The living room is essential for every home. As the name states, this is where most of the “living” of ours takes place. Unfortunately, sometimes we leave it untidy and messy, not because we do it on purpose but simply because we don’t know how to organize furniture in it and put proper decorations into it. 

So, here are some ideas of furniture and décor for your apartment living room.

1. Get Mirrors On

Most of us would probably think that mirror is best placed in the bedroom for one would use it for makeup purposes. But, apparently, there’s more it can do. Putting some mirrors in your living room can make it feel open and reflect lights to the different angles of the room and thus makes it feel more vibrant.

A small narrow living room can be very challenging to decorate. This large mirror with gold frames makes your small living room seem more spacious.

The living room with a coffee table set looks very charming and comfortable. The large floor-to-ceiling mirror behind the sofa visually expands the size of an area.

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This living room feels more majestic than actual size, thanks to the furniture that is slung low. The classic way to increase visual area is with a mirror, you can place a mirror in the middle of one your wall.

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2. Set Large Furniture

Some of us may avoid using large furniture in the apartment living room since it seems to take a lot of space. However, setting furniture like sofas with a wide section attaching to the walls can give your living room more welcoming vibes.

Loving a small living room is not a problem if you pay attention to the scale of your furniture. Large carpets will add space visually to any room, including your small living room.

Your apartment might lack space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short-style. Large windows from floor to ceiling make your living room feel more and more spacious.

You should focus on filling your living room with items that suit your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic. If you like art, hang large paintings to decorate the walls of your apartment living room.

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3. Stick to The Wall

Stick to the wall instead of putting stuff on the floor. Putting decorations such as paintings on the wall would trick the eye into thinking a lot of space has been used. By doing so, you would also have more space in your living room.

Display the art collection or photo gallery on the living room wall of your apartment. Everyone will focus there and not realize that your living room is small.

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Large paintings or photographs will attract attention and set the tone in a small space. Use paintings with a sky or ocean theme for a real visual impression.

Let your walls take you to other places by adding modern artwork. The living room with neutral colors adds to the impression of being clean and modern.

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4. Let Plants Keep It Alive

We all know that plants do respiration with which it refreshes the air. Considering keeping some of them is then a good idea to keep one’s living room.

Building a garden does not always require a roomy floor or square planters. Using strain wire, hang all the plants in your pot to reach the beautiful living room garden decoration.

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These potted plants create an indoor garden in his fully modern apartment. To enhance a pleasant green feeling, this living room uses furniture with green accents.

The most classic idea but never fails is to use plants to create soft focus points around your living room. Small pots for table decorations, while on the floor for larger plants.

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5. Make a Mini-Library

Consider having shelves of books in your living room. Placing a proper amount of books in the room can give you a rich vibe. Not only books, you can also put other stuff on the shelves to give more aesthetics to it.

Those are the some ideas of furniture and décor for your apartment living room of our version. We hope you find it useful and can make the best out of your living room. You can find more articles like this on our website. 

The style of your library will be determined by the furniture you enter. The comfort of the place to read also greatly determines the decoration of this living room.

In this living room artwork is hung directly on a bookshelf, making everything part of a uniform but inviting look.

The key to keep everything looking good is to maintain a clear separation between the types and colors of books that you have on your shelves.

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Happy experimenting with your living room!

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