Simple, easy to make, and offers a lot of space for personal touches, the rustic design has swept many people’s hearts with the idea of coming home to our ancestry. With the focus on renowned wood, family heirlooms, and vintage decorations, rustic decoration transforms our space into a comfortable and familiar space to live in.

One of the easiest rustic touches you can start from is the rustic wall decoration. Check out these rustic wall decoration inspirations to know more about its appeal.

1.     Reclaimed Wooden Window Frame

Storing an unused window frame? You might want to reconsider throwing it out after knowing a beautiful craft it could become. Best put in the living room, notice how the simple rustic touch can change the ambiance of the whole space. Additionally, you can also add fresh flowers to complement this rustic wall decoration.

Using reclaimed wooden window frames for wall decoration gives a beautiful feel. To make more interesting you can add some hanging flowers and make your rustic home decoration looks interesting.

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Give a rustic vibe in your home by using a reclaimed wooden window frame and complete with a box underneath. You can use the box to store some ornaments.

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2.     Glowing Hanging Mason Jars

These glowing mason jars are a charming way to light up your room without getting too overboard. Hang the mason jars on wooden planks, fill it with fairy lights, and finish the look with a beautiful set of hydrangea. Simple and easy to make at home, this rustic wall decoration is a perfect addition to your home.

Adding a decoration of a jar filled with fairy lights and cute floral accents attached to the wall makes it a cute wall decoration. Attached to a board and wall mounted give a charming impression for your home decor.

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It is a beautiful accent for wall decoration. By using the mason jars accent combined with a candle attached to a piece of wood attached to the wall it makes the wall decor special and has a rustic feel.

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3.     Iconic Wooden Monogram

If you’re aiming to add more characters into your space, consider opting for this iconic wooden monogram. Made of a reclaimed wood that’s shaped and painted, customize it with your name initial and put it where everyone can see.

The home décor uses an iconic wooden monogram accent with “J, heart sign, and A letter” in brown color and attached to the wall will the bedroom decor more lively. This will add to the impression of a more cheerful and beautiful interior of the house.

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An attractive design is presented through an Iconic wooden monogram accent that clings to the oval-shaped wall and is combined with soft fabric accents with beautiful H-shaped stitches. And accompanied by a photo gallery and wallpaper wall that gives a more perfect feel.

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4.     Rustic Wooden Shelf

What’s better than a great rustic wall decoration? A useful rustic wall decoration. Not only that this shelf can be a great space for books and picture frames, but the rustic touch also creates a comfortable and homey feeling to your home.

This amazing rustic-style minimalist and slow wood-style idea create a more slick and perfect impression of home decor. With wooden shelves make the home decor more innovative and fun.
Feeling comfortable and beautiful displayed through wooden shelves with this creative form. Wooden shelves attached to the wall functioned to display ornamental plants and candles. Which makes the impression of this wooden shelf more warm and charming.

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5.     Hand-Painted Renowned Wooden Quote Sign

If you have a set of favorite quotes, you might want to display it as a rustic wooden sign. Pick one that you like, paint it in elegant curvy letters, and let it give a sentimental touch to your home.

Adding a quote wooden board to your home will give you a more energetic feeling. The wooden quote board that attached to the wall creates a graceful and attractive impression in rustic style.
Cream quotes board with beautiful fonts. With a wooden plank quote stuck to the wall it creates a cheerful and fun atmosphere for rustic home decor.

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Once you’ve started installing a rustic wall decoration, you’ll understand that stop adding more is not a choice. Let’s apply those ideas to your home and have a nice to try.

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