Which room in your house that you visit first when you come back from work? Of course, the living room. Quite often, the living room also serves as a place to receive relatives that are considered close to your family.

That being said, not everyone has the privilege to get a large and spacious house. Having a narrow room at times is tricky, but you still can maximize its potential. Here are some smart ideas on how to arrange a small living room that you can apply.

1. Install Several Mirrors

The reflection of the mirror will no doubt give the impression of a bigger room. That’s the first step on how to arrange a small living room with simple things but skillfully.

A small living room that uses a sunbrust mirror decoration is one of the brightest ideas. With a mirror decoration, you will have a small, bright living room because the mirror is able to reflect light from outside into your living room. In addition, using this mirror will add a spacious and airy impression to the room. Paired with beige tones it also provides the perfect contrast to this small living room. Sunbrust mirror decoration from sonomamag.

One of the decorations that is suitable for use in a small living room is a mirror. The reason is, the mirror can make the appearance of your small living room look a little broad. Choosing a sunbrust mirror with gold frame will make your room more stylish and will reflect light perfectly. Using navy shades and a brown velvet sofa will complete the look of this living room. Sunbrust mirror with gold frame from sonomamag.

2. Keep it Simple

The principle of minimalism does not always have a negative meaning. Putting some improvised items and furniture is a trick to create more space in a tiny living room.

One of the principles that is suitable for you to use in a small living room is the principle of minimalism. As in the picture above, using minimalist furniture will make the living room look more neat. Just adding a sofa and armchairs will create a generous amount of space. Don’t forget to add a black and white striped rug for the perfect guest money idea. Minimalism living room from homebnc.

If you want a small living room that is comfortable to use, you can use the minimalist principle. Because this minimalist principle will make your living room have less space left so it is comfortable to use. This soft sofa and contemporary coffee table give this living room a luxurious feel. The all-white nuance and black and white striped rug will give the impression of a spacious and airy room. This built-in storage also spills up this small living room. Tuffed sofa and contemporary coffee table from homebnc.

3. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Why choose furniture that only has a single function if another furniture has several uses in one package? Placing multifunctional furniture will cut the need for space for other furniture.

To make it easier for you when doing homework in your small family room, you can use a coffee table that has many functions. You can use it for work, put down coffee, and store your book at the same time. In addition, this coffee table will save space and will make your small living room more spacious and stylish. Combined with a gray sofa, it is an upward choice for you to try. Multifunctional coffee table from thearchitecturedesigns.

This multifunctional sofa that can be used as a bed is perfect for you to use in your small family room. In addition, you can add this feature to a storage rack to save space in your living room. With this idea you will have an attractive room and will steal the attention of many people. This furniture is easy to change, just pull it down and make a comfortable bed. Multifunctional sofa from thearchitecturedesigns.

4. Paint the Walls with Warm White 

The white color never fails to give the impression of classy brightness. It can also help open up your living room space.

After that, you need to consider a suitable color for a small living room. As in the picture above, using white walls and a jute rug can make a small living room look warm and spacious. Large windows were added to create a spacious and bright room. In addition, it will let sunlight into the room and will provide nutrients to your green plants. White wall on small living room from shutterfly.

To get a small white living room that has an industrial touch, you can add a white brick wall accent in it. As in the image above, adding white bricks and wooden floors will bring a warm and airy vibe to the room. Large windows and choosing simple furniture create an interesting room decoration and won’t make your room cramped. All white wall from shutterfly.

5. Experimenting with Perspective

Some conspicuous objects in the middle of the monotony of your living room do not function merely as property. Put cushions with bold color or geometrical graphics to divert people’s attention from the tightness of your living room.

Using a floral pillow with a contrasting color on a white sofa is a good idea. The reason is, pillows that are patterned and have contrasting colors will make your living room look less boring. Also, you can add dark colored pillows and stripes to complete the décor. The patterned tiai also accentuates this tiny living room and creates an interesting space for you to try. Floral pillow with dark color pillow from homebnc.

Placing a pillow with a blue motif on a dark gray sofa will create a contrasting color. Apart from these pillows, you will also have a beautiful focal point in your tiny living room. Equipped with several large wall decorations, two large paintings will make for a stylish room. This carpet under the ottoman coffee table complements your living room decor. Blue motif pillow from homebnc.

You can relax after this because the limited space in your living room is no longer a big problem. Just one more thing to remember: innovation is the principle on how to arrange a small living room.  Now, the time to spill all those inspirations that come after reading the ideas above!

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