The grey color scheme is offering soothing neutrality and warmness, and it’s getting an increasing popularity for interior decor inspirations. It is also true with the grey kitchen cabinet units, in which many homeowners and interior designers have used other complementary colors and textures, as well as other arrangements to go hand in hand with kitchen cabinet in different grey shades. 

1. Grey and Other Color Palettes

Grey – Brown

A set of a large and tall grey cabinet in contrast with the traditional richness of the dark brown island with white marble countertop.

The floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet which is repainted using gray color looks more modern and shiny. This modern classic style in kitchen decoration can be easily tried through the use of a wooden kitchen island which is painted in dark brown color. These two colors look contrasting but can blend in perfectly in one room, the white marble countertop is a sophisticated room neutralizing color and you can try it right now. Modern classic kitchen cabinet from bhg.

Grey – Blue

The combination of grey and a bluish hue for your kitchen cabinet adds a pop of color with a brighter effect, complemented with the light tone wood flooring.

Modern kitchen decorations can be created instantly with the use of the right furniture, for example, you can use a light gray kitchen cabinet with a blue kitchen island that looks so shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight or a lamp hanging on the ceiling. In addition to the cabinet, you can also adjust the color of the chandelier that is applied right above the kitchen island. Gray kitchen cabinet and blue kitchen island from digsdigs.

If the blue color applied to the kitchen island already has a darker splash of color, then it is better if another color that can be applied in the same room is a brighter color such as light gray. These two colors do not look contrasting so they are perfect for elegant kitchen decorations. The light gray kitchen cabinet is surrounded by white walls that seem more neutral and suitable to be combined with any colored furniture around it. Light gray kitchen cabinet with dark blue kitchen island from digsdigs.

Grey – Green

A grey kitchen cabinet in light tint mixed with the green Easter egg shade, complimented with other neutrals.

This kitchen cabinet and kitchen island with opposite layouts have two contrasting colors that you must try for a more vibrant and colorful kitchen decor. Neutralize these two colors by using wooden shiplap walls and window frames painted in white. In addition, the use of green paint on the kitchen island also brings a more natural feel to the room, especially when coupled with the use of hardwood floors with darker colors. Natural scheme green kitchen island from countryliving.

Grey – Neutral Mix

White or beige can go well with grey and together they create such a soothing and calming pallet to wonderfully soft and inviting cooking space.

The bottom kitchen cabinet with gray paint and white floating cabinets is a combination of the two colors that can work well together in one room. The combination of these two colors both have neutral shades that can be combined easily, of course you can add other colors such as gold by applying it to the faucet and knobs. Herringbone tile floor is an indispensable part of a textured interior in a modern-style decor. The combination of white with gray kitchen from digsdigs.

The combination of gray and white will never fail when decorating a modern kitchen, you can use white for the floating cabinet and tile backsplash. While the gray color can be applied through the use of kitchen bottom cabinets. After that, you can perfect the appearance of this kitchen by using patterned tiles that are installed through the floor. Wooden countertops are natural materials that can be used simultaneously. Gray bottom cabinet with white backsplash tile from digsdigs.

2. Grey and the Backsplash

You may experiment with your kitchen backsplash to mix and match it with your greyish kitchen cabinets. The standard subway tiles in white splashes can be the first option. You may go further with black dot patterns on an off-white backsplash or turn to the freshly beautiful sea glass backsplash.

An easy way to add white to a gray kitchen decor is to use a white tile backsplash that is installed evenly and neatly. Don’t forget the floating cabinet section also follows the color of the lower kitchen cabinet that is currently being used. White subways backsplash gives a classic impression that is suitable to be combined with a modern room style that never goes out of fashion. Floating open shelves is a storage idea that you can take full advantage of. Classic white subways tile backsplash from elledecor.

