Brown is a “safe” option for a living room design theme. A brown living room can reflect many things, from warmth to stability and coziness. Various paint manufacturers create unique brown shades to complement modern living rooms. Here are some shades you can adopt to create a cozy living room.

1. Buff (Farrow & Ball)

Buff from Farrow & Ball is a brown shade with sheer grey undertones, akin to soft beach sand. The combination creates a stylish, chic look. You can use a greyish brown color to create a modern, contemporary, or transitional living room.

Beautiful brown walls and living room furniture look great paired with dark gray curtain. White fireplace can help the room not too dark. Brown shade and gray curtain from sebringdesignbuild
You can combine gray sofa with polyester material with wood pallet walls to create a Buff style from Farrow & Ball. This living room also brings a transitional feel. Light brown walls with gray sofa from sebringdesignbuild
Choose two color tones that can combine the entire living room with great fashion and chic. For example dark brown sofa with dark gray patterned wall, this color is excellent when complemented by a light brown floor. Two color tones from nimvo
This contemporary living room has two different sofa colors, gray and brown dominating the furniture in this room. Wall art prints in neutral colors give a finished look that gives a bold pop of color. Brown and gray dominating from nimvo
The attractiveness of the walls in shades of brown and gray adds a dramatic impression that they don’t worry about anymore. White frame fireplace and standing floor lamp into a background with neutral colors. Shades of brown and gray wall from housely
Give a splash of brown to gray to your transitional living room decor to add more chic appeal. Keep the white ceiling roof as an element that can neutralize the room. Transitional brown to gray living rom from housely

2. Middlebury Brown (Benjamin Moore)

Middlebury Brown from Benjamin Moore is a slightly darker version of greyish brown color. The color is perfect for creating a “moody” and dramatic living room, but without making it too dark. You can combine Middlebury Brown with warm colors to create a stylish living room, such as red, mustard yellow, or burgundy.

Not only brown paint, you can also create DIY wooden coffee table with a more natural color. Don’t forget to add a shade of gray to your nylon sofa. DIY Wood coffee table with shade gray from housely
The brown accent on the leather sofa is perfect for those of you who like a sharper and stronger decoration. Of course, the selection of curtains with mustards colors tends to add more stability to the design of this living room. Brown leather sofa and mustards curtain from homedesignlover
One of the important things in making the main decoration in the living room is the choice of sofa color and wall paint. You can emphasize the brown color on the wall of one sofa. Colorful cushions provide color to your living room decor. Brown color on the wall of one sofa from nimvo
Throw in the burgundy blanket with the intention of integrating the furniture to make it more stylish. Light brown dominates the room color with various designs to create a beautiful contemporary décor. Burgundy blanket with light brown dominates room from nimvo
Wall art adds sense of brown to the living room décor. In addition to the furniture and walls that convey a strong brown hue, you also need to add decorative items such as red flower vases. Brown wall art with red flower vases from nimvo

3.Etruscan Red (Farrow & Ball)

Etruscan Red is a reddish-brown color from Farrow & Ball, perfect for a warm-looking brown living room. The rich addition of red makes this color richer than typical brown shades. You can combine it with black and white furniture or rug to create a modern look. Use it for walls, door, or accent wall.

Enjoy the nuance of a brownish red living room with a bright wall and fireplace to give this living room a pop of color decoration. Don’t forget to coat the wooden floor with a rug to keep it warm. Brownish red living room scheme from homestratosphere
Paint all sides of the walls a very bold color. Light brown furniture really stands out when combined with brownish red walls, resulting in a contrasting color in your living room. Bold color walls from homestratosphere
The red wall which is highlighted by lights gives the impression of a more dramatic living room. So that the color of this room is more contrast, you can complete it with a brown sofa and wooden floors. Lighting red wall with brown sofa from homestratosphere
Reddish brown color is perfect for those of you who like a charming luxurious impression. As in the picture, reddish brown accents on the walls and dark brown sofa give the whole room a better decoration. Reddish brown color from homestratosphere
You can complete a brown living room with a red base color with some exotic frame artwork. The black and white rug brings out an elegant color in this room. Brown living room with red base color from housely

4. Shale (Benjamin Moore)

Benjamin Moore created a neutral, light brown shade in the form of Shale. This pale creamy shade is the opposite of typical rich, moody brown colors. You can use it to create a light, airy atmosphere in a small or big living room. Shale allows you to play with bolder colors as ornaments or furniture.

Creamy tufted chairs provide a warm and dramatic shade. Don’t forget the nuances of the living room also use the same color, you can use the wooden wall and ceiling for decorating the living room this time. Creamy chairs, walls and ceiling decor from homestratosphere
The color scheme of the living room, which is dominated by creamy colors, looks wider and cleaner. Stone fireplace is the focal point in this room because it looks more different. Creamy scheme living room from homestratosphere
The wall paint has a dark brown color that enhances the brown accent in the living room. The soft brown impression that is exposed to the sofa and rug also adds to the impression of the beautiful brown decoration. Soft brown furniture from homestratosphere
There’s nothing wrong with combining a creamy living room with bold colored furniture like peach, yellow and red. This furniture helps the room to be more energetic and colorful. Creamy living room with bold color furniturebrabbu from brabbu
Instead of using cream colors on walls or furniture, you can try them on rattan woven rugs. Linen brown sofa is a furniture idea that fits the scheme of this room. Creamy rugs from brabbu

5.Cappuccino (Restoration Hardware)

Cappuccino Brown from Restoration Hardware sits between “chill” and “warm”, striking a good balance between all types of living room designs. The medium brown shade is perfect for any living room, from traditional to modern and transitional.

The walls with cappuccino colors that are warm in this room are right on target. A gray daybed and chevron patterned curtain complement this small living room in a pretty and more comfortable way. Cappuccino walls color from housely
Indulge your guests by hanging some wall art on the lighted cappuccino walls. Shutter window is a color contrast that is quite interesting. Lighted cappuccino walls from housely
Square fireplace, silver lamps, and faux fur rug, this is a living room design dream for most people. The leather sofa sits comfortably on the light tile floor. Dark color variations and cappuccinos extend to the terrace. Combine cappuccinos with black color from sofacouchs
To make your cappuccino living room more colorful, a pillow with more than one color is a great idea. Wall decoration 3D complements this decor perfectly. Wall cappuccino with 3D decor from vintagefoyer
The cappuccino color combination with white will blend well in your living room, to display a transitional theme you can try some furniture that is made of wooden material. Cappuccino with white scheme from vintagefoyer

A brown living room doesn’t need to look boring. Choosing the right brown paint color will make any living room look charming.

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