If you want pretty, shiny, and low-maintenance flooring for your house, then you should choose the tile floor. With proper maintenance, it can look really clean, shiny, and last a long time. If you don’t know how to properly take care of your tile more than mopping them, here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind for clean and polished-looking tiles.

1. Marble or Natural Stone

To clean marble, slate, or granite tile, use a soft-bristled broom. Don’t use harder bristles because these types of floors can get scratched more easily. If you are mopping this type of floor, make sure to not using anything acidic because it can cause discoloration to your slate and marble tile.

In using white stone floors in your kitchen, what you need to pay attention to is how to clean it. The rough parts on the surface require a special way to clean, that is, by mopping them using a cloth that has a smooth and texture so as not to scratch the floor and cause damage, so it is necessary to repair it again. With regular floor maintenance, your kitchen will always look clean and shiny. Mop the white stone floors with a soft cloth from digsdigs.

Natural stone tiles in your kitchen will make the cleaning process easier. The hard surface character of course can be cleaned in any way, this will save you time when tidying up the kitchen. An irregular messy shape adds a distinct artistic value to your kitchen. Natural stone tiles can also bring a rustic feel to your home when combined with wooden furniture as a complement. Rustic natural stone tiles from digsdigs.

Marble tiles will make your floor look luxurious, because it has a shiny surface that makes it easy for you to clean. Only by mopping it with water, cloth and floor liquid cleaner will make your marble tiles look shiny again. Marble tiles can also be combined with any theme, be it a modern home theme or a rustic home theme. Therefore, you should try to apply it to your home. Marble tiles from sebringdesignbuild.

2. Porcelain Tile Floors

Ceramic and porcelain flooring are the most common tile flooring used in a lot of houses. It is fairly easy to clean, and it does not get dirty easily. To clean them, you can use any type of cleaner, from dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, or white vinegar. These types of cleaners will not scratch ceramic and porcelain tile, so it will be safe to use.

Ceramic tiles are a material that is easily available around you, low prices and good quality make most people use this material. Because the treatment method for ceramic tiles is very easy, you can apply it to walls or floors. When applied to the bathroom, it will always make your bathroom look clean and tidy. Don’t use plain white if it is installed in the bathroom, you can use beige so it doesn’t look dirty easily. Beige ceramic bathroom tiles from hgtv.

You can use a ceramic mosaic tile to attach it to a full backsplash as high as the ceiling, you can also attach it to the floor area. But use ceramics with a larger size on the floor to save time in installation. This ceramic character is easy to clean so it is perfect if installed in your modern bathroom. Mosaic ceramic backsplash from hgtv.

You need to use ceramics of different sizes to produce unique and attractive motifs on your bathroom floor. Arrange regularly small tiles of different colors to create striking and neat motifs that will make the center of attention in your bathroom. The light brown color you chose this time makes it look luxurious because it is patterned like marble. Patterned ceramics in bathroom decor from hgtv.

Try to get out of the safe zone in determining your home decor. For example, trying to use black ceramic tiles on all layers of the room, be it floors or walls. Don’t worry that black color is masculine, calming, and doesn’t get dirty easily, so it is very suitable to be used for bathroom decoration. Pair it with a large glass on one side of the bathroom which will provide a natural light supply from the sun to your masculine bathroom. Glossy black ceramic for bathroom decoration from hgtv.

3. Vinyl or Linoleum

Don’t use a steam mop to clean vinyl or linoleum tile floors as these types of tiles cannot withstand extreme heat and moisture. For vinyl tile, only use a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution or vinegar and water mixture to mop them. Using abrasive cleaners for this type of floor will only end up scratching them.

For Linoleum flooring, use a cleaning solution recommended for linoleum, or you can make a DIY solution from borax and water. Then, to maintain its shine, coat it with wax and buff it every three to six months.

Using herringbone vinyl flooring can save time in installation. Unique motifs and various colors can be adjusted to the theme you choose. For example, your white bathroom will be more elegant if you use black vinyl herringbone floor or black linoleum tile. Herringbone vinyl flooring from digsdigs.

Vinyl flooring with wood motifs will make it easier for you to present a rustic impression without having to cut down trees. This easy-to-clean material is the right solution for those of you who rarely clean. Various motifs make you have many choices, for example this wooden motif. A very rustic dark brown color that pairs well with the soothing ash walls. Wooden vinyl tile from digsdigs.

One of the reasons for you to try to use light brown vinyl flooring is that the maintenance method is simple and not complicated, you only need to prepare a cleaning solution that is easily found around you to mop. Rub gently and don’t overdo it in cleaning so that your vinyl or linoleum tile is not easily damaged and scratched. Light brown vinyl floor from digsdigs.

Tile floors are beautiful, but also need proper care to keep its shiny and polished look. However, take note that different tile requires a different method of cleaning in order to avoid discoloration or scratch to its surface.

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