Regardless of the size and layout of your cooking space, the kitchen organization is an important feature you shouldn’t miss. When your goal is to have an organized kitchen, here are some simple ideas to follow.

1.     Count on Hooks

When it comes to orderliness in the kitchen, hooks are the real lifesaver. You can hang them on basically anywhere: walls, under shelves, or the back of cabinet doors. Use them to store pots and other kitchen utensils that take up too much space in the cabinets.

Pallet wall equipped with a wire hook can be used to hang coffee mugs which you can display here. Besides this storage will also be more practical and efficient. Wire hook mugs storage from homebnc
You can maximize the cabinet doors as storage to reduce shelf load. Add a small hook to hang the utensils according to their size. Cabinet door with hooks from homebnc
Adding a hook on the pallet can help storage in your kitchen effectively and efficiently. You can hang utensils and greenery as decorative items that refresh the room. Hook storage on the pallet from homebnc
Take advantage of the free space in the coffee nook by adding few hooks to hang the coffee mug. Hereby allows smart open storage. Hook on the coffee nook from homebnc
Take a little space from the side of the kitchen cabinet as a suitable storage idea to maximize your kitchen décor. This storage idea doesn’t interfere with your space. Kitchen cabinet with hook from homebnc

2.     Collect All Spice Jars in a Container

Jars of salt, pepper, and other fellow spices often consume most of the space over the countertops. One thing you can do to deal with this situation is collecting all those jars in one container. That way, you can keep them close while cooking.

Make a shelf out of shabby wood to categorize the spice jars in one container. This DIY shelf helps make a great tidy storage solution. Shabby rack storage from crazylaura
Install beams wood rack in the corner of your kitchen to make all the spice jars easily reachable when you want to use it. This wooden shelf will be stronger when used. Beams wood rack from crazylaura
To increase the accessibility of spice jars storage, hanging the wire basket on the kitchen wall is the best solution to make it easier and get the spices you need. Wire basket from crazylaura
Keeping the spice jars in a cabinet drawer can help organize all the spices properly and organized. You can pull it outwards when you need it. Cabinet drawer storage from crazylaura
Using a kitchen cabinet drawer as a storage idea for spice jars makes it easy to pick up and replenish spices. You can make the best use of this drawer for existing storage in the kitchen. Cabinet drawer for spice jars from crazylaura
The free wall space allows you to put all your spice jars here. Standing wooden rack is a means to put your kitchen ingredients. Try it in your kitchen decor. Standing wooden rack from crazylaura

3.     Use Cookware Organizer

Besides cabinets or hooks on the wall, another excellent way to organize your cookware is using an expandable organizer. Various types and sizes of cookware organizers are largely available in the market; some of them even come with a feature to store pots and frying pans in the same place.

To make it easier for you to find the pans you need, this pull-out rack is an idea that you can try. This shelf allows you to keep your pots and pans organized and right in sight when you need them. Pull-out rack storage from familyhandyman
Wall mounted pegboard equipped with iron hooks make it a storage area, you can hang all the cookware in one place. Wall mounted pegboard from familyhandyman
The large wooden cabinet allows you to store more than one type of cookware in one place. You can use the cabinet door to hang the lid on the pan. Wooden cabinet storage from familyhandyman
A hidden pull-out rack system with several levels will help maximize storage space in your kitchen. You can add a stainless steel container as a unifying storage. Hidden pull-out rack from familyhandyman
Go vertical cabinet storage is easy to find in your kitchen decor. With this storage idea, all the cookware will look great while keeping it organized. Vertical cabinet storage from familyhandyman
If you have an empty wall space then adding pegboard with a matching color is a simple kitchen storage hack. You can hang it with a metal hook to make it stronger and sturdier. Pegboard storage from familyhandyman

4.     Take Advantage of Exposed Cabinet Sides

To optimize your kitchen organization, don’t let the exposed sides of your cabinets go to waste. If there’s no more space inside, these features can be used as extra storage. All you have to do is attach hooks, rails, or shelves—depending on your storage needs.

To make it easier to store food supplies, installing a magazine rack behind the cabinet door can be a space-saving idea. Here you can easily access when taking. Magazine rack storage from homebnc
The smart solution to save your kitchen space is to install wooden racks and hooks on the inside of the cupboard doors. Here you can hang your kitchen utensils neatly. Wooden rack from acultivatednest
Line your kitchen door with pegboard for smart storage ideas that you can emulate, this pegboard storage idea can hold more of your utensils. Pegboard storage from acultivatednest
Organize your closet doors for storage by hanging the wire basket to store the lid of your plastic jar so you can quickly find it when you need it. You can try it in your kitchen decoration. Wire basket storage from homebnc
Attach the clip cut to the door in the cabinet to hold your spice bottles properly. You can adjust the height parallel. Clip cut storage from homebnc

5.     Take Advantage of the Ceiling

A wire basket is useful to store fresh fruits or vegetables. However, instead of putting it on the countertops or kitchen island, why don’t you save more space by hanging it from the ceiling? This organization idea works more than just a storage hack; it also works as a beautiful decoration for the traditional kitchen.

You can use the kitchen roof as a storage idea that doesn’t interfere with your space in the kitchen. Add an iron hook for help hanging your cookware. Hanging iron hook from homebnc
Vintage ladders can be DIY storage ideas that give a vintage impression. Wicker baskets also help store cooking utensils in one container. Vintage ladders storage from homebnc
Use stainless steel for hanging storage ideas on your kitchen ceiling, this material is very sturdy and strong in the long run. You can try it right now. Stainless steel rack storage from diynetwork
Install a long shelf on the ceiling of the kitchen that is equipped with several hooks to hang all the cooking utensils to make it tidier. These storage ideas will also help save space. Long rack on the ceiling from iwantthat
The chain-assisted ladder rack can organize and organize all your cooking utensils. Give paint to the ladder storage so that it becomes a focal point in your kitchen. Chain-assisted ladder rack from tipsted
A rope basket that hangs from the kitchen ceiling can help properly store your fruit. You can pick it up easily when you want to eat it. Rope basket from homedit

Those are some kitchen organization ideas you can apply to the cooking area. Take them into account when you are looking for a way to make your kitchen a neat and organized space.

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