Everyone has their taste when it comes to room decorating. When talking about decorating a house, we cannot separate it from the living room. The living room is the place where everyone gets fun and intimate altogether.

To decorate the room, all perspectives need to be united. One wants it to be bright and cozy while another wants it to be chilly and inviting. With the Scandinavian living room designs, all those requests are well accommodated. Check it out!

1. Bright and Cozy

This idea suits those who love bright and cozy living room. While all-white color is too boring, the presence of grey color can reduce such boredom. When reconsidering simplicity which becomes an idea of the Scandinavian look, those colors best resemble it.

To arrange the colors, your walls can stay white then install grey flooring, sofa, or both. When the room still looks quite dull, consider adding some color. Place potted plants on the table and some colorful throw pillows.

Pink and blue are two of the colors we most often associate with romance. Take the light shadows of each color to bring the overall color to life.
This modern living room is our first choice in creating a colorful space. Easy to apply, the living room feels bright and fresh.
With a predominance of orange, this living room looks viable with a striped style. Orange itself is a bright color on its own.
Just look for a colorful and unique sofa like the one seen here. Take the extra time to find this soft and sweet looking sofa.
This living room blends dark and soft colors from furniture to small items. Even the seating sets come in different styles. The blue sofa, patterned soft blue chair, and the brown sofa don’t match but this is what makes everything unique.

2. Pastel Walls

When other styles can introduce some pastel colors, so can Scandinavian. The color can work well with the matching furniture. It promotes cuteness and an inviting vibe. So, opt for a comfy couch and wooden armchairs with soft edges and soft cushion in your Scandinavian living room. Then use soft shade for the rest interior to match the look.

Light blue sofa which is equipped with a soft pillow will bring comfort in your living room. Choose pastel wall paint to bring the impression of Scandinavian in your living room decor.
When you want to make your Scandinavian living room look beautiful but still simple, you can use several pastel colors in one room. Use light pink for the wall color and light gray for the sofa so that it will make it feel warmer.
Light blue walls will bring tranquility in your living room so that it feels more comfortable. A soft sofa complete with patterned cushions will make your decoration look perfect.

3. Chilly and Inviting

After a long working day, everyone needs to get chill. Thus, this is important to make the living room chilly and inviting enough for everyone to unwind. To create one, start from selecting soft, dark colors for the whole interiors.

Dark colors help people to rest well while soft colors are good for stress release. The combination of both colors creates an inviting look in the room. Then, arrange a soft couch and chair wherever you want. But if there is a large window in the room, consider installing a blind.

The soft colors of this living room make it the perfect place to grab a blanket and watch a movie with the family.
The symmetry and balance in this space instantly radiates a feeling of peace the moment you enter.
This living room has a very comfortable appeal. Pillows and blankets lure you in that make it difficult for you to go out and do something productive.
A bright turquoise color against a soft gray and white background is the perfect mix! It adds enough interest to fill a large space.
If you want to make your living room cool and quite inviting to relax, you can use soft colors for the interior. Then complete with dark furniture so you feel more calm to rest.
Having a living room with a soft feel will make it easier for you to release stress when you are tired of working. You just simply complete it with dark furniture so it is perfect for just relaxing and calm rest.
Using furniture in dark colors in your Scandinavian living room will bring a cool, comfortable feel to the cozy atmosphere.

The Scandinavian living room is one among other popular styles currently loved by people. Consider it to make your living room lovable.

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