Industrial interior design is very interesting for you to apply to the lovers of architectural style that prioritizes creativity in the execution of the application of function and material character. Especially for you who deal with the small apartment decoration. Furthermore, the natural colors of the material dominate the space with the firmness of the shape that creates a unique and innovative aesthetic. The combination of wood, concrete, and metal gives birth to furniture and functional spaces that facilitate activities comfortably. Is it possible to create the comfort of industrial interior design in an apartment?


One thing about industrial inspiration is if your apartment has a ceiling light that doesn’t quite fit, you can disguise it with beautiful lights and attractive lighting features. You can use a chandelier with a wire or metal cage. The chandelier adds a warm impression to your industrial dwelling. Lighting with chandeliers accentuates high ceilings and gives the impression of space in a narrow area.

Track lighting is one of the lightings that can be used in industrial living room decorations. This lamp will highlight one part of the interior of this room so that it is clearer when used at night. For example, you can highlight the sofa and some wall decorations with a masculine theme. The red brick wall supports the theme and industrial style, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Track lighting from home-designing.

Match the color of the track lighting that you use with the interior of the kitchen that is used so that it blends perfectly. When you use black kitchen cabinets, you can also use this lamp with a matching color. The black color combined with the kitchen island made of cement gives the impression of a more elegant room and does not damage the overall color tone of the room. Add another chandelier when the track lighting is not bright enough. Combination of track lighting with chandeliers from home-designing.

To perfect the decoration of your industrial living room, you can use spotlight lighting that is installed on several roofs of this room evenly. This light will work very well at night and will certainly help your night activities to be more effective and efficient. Walls and ceilings made of cement emphasize the industrial style instantly. Living room decoration with spotlights from home-designing.

Your dinner will not be optimal without bright lighting, therefore you can try some hanging bulbs that are applied to the ceiling with a fairly long rope. You can hang this lamp right above your dining table. Choose and use lamps with yellow lighting to bring a warmer and more dramatic feel to the room. Hanging bulb lighting from home-designing.

To bring an industrial style to your living room decor, you can use black wall scones lamps that have two lighting sections. This lamp will be maximized when used at night, during the day you can take advantage of the sun’s source that enters through the large glass window. Apply wood material to the walls and floors as a warm and beautiful natural accent. Black wall scones lamp from home-designing.


To apply the industrial concept you are also required to be more creative by utilizing a variety of used furniture and make it look cooler. In addition, you can make a makeover on old wooden furniture by combining it or combining it with iron material. The finishing touches of industrial design are accessories. So, ornaments, vases, or the like are the right parts to showcase the industrial style in your home.

If you have leftover wood and metal materials you can turn it into a coffee table that has a touch of industrial style that is creative and on budget. You can decorate this table with green plants that are applied to small ceramic pots with sweet round shapes. Don’t forget to put this coffee table on a plain rug for a more elegant impression. Coffee table made of wood with metal from woohome.

Reuse the remnants of the iron pipe that you have as a DIY hook for your clothes that is applied to the empty wall. You can attach several of these pipe hooks into sections so that they can be used as more storage ideas. Here you can simply issue all the creative ideas that you think of to produce an interior that functions in one room. DIY pipe hook from woohome.

An easy way to make it easier for you when making drinks is to make a DIY rolling bar cart craft made from materials that are in your home warehouse. The materials used include iron wheels and teak wood tables which have a smoother surface and are certainly not easily porous. Don’t forget to decorate this rolling bar cart with a glass bottle vase filled with a sprig of green plants that is not too big. DIY rolling bar cart from woohome.

Do you have old unused metal in your warehouse? If so, then you can reuse it as a cheap table leg idea and of course very on budget. Use a table surface made of wood which has a smoother surface, after you have finished making this table, you can place it on small entryways decorations in an industrial-style house. Combination of old metal with table wood from woohome.

Place some of your favorite magazines on a side table made of scrap metal and re-polished hardwood. With this re-polishing method, the appearance of this table will look more shiny and clean. It’s not enough to get here, you can also put a table lamp on the top surface so that it can be used at night maximally. You can use the empty space under the table to put a vintage storage basket. Industrial side table from woohome.

You can also combine industrial concepts with other design concepts to get different final results. The industrial concept is quite easy to integrate with other design concepts such as vintage and modern. So you will get a more unique and attractive room. The industrial concept is also very closely related to the concept of environmentally friendly housing. You can use used furniture and make it work again.

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