To create such a cozy warm living room decoration during winter, there are some aspects that you should consider. It will cover the furniture, the building, and additional accessories. You should make those things in balance so that you can really get the coziness while spending your time there with your family and close friends. Also, don’t forget about the decoration style that you should choose so that the concept of your home decoration can be clear and well-arranged.

Anyway, talking about living room furniture, the most important thing will be on the sofa. It is better for you to choose the sofa with warm material, then don’t forget with the throw blanket or cushion to give the additional facilities in bringing the cozy and warm feeling. Then, make sure that the fireplace in the living room works well. You can also add a mantel or rug to bring more comfort. Don’t forget about the lighting since the light can really effectively bring a certain impression that you want. Anyway, we do recommend you to choose the dim light because a warm impression can be created with that kind of light. Now, go down to see the images of the decoration references you can have.

Chunky Knit Blanket from Decorkeun

White Fur Rug from Homebnc

Stone Fireplace from Homebnc

Round Hanging Lantern from Wallsandfloors

Rug Pillow Cover from Mydesiredhome

Thick Blanket from Mydesiredhome

White Fireplace from Mydesiredhome

Patterned Rug from Mydesiredhome

Wide Fur Rug from Mydesiredhome

String Light for Lighting from Mydesiredhome

Dim Lighting from Mydesiredhome

Wall Fireplace from Mydesiredhome

Knit Blanket from Mydesiredhome

Wide Patterned Carpet from Mydesiredhome

Candles Lighting from Mydesiredhome

Velvet Sofa from Brabbu

Catton Sofa from Brabbu

Brown Velvet Chairs from Brabbu

Blue Velvet Sofa from Brabbu

Wool Blanket from Digsdigs

Knit Blanket from Digsdigs

Floor to Ceiling Fireplace from Houseandhome

Wide Fur Rug from Houseandhome

Wooden Fireplace from Houseandhome

Patterned Fur Rug from Houseandhome

White Fur Rug from Decoist

Cotton Sofas from Decoist

Wool Sofas from Decoist

Layered Carpet from Decoist

Fur Rug and Long Curtains from Decoist

Linen Sofas from Decoist

A Letter L Polyester Sofa from Decoist

Double Carpet from Decoist

White Wide Carpet from Decoist

Fur Pillows Cover from Decoist

Wool Pillows Cover from Lushome

Brown Fur Rug from Livingimpressive

Brown Leather Sofas from Livingimpressive

Fur Rug from Livingimpressive

Brown Layered Carpet from Homedit

A Round Fur Rug from Homedit

Striped Carpet from Homedit

Painted Bricks Fireplace from Homedit

Fur Blanket from Homedit

Thick Fur Rug from Homedit

Velvet Sofas from Homedit

Wide Carpet from Homedit

Walls Fireplace from Homedit

Patterned Blankets from Homedit

White Striped Carpet from Homedit

Blue and White Carpet from Homedit

Flagstone Fireplace from Homedit

Navy Chunky Blanket from Curatedinterior

Velvet Sofas from Apartmenttherapy

Bricks Fireplace and Thick Blanket from Apartmenttherapy

Knit Blanket from Apartmenttherapy

Bohemian Carpet from Apartmenttherapy

Brown Carpet and Patterned Fireplace from Hgtv

Wooden Pallet Fireplace from Hgtv

Grey Cotton Sofa from Homedit

Wall Fireplace from Homedit

Patterned Carpet from Homedit

Grey and White Carpet from Homedit

Horizontal Fireplace from Homedit

Wide Grey Carpet from Homedit

White Fireplace and Patterned Rug from Homedit

Concrete Fireplace from Homedit

Black Fur Rug from Avantela

Polyester Sofas from Avantela

White Fur Rug from Decoist

Patterned Carpet from Decoist

Beige Fur Rug from Decoist

Throw Blanket and Cushion from Stylemotivation

Patterned Blankets from Stylemotivation

Ivory Chunky Knit Blanket from Stylemotivation

Dim Pendant Light from Stylemotivation

Light Grey Cotton Sofa from Stylemotivation

Blue Patterned Carpet from Stylemotivation

Pink Chunky Knit Blanket from Homelovr

Fur Blanket from Decoraid

Wool Blanket from Hoomcode

Grey Fur Rug from Homestratosphere

Patterned Rug and White Fireplace from Homestratosphere

Wall Fireplace from Homestratosphere

Dim Chandelier from Homestratosphere

Corner Fireplace from Homemydesign

Light Grey Rug from Nextluxury

Natural Stone Fireplace from Nextluxury

Wide Patterned Carpet from Nextluxury

Stone Fireplace from Nextluxury

White Carpet and Blanket from Nextluxury

Light Brown Velvet Sofa from Architectureartdesigns

Grey Carpet from Architectureartdesigns

Beige Fireplace at the Corner from Architectureartdesigns

Light Brown Cotton Sofa from Architectureartdesigns

Rustic Fireplace from Architectureartdesigns

Farmhouse Carpet from Mymove

Stripped Carpet and Fur Blankets from Whymaxx

White and Grey Catton Sofa from Whymaxx

Roof Lights Dim from Vintageindustrialstyle

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