An aisle is where the journey starts. It symbolizes the road you will take to your new chapter and your love. You would want your wedding aisle representing the road you will take together and how magical that road will be. Prepare your fantastic imagination while scrolling through these amazing aisle ideas to complete your outdoor wedding decorations.

1. Flower Petals

Imagine the beauty of flower petals as part of your aisle decoration. Your outdoor wedding will feel as if you are in the Garden of Eden. The flower petals will add color contrast to the grass bed or the sand. You can decorate your aisle with full flower petal runner or simple flower petal lines.

Mix two kinds of flower petals but don’t blend them, just separate them into two like this picture. To create awesome outdoor hallway decorations with flower petals. Combined with green grass, this makes a stylish room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Wedding Arch from rose flower arrangement gives a charming look. Mix two pettals roses from weddingomania.

Purity in white, white petals in the aisle at the wedding. It gives the meaning of purity, and combined with the blooming rose wedding arches also gives a unique look and steals the attention of many people. In addition, you can also add white flowers in a vase to give it a unique look. White flower petals from weddingomania

2. Ferns Line

Having an enchanted forest wedding is magical. Why not elevate the magic by decorating the aisle with ferns? Line up ferns and greenery of your choice and add white flowers for the contrast. The fern itself symbolizes magic, fascination, shelter, and bond of love—perfect for your outdoor wedding decorations.

A small touch of white flowers on the green fern for a more beautiful decoration and gives a beautiful impression, place the fern decoration in the wedding aisle to give a stylish look to the room and steal the attention of many people. It’s a bond of love—perfect for your outdoor wedding décor. Green fern hallway wedding outdoor from marthastewart.

This setting feels like it was picked straight from the forest thanks to the fresh greenery and mossy bottom. You can add a fern complete with a few pillar candles and place it in your outdoor wedding aisle so that it makes the perfect room design and steals the attention of many people. Adding this green moss will also beautify the look of your hallway. Green fren and candle hallway wedding outdoor from marthastewart.

3. Wooden Planks Runner

Celebrating your wedding outdoor is a fantastic choice since the natural scenery and ambience will create an amazing atmosphere. However, many technical problems may potentially harm your unforgettable moment.

If you plan to have a wedding on a beach, the sand will likely stick on your dress or make you difficult to walk on your heels. Worry not, decorate your aisle with wooden planks as your runner. The planks will support your walk and avoid sand to get stuck in your dress.

Mini wooden planks for hallway decor are a great way to make your wedding day by laying out wooden planks. Then, place the flower petals like this picture on the wooden board. This is an interesting idea so you don’t have to worry about your dress getting dirty. Combined with a white chair will give an interesting look for you to try. White wooden plank wedding decor from brides.

Wooden boards decorated with roses will give a stunning look to your wedding aisle. so try to decorate it like this. Combined with this white chair, it gives a stylish touch to the room and steals the attention of many people. The rose decoration on this wedding arch provides an interesting touch for you to try. Wooden plank hallway wedding outdoor from insideweddings.

4. Lantern and Candles Line

Having an outdoor wedding should not limit your aisle decoration. If you like a vintage touch, embellish your aisle with lanterns and candles. The line of these items can illuminate your aisle and create a perfect photo spot. 

Lantern with candle inside. There also have flower petals around. To create a beautiful line in the hallway. This decor adds a shabby chic touch to your wedding decor. Wooden chairs also add a natural touch to your wedding decor. This line of items can light up your hallway and create the perfect photo spot. Lantern hallway wedding decor from brides.

Applying candles in this jar adds luxury to this outdoor wedding decor. It’s amazing also the best way to decorate a hallway. You can also combine it with a rough wooden floor to give a rustic feel to your room. This crystal chandelier also provides dramatic lighting into your room. Candles hallway wedding decor from brides.

5. Mason Jars Decorations

The possibility of beautifying your wedding aisle with mason jars is actually endless. The simplest one will be lining up the mason jars and filling them with flowers. You can also put the mason jars filled with candles to illuminate your aisle.

Single Mason Jar This has become one of our favorite decoration items for outdoor ceremonies such as weddings. It creates a very romantic atmosphere for an outdoor ceremony and provides a beautiful frame for the bride as she walks down the aisle. Some of these flowers make cool designs for you to try and add a fancy wedding décor. Mason Jar with flowers from brides.

Shepherd hooks are great for hanging decorations along your ceremonial aisle. Mason jars hold the perfect amount of flowers, so place arrangements every few rows. Choosing this blooming flower will present a stylish appearance to the room and will steal the attention of many people. These rose petal flakes also create the perfect line in your hallway. Hanging mason jar on asle wedding decor from marthastewart.

Your aisle is the magical road you will venture together. Make it as wonderful as possible with perfect outdoor wedding decorations.

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