The living room has an important function in the house. It is the first room that the guest will enter and a place where you probably spend most of the time, so it is quite important to decorate the living room. If you have limited spaces in your home, you can use some of the tricks of how to decorate a small living room below.

Choose bright colors

The selection of colors is important to decorate a living room. The bright colors like white, pastel, and light blue will give a deep impression to your living room, and these colors will make it fresher and more spacious.

Choosing bright blue paint for the walls of your small living room is a brilliant idea. Because with this bright blue color you will get a living room that looks prettier. Don’t forget to mix with white nuances to balance out the colors in this tiny living room. Adding a fireplace equipped with an antique cemrin will create the illusion of a bright and airy room. Bright blue paint from digsdigs.

If you want the appearance of your tiny living room to look brighter, you can use bright colors in the living room. As in the picture above, which has yellow walls and green cabinets will make the living room look attractive. You can combine it with some antique furniture for a stylish room decor idea. Adding yellow flowers in a vase will make any room decor fresh and bright. Yellow and green nuance from digsdigs.

Choose Glass Window for Natural Lighting

A glass window will make the living room get natural lighting. It will provide a view to the outside, so the living room will not seem too crowded. With natural lighting, it will create an infinite view and makes your living room look wide.

A living room that has large windows is a great idea to decorate your small living room. Because with this window you will get natural light from outside which can make your living room look bright. Besides that, it will provide an interesting outdoor view for you to try. With natural lighting, this will create a view without borders and make your living room look spacious. Large window on small living room from digsdigs.

To make the living room look wider, you can use a tall window like the one in the picture above. With this decoration idea, it will make your room decor bright and airy. This will provide a view to the outside, so that the living room does not seem too crowded. You can pair it with a brown wallpaper to give it a stunning look. Adding an animal head wall decor will create a dazzling decoration of the space. Tall window on small living room from digsdigs.

Choose Small Scale Furniture and Wall Storage

The next thing on how to decorate a small living room is you should consider the selection and placement of furniture. Don’t place too much furniture in the living room. Use a unique chair or sofa that is suitable for the room and put your goods on the wall storage.

The furniture size is also essential. For a small room, you can adjust by placing the table, chairs, and shelves proportionally with the room. Makes some additional nest storage on the wall is one of the ideas.

One other important thing in decorating a living room is its placement. Placement of furniture as in the picture above where the storage space on the wall will make your small living room look spacious. Choosing a small sofa with an L-shaped shape will give your room a more stylish and attractive decoration. You can also add some storage to create a tidy room decoration. L-shaped shape sofa from idealhome.

In this small living room, it is equipped with just a few pieces of furniture to create a less crowded room decoration. Equipped with built-in storage, it will give your room a tidier decoration and avoid clutter. You can only add a sofa and a coffee table to minimize space. This rug under the sofa and ottoman makes for a stylish room decor. Built-in storage on small living room from idealhome.

Just a minimalist sofa and metal floor lamp will give a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. You can also add open shelf storage to put some framed ornaments and potted greenery to give the room a fresh and natural impression. This sofa is equipped with several patterned and brightly colored pillows to create a fresh impression into your living room. Minimalist sofa and open shelv from thespruce.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

In a small living room, you need to consider the function of furniture. Choose multifunctional furniture that can also provide an additional feature. A table with an extra drawer and chairs with wooden backrests can be an option.

One way to make your tiny living room look simpler, you can use multifunctional furniture. Use a multi-purpose coffee table with extra drawers for a practical living room. Complete with several other minimalist furniture for a stylish room design idea and catch the attention of many people. You can add greenery in a vase to create a room that is fresh and has a natural feel. Multi-purpose coffee table from article.

The coffee table which has a bathtub underneath is perfect for you to use in your small living room. With the addition of a storage rack under this table, you can store your belongings without creating storage space that can reduce the size of your living room. You can pair it with a leather sofa and beige in the room to create a warm and cozy feel. Coffee table withstorage from homestratosphere.

Give Additional Wallpaper

Choose Scandinavian style wallpapers with a bright color to give a spacious and luxurious impression to your small living room.

One wallpaper that is suitable for use in a small living room is a Scandinavian style wallpaper. You can choose abstrac wallpaper with colorful to strengthen the minimalist impression. You can also add a white sofa and patterned pillows to bring a cheerful decoration to the room. Combined with a blue carpet, it will also add color to the decor of this living room. Wooden floors and white furniture provide the perfect contrast. Colorful abstrac wallpaper from decoist.

That’s all the simple ways on how to decorate a small living room that should you try to make your living room more attractive!

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