If you want to decorate or renovate your bedroom, bohemian style can be one of the styles to opt. The blend of color, texture, pattern, fabric, and unique look result unforgettable bedroom style. However, a good bohemian bedroom cannot be separated from the role of its furniture. Thus, get these furniture ideas below for your inspiration to decorate yours.

Wooden Bed Frame

Talking about bedroom means you are dealing with how you find a comfy bed. Thus, you get a relaxing time when you are sleeping. Applying bohemian bedroom decoration, it is possible for you to opt a wooden bed frame so that it makes this style perfect. As well as, bohemian style tends to have an earthy color scheme. And, wooden elements are the answer. Moreover, deciding a wooden bed frame can be the way to combine boho style with rustic touch. Then, add some wooden furniture like desk, chair, table, and headboard.

The natural wooden bed frame used in this bohemian bedroom decoration is one of the right furniture and you can try. This wooden bed can be upholstered with a soft mattress and beautiful neutral color pattern bedding. Wall paint with two different colors gives the room a more unique impression. You can use faux fur rugs to cover the floor area to the maximum and of course make warm footwear. Natural wooden bed frame from homedit.

This woven wooden bed frame with a curved headboard is the main furniture that must be had in a bohemian bedroom decoration because it has a very harmonious style and material. Don’t forget to coat the floor area using a vintage rug that has a rich pattern and has a splash of neutral color. A tufted stool with a more striking color becomes a comfortable sitting area and can be used to read your favorite book. Woven wood bed frame from homedit.

Teak wood is one of the sturdy materials that can be applied to your bed design with a bohemian style full of colors and patterns. Choose and use a rug that has a splash of color according to the material of your bed. For a more natural look, you don’t need to re-polish the wood on your bed frame. The brass table lamp becomes a focal point that looks shiny when exposed to the sun’s reflection. Teak wood bed frame from homedit.

Bohemian bedroom decor will look more modern when you use some re-polished wooden furniture so that it looks more shiny. No need to use furniture excessively in order to get a wider and wider floor area. Bold color pom-poms on the bedding give a pleasant impression and of course make the room feel more passionate. Use glass walls as a source of views that can be enjoyed at any time. Polished wooden bed frame from homedit.

Rattan Chair and Table

What first comes on your mind when we are talking about bohemian bedroom furniture? Don’t you think about rattan elements? Yeah, it is not only dealing with wooden elements, rattan can make your dreamy boho bedroom comes true. In the form of chair and table, rattan completes other elements in boho bedroom. For example, a boho wooden bed frame goes well with a rattan chair and a cylinder rattan basket.

Perfect your boho bedroom decor with some furniture made of rattan which is dominated by wood colors that seem natural. Apply this material to chairs, some open storage shelves and bed frames that have a headboard with a unique shape and appearance. All of this furniture has a selling price that is not too expensive so it is perfect for those of you who want to display a room with decorations on a budget. Paint the walls in pastel colors for a sweet finishing touch. Rattan bedroom furniture from homebnc.

There is nothing wrong with including a round rattan chair in the bohemian bedroom decoration as a complementary furniture idea that can be used as a comfortable and inexpensive sitting area. Don’t forget to coat this wood panel floor with a faux fur rug for soft footwear and can be used as a layer for your wicker chair legs so that it displays a more elegant room. Canvas painting is a suitable wall decoration. Round rattan stool from homebnc.

Do you need a sitting area in the bedroom decor? If so, then you can use a wicker rattan chair that can be placed next to the bed. Cover this chair with a blanket that has a thick material to warm your body and of course make this sitting area more comfortable and soft. Bedding with a splash of earth tone color makes the room feel warmer and easier to combine with wall decorations that are hung right above it. Rattan wicker chair from homebnc.

Woven Hammock

Have you ever thought to have a hammock for your bohemian bedroom? If you never think it before, now it is the time to consider this fancy element to enhance your boho bedroom. Furthermore, it will be fun for you to spend your free time in the hammock while reading or listening to the music. Generally, a hammock is hung on the ceiling or between walls.

If you have a boho bathroom decor with limited floor space, then you can add a hanging woven hammock which is dominated by clean white, this hammock can be used as a relaxing area during the day or night. Place a small table next to the hammock for easy storage of books, drinks or snacks. Complete the look with the use of plain bedding equipped with some pom-poms. White woven hammock from davidrayhomes.

You can use the ceiling area in the boho bedroom decor to hang a woven hammock chair which is lined with two unique and antique boho patterned pillows. This hammock area can be used as a relaxing area in the bedroom comfortably without any noise from outside the room. Green plants that are large enough to be a natural room decoration idea and of course provide a maximum freshness effect. Hanging woven hammock chair from decoist.

Instead of using a chair with a woven hanging hammock that is applied to the empty ceiling. This hammock has a larger size so that it can be used for a relaxed lying area with maximum comfort. Wall decorations and rugs with striking colors become the focal point that attracts attention. Indoor green plants become a fresh view of the room. Hanging large woven hammock from decoist.

Creating an inviting bohemian bedroom needs some effort indeed. It also deals with the supporting furniture so that your dreamy boho bedroom gets perfect. You do not have to choose the expensive furniture. But, you have to consider the functional and aesthetic value so that you have a cozy and well-designed bedroom.

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