The living room might become an important spot in your house during winter. It is the place where you can enjoy your quality time with your family and close friends. You should make your living room decoration feels cozy and warm enough. The question is how you can bring that atmosphere into your living room. Well, what you should do is make a balance between the furniture, ornament, accessories, and additional winter facilities.

Well, the first winter facility that you should have for your living room is the fireplace. After you make sure that it works well, don’t forget to decorate it well. Apply the mantel, garland, or wreath. Then, add your living room with the accessories to complete your warm sofa materials. It could be the throw blanket, cushion, and even the warm rug on the floor near the sofa. Those things will surely give you comfort during winter. Well, don’t forget about the ornament to make the atmosphere looks pretty and cozier. You can put some winter ornaments like the snowflake, snowy decorative lighting, evergreen, pinecone, or even a small Christmas tree.

Knit Throw Blanket from Digsdigs

Grey Carpet from Digsdigs

Geometric Carpet from Digsdigs

Faux Fur Throw Blanket from Digsdigs

Table Fireplace from Digsdigs

White Carpet from Digsdigs

Flagstone Fireplace from Thediymommy

Stone Fireplace from Houseandhome

Natural Stone Fireplace from Houseandhome

Boho Carpet from Houseandhome

Metal Fireplace from Houseandhome

Wall Fireplace from Houseandhome

Floor to Ceiling Fireplace from Houseandhome

Wide Light Grey Carpet from Houseandhome

Layered Carpet from Houseandhome

Striped Carpet from Houseandhome

Wide Vintage Carpet from Houseandhome

White Throw Blanket from Houseandhome

White and Black Carpet from Houseandhome

Fur Cushion and Wool Blanket from Dailydreamdecor

Patterned Cushions from Dailydreamdecor

Thick Carpet from Dailydreamdecor

Jute Carpet from Dailydreamdecor

White Fur Rug from Livingroomideas

A Round Fur Rug from Goodnewsarchitecture

Patterned Carpet from Goodnewsarchitecture

White Faux Fur Rug from Goodnewsarchitecture

White Christmas Tree from Goodnewsarchitecture

Long Evergreen Garland from Goodnewsarchitecture

Christmas Tree at the Corner from Goodnewsarchitecture

Evergreen Wreaths from Goodnewsarchitecture

Natural Stone Fireplace from Architectureartdesigns

Brown Carpet from Architectureartdesigns

Floor to Ceiling Stone Fireplace from Architectureartdesigns

Wooden Fireplace from Architectureartdesigns

Grey Fur Rug from Architectureartdesigns

Striped Rug from Aailydreamdecor

Covered Fur Rug from Aailydreamdecor

Zig Zag Carpet from Aailydreamdecor

Knit Carpet from Aailydreamdecor

Dark Grey Carpet from Aailydreamdecor

Black Throw Blanket from Aailydreamdecor

Patterned Fur Rug from Farmhouseroom

Boho Carpet and White Blankets from Farmhouseroom

Patterned Boho Carpets from Farmhouseroom

Layered Throw Blankets from Farmhouseroom

White Knit Throw Blanket from Farmhouseroom

Colorful Cushions from Farmhouseroom

Layered Rug from Farmhouseroom

A Round Patterned Carpet from Farmhouseroom

Geometric Carpet from Farmhouseroom

White Throw Blanket and Garland from Joecatherine

Layered Carpet and Faux Fur Rug from Joecatherine

Jute Carpet from Joecatherine

Layered Fur Rug from Joecatherine

White Carpet and Wreath from Joecatherine

Flagstone Fireplace and Garland from Joecatherine

Thick Throw Blanket from Zdesignathome

Beige Jute Carpet from Apartmenttherapy

White Fireplace from Apartmenttherapy

Velvet Sofa and White Fireplace from Apartmenttherapy

Patterned Grey Carpet from Apartmenttherapy

Black Fireplace from Apartmenttherapy

Wide Patterned Carpet from Apartmenttherapy

Black Flagstone Fireplace from Heatnglo

White Rug from Recentlytheblog

Corner Fireplace from Recentlytheblog

Wide Fur Rug from Recentlytheblog

Patterned Carpet from Recentlytheblog

Brown Fur Rug from Recentlytheblog

Snowflake Ornament from Curatedinterior

White Throw Blanket from Sandandsisal

Red Wreath from Youandkids

Evergreen Garland from Youandkids

White Fireplace with Garland from Youandkids

Jute Rug from Youandkids

Knit Carpet from Youandkids

Burgundy Carpet from Watchmecraft

Stone Fireplace from Watchmecraft

White Carpet and Wall Fireplace from Watchmecraft

White Blanket and Long Curtain from Watchmecraft

Herringbone Patterned Marble Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Jet Black Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Carved Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Copper Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Rustic Brick Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Reclaimed Lumber Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Wave Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Glass-Contained Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Mosaic Embossed Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Glass Fireplace from Watchmecraft

Wide Light Grey Carpet from Stylebyemilyhenderson

Wide Patterned Carpet from Onekindesign

Wooden and Stone Fireplace from Onekindesign

Leaves Garland from Diys

Fur Rug and Concrete Fireplace from Decoist

Bright Fur Rug from Decoist

Concrete Fireplace from Decoist

Horizontal Fireplace from Decoist

Stone Fireplace from Rentportlandhomes

Geometric Beige Carpet from Watchmecraft

Beige Floor to Ceiling Fireplace from Watchmecraft

White Bricks Fireplace from Crismatec

Grey Fireplace From Madebymood

Plaid Throw Blanket from Coodecor

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