Having active children can be both fun and difficult. Your living room designs, which you have created lovingly, can quickly turn into a mess or injury source for your kids. Combining a safe design and stylish aesthetic can be challenging, especially in a high-traffic space like a living room.

Luckily, you can still compromise by creating a safe living room with stylish decorative options. Here are some tips to make your living room beautiful but forgiving for the kids.

1. Choose Safe, Durable, but Stylish Fabric

When choosing sofas and chairs, make sure to pick the right fabric. They should be durable and safe (since children will climb anything), but the surface must also be comfortable. Leather is one of the best options because of its durability and beauty. The cheaper alternatives can be fabric with tight waves, which is stronger than regular fabric.

Traditional leather sofas with bright colors will brighten up when surrounded by indoor plants. Throw pillows, bolsters and blankets on the sofa as a safe and comfortable area for children. Bright leather sofa from onelovelylife
If you have small children at home, the choice of furniture is important. You can choose a sofa covered with soft leather so as not to cause irritation if it comes into contact with children’s skin. Soft leather sofa from centsationalstyle
To minimize repeated purchases of furniture, choose materials that are durable and don’t tear easily. For example, a black leather sofa which has a perfect appearance with a colorful carpet. Black leather sofa from centsationalstyle
Balance glossy leather sofa with wooden furniture for a rustic finish. Cover the sofa with pillows as a comfortable and softer gathering area. Glossy leather sofa from centsationalstyle
Present artwork for windowsill with some ornament gifts. Tufted leather sofa and wooden tables add contrasting classic style for an interesting texture. Tufted leather sofa from centsationalstyle
Dark brown leather sofa is a perfect furniture accent when combined with wall art. Don’t forget to use a wooden coffee table that can balance the visual weight of the living room. Dark brown leather sofa from centsationalstyle

2. Reduce the Sharp Corners

Choosing items with safe corners is an important point in making kid-friendly living room designs. The tables, chairs, and cabinets should have rounded or blunt edges. You can also replace hard items with something softer. For example, instead of a square coffee table, choose a round one. You can also skip the table and replace it with poufs or large ottoman.

Choosing an ottoman coffee table for a child-friendly living room design is the best choice that you can emulate. The ottoman table does not have sharp edges so it is safer when the children are in this room. Ottoman coffee table from deavita
If you want to design child-friendly living room, replacing a standing rack with wall mounted bookshelves is the right solution. You can also use leather sofas and round tables for furniture ideas. Wall mounted bookshelves from deavita
Replacing the coffee table in the living room with a round silver pouf is suitable when you have small children in the house. Because this furniture has a soft texture. Silver pouf table from deavita
Instead of using furniture that has a sharp side. Cloth chairs, patterned ottoman table and small ceramic table are the right furniture for decorating your living room today. The plain carpet makes the perfect layer for the wooden floor. Furniture with blunt sides from deavita
A modern living room design with daybed and woven pouf will make the room more child-friendly. So you won’t feel worried if your child hits the table and gets hurt while in the living room. Daybed and woven pouf from deavita
The ottoman table in the chevron fabric pattern looks great when combined with the L shape sofa. Add wall art with wood frame mirrors for a classic finishing touch. Chevron patterned ottoman table from deavita

3. Play with Bold Patterns

Stark white upholstery is not a good choice for a house with active children. You can install bold patterns and graphic prints on the upholstery and fabric surfaces. They hide wrinkles, blemishes, and dirt caused by kids’ ruckus. Plus, they make your living room look lively!

The suede tufted sofa in green will create a living room by amplifying the color in the best possible way. Besides that, it disguises the stains on the sofa so that it looks clean and well-groomed. Green tufted sofa from decoraid
To create a kid-friendly living room decor you need to find the right color of the furniture. Choosing plaid motif sofa design will make the family room more protected from visible dirt. Plaid sofa from decoraid
Choose a bold color like red for your sofa idea. Synthetic leather is also very helpful for your activities here. Because the leather is easy to clean from the dirt from the noise of children. Red leather sofa from decoraid
Match the color of the chairs with bohemian theme rugs to make it look more harmonious. Blue is one of the strongest colors with dirt. Blue sofa and carpet from decoraid
Yellow, black and white on sofas and carpets are the perfect color combination for furniture. Besides that, the yellow color on the sofa also has an eclectic style and is resistant to stains and dirt. Yellow sofa from decoraid

4.Choose the Right Storage Spaces

Open-concept storage spaces are less practical for a house with children. They can easily get messy and even injure children (from falling objects). Closed storage space is less messy and easier to maintain. Items like cabinets with doors or credenza are great for a house with children.

Closed cabinet storage helps reduce clutter caused by young children. Because here you can store all the items in the cabinet so that the children don’t mess up. Closed cabinet storage from cocokelley
Rectangle cabinet can store more of your items properly and neatly. Besides looking minimalist, this storage cabinet will also avoid the mess of children. Rectangle cabinet storage from cocokelley
Apart from adding to the storage idea in your living room, standing wooden cabinets also give a natural impression that is not excessive. You can use the top surface to display decorative items such as flower vases. Standing wooden cabinet from realhomes
To avoid clutter from children, a standing cabinet at the corner can be a closed storage that you can have when you have small children at home. This idea makes the room tidier. Standing cabinet from realhomes
Sideboard storage allows you to hide items you don’t want to see or hide from small children so that there is no mess. This sideboard has more extra storage. Sideboard storage from realhomes

Kid-friendly living room designs don’t need to look like a daycare. With some adjustments, you can have a stylish, comfortable, and safe living room for everyone.

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