. Choosing a design like this will make your modern kitchen more stylish. Herringbone patterned backsplash from hgtv.

The black hexagonal pattern on your backsplash adds texture to the decor in the kitchen. The white color scheme will make your room look bright and create the perfect contrast. This large window on one wall will also provide perfect lighting and let sunlight into your kitchen. Black hexagonal pattern backsplash from hgtv.

Add a white cabinet to your fish scale backsplash, this aims to get a neat decoration and save space. These decorations are inexpensive and very easy for your kitchen remodeling ideas. Using this backdrop will make the perfect focal point of the room. This white color scheme and tiled floor will make for the perfect room decor. Fish scale backsplash from hgtv.

2. Repaint Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets should be on your top five lists when doing a kitchen remodel. Why? The cabinet is the soul of your kitchen. Everyone’s eyes will be directed to the cabinet when they enter the room. Yet, a faded or outdated kitchen cabinet won’t give an appealing look to a kitchen. Thus, a repainting cabinet is needed. 

Opt for neutral tones for a calming cabinet view. 

Polished wood cabinets that don’t look old-fashioned are one way to get the perfect kitchen décor. Choosing a dark brown color for this cabinet design will create a warm room and look calmer. Some succulent plants in this tray will create a fresh and natural feel to the room. Dark brown color cabinet from elledecor.

In this modern cooking space, the industrial look is colorful with emerald cabinets and a touch of rich exposed beams and bricks. You can simply repaint the cabinets for an attractive, low-budget look. This design will make an interesting room for you to try. Emerald cabinets kitchen from elledecor.

Repaint your cabinet to make it look attractive. The gray color will look elegant and calm. Choosing a gray color scheme in this kitchen interior design will give the room a warm and calm look. Several dark-colored bowls will also make your kitchen more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. Gray cabinet from elledecor.

3. Consider a Kitchen Island

Having a large space? Why not creating a kitchen island to spruce up your kitchen? You’ll find that this idea is very useful since the island is more than a food station. With some stools, it can transform itself to be a dining table. Or, built-in shelves offer kitchen island storage. 

Mix and match the materials and colors for this island. For instance, a white marble-top island would go perfectly together with silver and gray surroundings. 

Make the most of your kitchen by using a kitchen island that is equipped with chairs so that it can be used for a dining table. This will save space to the maximum. In addition, adding storage to this kitchen island will make it easier for you to store several collections of books and bowls neatly so that they will avoid clutter. Large kitchen island from deavita.

White and navy will be a color combination that looks elegant for your kitchen renovation ideas. Place enough furniture, such as a kitchen island and some cupboards. This kitchen island features a comfortable high chair and some storage. Store your cutlery on this kitchen island shelf for a neat, uncluttered look. White and navy kitchen island from deavita.

This rustic kitchen decor will show the appearance of a warm and nice room. The kitchen island will add very useful furniture to your room. Equipped with several high chairs and book storage on the side of this kitchen island will produce a comfortable and neat-looking room. This beige color scheme and wooden kitchen island create a warm space. Kitchen island with high chairs and storage from deavita.

A wooden kitchen island will look clean and sturdy for your kitchen remodeling decorating ideas. The kitchen island will become a dining table if it is equipped with chairs, this furniture will be multifunctional. This kitchen island is equipped with open shelves to easily store several collections of recipe books and will look tidier. Wooden kitchen island with storage from deavita.

4. Add More Lighting Fixtures

Never overlook lighting fixtures when you do a kitchen remodel. Well-designed lighting fixtures can have double functions. One, it works as a room illumination. Two, it becomes an object of attention. Some options consider such as floor lighting, hanging pendants, wall-mounted sconces, and more.

The chandelier will make your kitchen decor look brighter and cleaner. These lights help perfectly illuminate your kitchen. Choosing a Paris style in this kitchen lamp design will make the perfect room decoration. Hang your lights in pairs to keep things sleek. Double chandelier from housebeautiful.

Choose some decorative lights to light up your kitchen. In addition to decorative lighting, it also helps to brighten the kitchen thoroughly and optimally. Balance rustic and modern style with an industrial hanging pendant. They can also help ground this industrial kitchen. Placed on a kitchen island will produce dramatic lighting and become the perfect kitchen focal point. Industrial hanging pendant from housebeautiful.

A chandelier mounted above the dining table will also help perfectly illuminate your kitchen. This lamp will support a fabulous kitchen makeover. Using light from this tree branch will make your room decor more interesting and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Here’s how you can create the best mic-drop moments in your kitchen. Rustic chandelier from housebeautiful.

Use bright lighting in your kitchen to help with your activities at night. In addition, it will help to renovate your kitchen properly and perfectly. Opting for a natural texture like rattan is ideal for a coastal kitchen. Even if you don’t actually live by the sea, you can decorate however you like. Rattan lighting fixtures from housebeautiful.

Once you’ve done your kitchen remodel project, you’ll be happy to show off your kitchen to friends.

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