The living room is the heart of a house and for that, making the most of it is essential. Whether you have a limited parlor or a spacious one, there are always some approaches to make it more stunning and inviting. Be it a peaceful sanctuary of yours or a warm area to cuddling with family, the living room layout should be practical too. To show you some of the important details, learn more below.

1. Work/Study Room in Living Room

Even If you have a tiny place, it is always possible to combine two functional areas. You can use a raised fend to separate your living room and work/study room. Or, you can consider using the heightened platform for partition.

To create a little privacy, you can choose a table that has a dividing divider, which also helps block distractions so you can use the living room and study room at the same time. Using a half wall partition This is the best solution because your work and living space should not be combined. Choosing this design will create an attractive appearance and you can try it right now. half wall divider from 99.

Combining a workspace and a living room together will provide an attractive decor for you to try. Using this full glass divider will separate your living room and work space. Combining it with white nuances and wooden floors makes the room feel comfortable. In this way it will create privacy while you are doing work. Glass divider on living room from 99.

2. Decide the Focal Point

Another vital aspect of living room layout is deciding what would be the prime focus. Most family rooms use the flat screen as the focal point as they enjoy movies marathon. Yet, you can also make your fireplace or a window wall as the center of attention.

Place your television against the fireplace wall for a stylish look and can become the focal point of your living room. The heat of the fireplace usually doesn’t have much effect on the walls, so you can decorate the look however you’d like. don’t forget to add the window wall as the center of attention. Fireplace above the television from nextluxury.

The large TV naturally stands out as the focal point of this room. Wall-mounting the device will free up floor space elsewhere and create a simpler look. Add a fire place next to the tv that runs along the wall to disguise their appearance. Don’t forget to add some other furniture to complete the look of this stylish living room. large TV and fie place from nextluxury.

3. Right Furniture at the Right Place

Since you’re aiming for practical space, make sure that all the furnishings stand in the right place. Place your table next to your sofa so you can easily reach the remote control or a glass of water. And make sure that your TV doesn’t hung too high or too low, so you can enjoy your shows comfortably.

Choosing the right furniture in the living room is a brilliant idea that you can try. This sofa side table can function to place the TV remote with easy reach. Mounting the TV over the fireplace will be a focal point and will grab people’s attention. Complete the decor with a sofa set, jute rugs and natural lighting from the windows. White round side table from bhg.

Add a sofa side table that will make it easier for you to reach the remote control or a glass of water. With a modern style home design, it gives an attractive appearance. Add potted greenery to add a natural touch to the room. Dark shades combined with modern furniture will complement the look of your living room. Sofa side table amd greeney from bhg.

4. Make Use of Corner

You might have an empty corner in your living room. Don’t just let it be and create some useful area out of it. Simply place a table, a single chair, and a computer for study place or, a grand piano to please the family. If you corner features window, a reading nook will be just perfect.

Adding chairs and tables in the corners of the guest money can change the function to become a comfortable reading place. Complementing the décor with sculptural folding your screen acts like a work of art, and thanks to its flexible and bendable nature, it is also perfect for adjusting to an angle. Midcentuy chair in the corner of the living room from housebeautiful.

Nothing increases fun like a playful touch in a living room. This swing chair in the living room provides space to read comfortably and It’s the perfect blend of cozy and cool. Combined with a round table, multi-colored curtains and white feather rugs complete the look and provide an eye-catching decoration. Swing chair and ound table from housebeautiful.

5. More Space for Storage

Create a fancy stockpile by adding built-in shelves or stacking cubic storages where you can display your books and some ornaments. Use one side floor-to-ceiling cellar rather than having some drawers in different places.

Don’t be afraid to add some decorative details to the built-in living room. By using this storage you will have a neat living room that will have a great effect. Using white and complementing it with a few windows will create the perfect farmhouse style room. Don’t forget to add white furniture to balance your appearance. Built-in living room from thespruce.

Create storage in your living room by adding a built in floor-to-ceiling shelf. This will save space and will look neat in your living room. Use white nuances in the room to create a spacious impression in a small living room. Keep the onamen in order and don’t forget to add wall lamps and chandeliers to complete the décor. White built in storage from thespruce.

These ways to achieve a warm and comfortable family space, as well as functional above, are easy to copy. Transform your living room layout into a much more practical one that will make you fall in love with the parlor even more.

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