Having functional furniture means that one specific furniture can have one or more functions. It could be storage and also can be a thing to put some ornaments that can make your room, specifically, cozier. Sometimes, this functional furniture has a simple design and emphasizes its utility. These pics below will give you ideas about how to and why you kinda should have functional furniture in your house.

The material used of this functional furniture is varied, from solid one like iron to lightweight material like wooden. But, it would be better for you to choose lightweight material. Because it would be easier to move from one spot to another in case you love to change the vibe of a specific spot. One example, you need a cabinet to store some stuff to make your house neat and also you can put an ornament on the top of it, so you can add more value for a cabinet.

Preparation Of Food with Hidden Cutting from thearchitecturedesigns
Bed above the Cabinet from thearchitecturedesigns
Bed with Rack Storage from thearchitecturedesigns
Staircase Holder with Bookshelf from thearchitecturedesigns
Modern Bed with Pull-out Drawer from thearchitecturedesigns
Multifunctional Bed from thearchitecturedesigns
Coffee Table with Small Work Table from thearchitecturedesigns
Dining Chairs with Storage from thearchitecturedesigns
Built-in Storage with Bed Frame from thearchitecturedesigns
Tiered Coffee Table with Drawer from thearchitecturedesigns
Small Staircase Bed with Drawer from thearchitecturedesigns
Headboard with Built-in Rack from thearchitecturedesigns
Storage Underneath Wooden Table from thearchitecturedesigns
Wall Mounted Bed Ideas from thearchitecturedesigns
Multifunctional Wooden Desk from thearchitecturedesigns
Vintage Coffee Table with Chair Storage from thearchitecturedesigns
Foldable Daybed with Small Cabinet from teracee
Wooden Bed with White Drawers from goodhousekeeping
Wall Mounted Rack Storage from goodhousekeeping
Nightstand with Desk Ideas from goodhousekeeping
Wardrobe With Desk from designcafe
Bookshelf with Work Desk from designcafe

Then, what style is proper to be applied? Well, it depends on what style you apply to your house. It would be easier if you already set your house or your specific room with one interior design. Such as the Scandinavian style, so you can provide mostly furniture with wooden made material. Or if you have an industrial style, then you can have a light iron table rack. The point is that you can decide what style of your functional furniture based on what style that already existed.

Moreover, this functional furniture is fit for a limited space. Like living in a small apartment. In a way to maximizing the existing space, you can make a cabinet under the stairs. Another example is you can have a sofa bed which can be a sofa and bed at the same time. Below its bed, you can make some storages, so it would be interesting functional furniture that you can have in your house especially for your limited space room.

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