The bathroom requires many accessories for your convenient daily routines. Thankfully, IKEA offers smart solutions. From toothbrush holders and soap dispensers to waste bins and towel baskets, here are a few must-have IKEA bathroom accessories that you can’t live without.


Comprised of a soap dispenser, a toothbrush mug, and a soap dish, Gaviken is what you need to store basic toiletries. Made of uniform stoneware for all three with the addition of stainless steel for the pump, this package is simple but elegant in its white textured containers. These IKEA bathroom accessories make a perfect addition to your bathroom, no matter the style.

Use the empty shower wall to install a mini shelf as a storage area for the soap dispenser right next to it. The combination of black and white gives a modern monochromatic impression. Shower room with soap dispenser storage from homebnc
Hang white tiered containers in stainless steel showers for toiletry storage ideas. This container makes bathroom decor more organized. Tiered container storage from homebnc
Wall mounted toothbrush storage placed in the shower room makes it easy for you to reach it when needed. In addition, this storage idea also saves space effectively and efficiently. Wall mounted toothbrush from homebnc
The iron basket used to hold soap and shaver is highly recommended for your bathroom storage ideas. Because this material does not rust easily, it is sturdy and durable. Iron basket storage from homebnc
Apart from making the bathroom more organized, a GAVIKEN set also gives an elegant and luxurious look. This storage idea is perfect for modern bathroom decor. Modern bathroom storage from redefiningdomestics

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination

SKÅDIS series offers a versatile pegboard along with matching accessories such as containers, holders, shelves, and hooks. This series allows simple, flexible storage solutions that you can rearrange endless times. These accessories offer a perfect way to keep smaller items close at hand. Allowing easy install on the wall, SKÅDIS pegboard combination will keep your bathroom organized and things gathered in one place where you can always find them.

Blue pegboard affixed to the bathroom wall is a simple and inexpensive storage idea. Add a minimalist wooden shelf as an area to put toiletries. Blue pegboard storage from hgtv
Match the pegboard storage color with the bathroom wall so that it blends perfectly. The brown color gives a warm and dramatic impression to this room. Hanging fabric storage is a storage assistant. Match color pegboard with walls from hertrack
Hang the white pegboard right above the sink as a minimalist storage area that you can apply to bathroom decorations. The white container helps save the sides and makeup brush. Hanging pegboard storage from apartmenttherapy
A practical storage solution is hanging pegboard equipped with a wire basket. This basket will help organize items according to their function and use. Pegboard storage with wire basket from homedit
You can complete a square pegboard with a white hanging rack and a small wire container for cotton storage. The white shelf makes it easy for you to put your soap neatly and regularly. Square pegboard with wire container from realhomes
One important feature for the sink area is hanging pegboard as an efficient storage idea. You can add additional storage ideas like hanging wooden racks and white containers. Hanging pegboard above sink from popsugar

IMMELN Two-Tiered Shower Hanger

Have handy additional storage in your shower without drilling holes in your wall with IMMELN two-tiered shower hanger. It’s equipped with a hook, and you can simply hang it on your shower. The two-tiered wire storage provides enough space to keep the essentials such as shampoo bottles and soap bar, with two hooks for loofa or shower sponge. IMMELN series also have other accessories from rust-resistant shower basket to minimalist hooks.

To hold all your toiletries, the iron shower hanger offers easy and fun storage. Iron material is very sturdy and anti-rust. Hanging iron shower from nytimes
Eliminate wood combined with lightweight iron can be used as storage for shower hangers. The light iron here serves as a buffer so that the soap doesn’t fall off easily. Eliminate wood shower hangers from hgtv
The white color of the shower hanger will match any bathroom decor. Showing a small iron under the shelf you can use for towel storage. White shower hanger from homebnc
Standing iron can be applied to bathroom decor as a smart storage area. You can simply add a plastic white basket to organize the items you want to store. Standing iron with white basket from homebnc
To increase the storage space in your bathroom, have a shower equipped with space to hang bottles. Stainless steel shower storage adds sparkle to your bathroom. Shower with bottle storage from homebnc
A storage option that doesn’t require drilling bathroom walls is to hang the net as a storage area for bathroom fixtures. With this storage the bathroom floor will look cleaner and more relaxing. Hanging net storage from homebnc


Handwoven baskets made of seagrass, ÅSUNDEN looks unique and beautiful as it is. It makes a great addition to your bathroom, providing a storage solution to keep your bathroom supplies organized. You can either use it as an easy storage under the sink or pair it with a shelving unit.

Choose a natural storage look and bring your bathroom decor to a farmhouse style. You can hang a handwoven basket on the bathroom wall to store your clean towels. Hanging handwoven basket from homebnc
You can complete a small shabby wooden shelf with a handwoven basket on top for even more storage. Use this basket to hold all toiletries separately and in an orderly way. Handwoven basket above wood rack from homebnc
Take advantage of the empty door space to hang tiered wicker baskets. This basket will do its job well and perfectly. This basket is suitable for modern farmhouse decoration. Hang tiered wicker baskets from homebnc
Hanging racks with hooks are more functional when equipped with a woven basket. Place as many toiletries here as neatly and as you like. Single woven basket from homebnc
Adding a tiered woven basket to the corner of the bathroom offers great storage and keeps the room clean and tidy. This basket enhances the natural feel. Tiered woven basket at the Corner from homebnc

TOFTAN Waste Bin

TOFTAN series comprised of waste bins, toothbrush holder, toilet brush, soap dispenser, but the waste bin is particularly a must-have. Coming in two color choices—white and grey—TOFTAN waste bins blend well with almost any styles.

Stainless steel trash cans that look sleek are suitable to be placed in all areas including the side of the vanity. This trash can makes your bathroom decoration more modern. Stainless steel trash cans from decorsnob
To make cleaning in the bathroom easier, adding a trash can with a shiny surface is the best solution that you should apply. You can try it right now. Shiny trash can from decorsnob
Stainless steel bins that are equipped with a footing when it will be used become an effective and efficient waste disposal area. This trash can also looks more modern. Modern style trash can from decorsnob

Those are just a few among the myriad of options they offer. IKEA bathroom accessories complement your bathroom with practical and convenient items.

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