You can have your own peacefulness and muscle-loosening treats after your everyday hectic and stressful routines by just simply being at home, taking a relaxing shower or bath. And, bringing nature into your bathroom is one of the brilliant ideas. You can start by looking for inspirations and carrying out a makeover to your bathing space.

1. The wood, stones, and gravels

The first thing of bringing nature into your bathroom is by using beautiful re-modelling designs of woods, stones, or gravels. You can apply them to wall and flooring construction. Having your shower space surrounded by transparent glass on a floor covered with those earth-materials will be calming and beautiful at the same time.

Also perfect for bathroom furniture or fixtures, think about having bamboo for your bathroom instead of wood. This material can be used as material for your bathtub, room partition, ladder-shaped towel hanger, bathroom cabinets, and more.

Applying wood to your bathroom floor is a good idea to bring a natural feel to your bathroom. Combined with a wooden pallet for furniture ideas can strengthen the natural impression. The white color scheme combined with a large window on one wall gives the illusion of a wider and brighter room. This white runner rug adds extra warmth to your traditional bathroom design. Wooden pallet floor and furntiur from decoholic.

Wooden walls, wooden sinks, and wooden bathtub frames are great ideas to add texture and bring nature to your bathroom and make it feel like the outdoors. The sturdy wooden mirror frame adds a natural rustic feel to your bathroom. Don’t forget to add windows to let sunlight into the room and create a spacious room. Wooden bathtub frames from decoholic.

2. The greenery

An easier makeover effort, put some real potted plants or freestanding vases of flowers in your bathroom or shower area to obtain the tropical look or rainforest atmosphere. Real or faux bamboos are also perfect. Or else, place colorful flowers in vases or baskets on your sink. They will not only turn the room immediately refreshing but also definitely treat your eyes and mind. 

Decorating a bathroom with greenery is an easy way to make a dramatic change at a relatively low cost. They will provide coolness in your private area. Picking flowers that are blooming in a vase and placing them in the sink gives this room a fresh touch. Combined with a white color scheme and a touch of gold, this faucet gives this faucet an elegant and clean space. Blooming flower on vase from bhg.

Bringing nature into the room is a great way to create a serene space. With the presence of blooming flowers in a vase and placed on a modern bathroom sink, this will be slightly muffled by the natural atmosphere. Combined with the all-white scheme in this bathroom, it gives a clean and spacious look. Blooming flowers in a vase from bhg.

3. The decoration

Consider wallpapers displaying waterfalls, trees, green mountains, rainforest, rivers or other tropical inspiration. Real waterfall replica or faux little one are also welcomed. An indoor fish pond is extremely gorgeous. Another idea is hanging nature-themed artworks.

If you are a beauty lover, apply it to the bathroom by installing this beautiful blooming flower wallpaper. Choosing this wallpaper will result in a bathroom design that is fresh and has a natural look. Don’t forget to apply a candle holder to provide dramatic lighting into the room. Blooming flower wallpaper from deavita.

Wallpaper was chosen because you don’t have to make major changes to bring your bathroom back to nature. This tropical wallpaper with a fountain pattern in the bathroom is enough to represent everything. Combined with the white color scheme and white furniture, this makes for an attractive room design. Tropical wallpaper from deavita.

4. The accent

This can be all-about-nature accent to complete your bathing space. A room divider showing the picture of water or stones, moss mats, bamboo or leaf shower curtain, a set of bath accessories in tree decal, or nature tattoo for toilet cover is a good choice. 

Moss mat decor was added to this bathroom with the aim of adding beauty and natural touch to an unexpected space. Placed under the bathtub this will make the perfect focal point of the room. This white floor and white curtains balance the look of your bathroom. Moss mat bathroom decor from balconygardenweb.

The bathroom with green leaf pattern curtains depicts the amazing feel of the outdoors. This will give the impression of calm every time you shower. Having a French style in this bathroom results in an attractive room design and makes you feel at home for long in this room. Green leaf pattern curtains bathroom from veranda.

5. The view

If you luckily happen to have a fish pond or a garden, from simple to exquisite Japanese garden, you can design the makeover to make your bathroom facing that beautiful scenic view. Replacing the concrete wall with massive transparent glass windows will do.

Use glass walls to feel like taking an outdoor shower if you have a beautiful garden on the other side of your bathroom wall. This bathroom will really make you relax and enjoy the real atmosphere of nature. The touch of wood on this floor brings a natural vibe into your room and will give a warm impression at night. Glass walls bathroom from architectureartdesigns.

Having this amazing outdoor view makes for an interesting bathroom decoration for you to try. Adding a large window in this bathroom will make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoor view. The beige color scheme and the wood finish on the floor and window trim bring a natural vibe to the room. Outdoor view bathroom from architectureartdesigns.

Those are some of fresh, green back-to-nature bathroom makeover ideas. Get enlightened already? Or, simply want to take your bathroom outside?  

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