Gray with white is a color combination that is suitable to be applied to your modern minimalist kitchen decor. If you have used a gray bottom cabinet, the next idea you can do is to choose a white color that is applied to the floating cabinet and subway tile backsplash to make it look clean and shiny. The touch of gold on the knob gives the impression of a more luxurious room without being overly so. Gray cabinet and subway tile backsplash from elledecor.

3. Grey and Other Interior Design Styles

A grey kitchen cabinet can get along well with several design schemes. For a sleek and modern look, pair an extremely dark grey tall pantry with the existing two-toned white kitchen units. As to a chic farmhouse style, the grey lower cabinets blend well with rustic reclaimed wood accents. For a beach style lover, a grey slate island is a compliment. 

The combination of light gray and dark gray in one room may rarely be found, but for now you can combine these two colors in your minimalist modern kitchen decor to get a more different and unique look. Start with the use of light grat paint on your wooden cabinets while the dark gray color on the kitchen island as well as the stool chairs that surround it. These two colors will look brighter when you use a large enough glass window. Light gray cabinet and dark gray kitchen island set from elledecor.

When you have used dark gray in all your kitchen cabinets, then for a light gray color splash you can try it in your backsplash area. The combination of these two colors will feel more colorful when you put greenery on a wooden countertop. White walls and wooden ceilings are a permanent interior mix that is highly recommended because it has a neutral color combination and of course matches all types of themes and room styles. Dark gray cabinet with light gray backsplash from elledecor.

4. Grey and Small Details

Grey indeed glows well with golden and brass details. You can find it in the forms of grey cabinets with gold or brass handles or knobs, kitchen lanterns, pendants, or wall sconces, and many more.

You can try a splash of gold in the area of ​​the cabinet handles and lampshade that is hung right above the kitchen island. Match the colors of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen island with a splash of gray that looks more elegant and modern. You can also add another interesting color through the runner rug that is used to coat the red stone floor in this kitchen decor. While the white wooden shiplap is an interior neutralizing room that functions very well. Gold handles and lampshade from digsdigs.

Light gray kitchen cabinets will look luxurious when you perfect the outside appearance by using brass handles that look shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight or light. In this neutral kitchen area, you can use a small green vase filled with indoor plants to add a natural bold color produced from nature. Herringbone backsplash is a room texture decoration that is suitable to be placed in any stylish kitchen decor. Light gray kitchen cabinet with brass handles from digsdigs.

5. Grey and Natural Wood

Grey kitchen cabinet ideas will have a nice combo with reclaimed wood walls, other wooden furniture pieces, darker wood flooring, decorative wooden shelves, and more.   

Dark gray is one of the right color choices for your modern kitchen decoration at this time, don’t forget to use some interiors made of natural wood as an interesting and different combination from the others. Apply this wood material to your countertop design and some stools that can be used as dining chairs and of course can be used as needed. Patterned tiles with a little splash of black give the room a more unique texture. Dark gray kitchen cabinet with wooden stool and countertop from home-designing.

The sleek wood material on the chairs and dining table in this kitchen decor is perfect when combined with a kitchen cabinet that has been repainted using light gray color. In this kitchen decoration, you can also use a tile backsplash with a matching color to make it seem more elegant and of course it can blend perfectly in one room. Green plants in the corner of the countertop become a natural room decoration. Sleek wooden dining table set from home-designing.

This kitchen island and backsplash made of hardwood are suitable furniture ideas when applied to modern minimalist style kitchen decorations. In the same time and place you can also use high kitchen cabinets with a splash of gray color. Gray is one of the neutral color choices that many people like. The glass wall is large enough to be a source of sunlight that can enter the room freely. Kitchen island and hardwood backsplash from home-designing.

Can’t be denied that gray kitchen cabinet can bring soothing and neutral ambiance. The neutral color of gray kitchen cabinet can easily be combined with other colors and accents. If you can mix well, you will get a beautiful kitchen look and avoid a boredom. Follow those ideas above to get more inspiration to complement your gray kitchen cabinet.

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