Consider yourself lucky if you have quite large outdoor areas since that means you will have a lot of space to create a beautiful garden. While flower beds and ponds are the usual decorative norms of many houses, you spruce up this outdoor area with something different, for example, a fairy garden. It is not as hard as to how you may think to create a beautiful fairy garden, and here are some DIY fairy garden ideas to inspire you.

1. A tea party garden

Use your imagination and create a cute mini tea party garden. Plant some greenery that blooms tiny flowers. Once it blooms, add some miniature accessories to keep it interesting, such as mini gnomes, mini tables with its accessories like cakes, teapot, cups, and other similar decoration that help you create a tea party scene.

If you have an unused cup, then you can change its function as a teacup fairy garden which has a cute and mini size. Install some ornaments such as chairs and mushrooms as complementary accents that add color, succulents into greenery that are often used and never fail when decorating your mini fairy garden. Gravel with soil mixture becomes this succulent growing medium. Place the fairy garden teacup directly on the ceramic flower-patterned coasters. Ceramic teacup fairy garden from coolcreativity.

Would you like to have a DIY fairy teacup party garden? If so, then you can use ceramic cups that have a classic impression and are certainly not consumed by time. For example, having a cup decorated with bold floral accents on the outer surface, after choosing a container from this DIY fairy garden, you can fill it with stones and soil as a miniature plant medium that is easy to find around your home. This miniature iron table with white color which is equipped with a tea set is the main accent that you should display, then these blooming flowers become an additional decoration. Classic DIY fairy teacup party garden from coolcreativity.

This ceramic cup which is equipped with a tray has a luxurious impression because it has a shiny gold list. Not only here, but now the main function of this cup is to become a cute and adorable fairy teacup party decoration. Chairs, stones, green moss and miniature herbs are the right accents that you can put on, don’t forget to add a flag between these miniatures as a complement and sweet finishing touch. DIY fairy teacup party garden with green moss accents from coolcreativity.

2. Fairy garden in a pot

Even if you don’t have a large space, you can still go for DIY fairy garden ideas. One of the ideas is by creating a fairy garden in a pot. First of all, you are going to need to pick a pretty pot for the fairy garden. Next, choose plants and flowers that will not grow over the pot edge. Plants with small flowers and dwarf growth are perfect for this purpose. Finally, add some decorations like tiny pebbles and mini gnomes to emphasize the fairy garden look.

This round clay pot can be used as a container for your DIY fairy garden applications. Just choose the theme you want, this boat which is equipped with several types of corals gives an illustration of a beach that is so cool and refreshing. Then choose blue pearls as water accents, while some green plants are only complementary to the fairy garden design so you are free to choose what types of plants to install. Clay pots fairy garden from

Another option for a DIY fairy garden container is a white ceramic pot which has a thick and smooth texture, place this ornament right on the window sill for a different windowsill view. This DIY fairy garden is equipped with several miniatures such as reclaimed wooden houses, white stones as paths and some succulent plants that have unique shapes. This design looks simple but is not easily boring. White ceramic pot as windowsill from architecturendesign.

This DIY fairy garden design in a large cement pot will be a different kind of garden decoration, you can put it in an area that is often visited by people as an unusual sight. The red bricks that are arranged to resemble this street look so real, don’t forget to add some table miniature sets as outdoor furniture that can be used as a complement to this fairy garden design. The surrounding greenery is a must-use accent for a fairy garden design. DIY fairy garden in a large cement pot from architecturendesign.

Choose and use this shiny ceramic pot in a dark color as a container for a fairy garden DIY that looks so adorable. The benches surrounded by trees and greenery give the illustration a simple, understated garden decoration. The bigger the pot you use, the more obvious your fairy garden design will be. Large glazed ceramic pot from architecturendesign.

3. Adds flowering vine

Flowering vine can be a beautiful addition to your fairy garden. For example, trailing plants such as Sweet Alyssum or Million Bells are perfect for natural arches and gazebos. All you need to do is planting them at the base of the structure and train it to grow following the structure. Trim it occasionally to modify the appearance.

The vines that are applied to the reclaimed wood arches bring a rustic style to your DIY fairy garden designs. Do not forget to add a chair equipped with a fairy godmother on the side. These vines will look more perfect when combined with other green plants around them, namely green grass and small rocks that are used as accent roads to your garden. Vines on rustic wood arches from thespruce.

Add a refreshing and conditioning accent to your fairy garden design by adding vines to the sides of this pot. This metal arch, complemented by a chair and table set, illustrates an outdoor patio decoration that provides a relaxing area that is never boring. In addition, iron material will also be stronger and more durable because it is not easily porous in long-term use. The vines on the side of the fairy garden pot from unhappyhipsters.

If you are using a ceramic cup as a DIY fairy garden container, then you can add a wooden ladder that is placed on the side of the cup. Don’t forget to add vines on this wooden staircase as a complementary, refreshing accent, you can also add wooden chairs and cactus plants in the fairy garden. White stones become a miniature planting medium that is beautiful and easy to find around you. Accent wooden stairs with vines from unhappyhipsters.

These are some DIY fairy garden ideas to adorn your outdoor space. Since it is tiny, you may want to check it occasionally and trim any unwanted growth to keep your mini garden look neat and beautiful.

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