Featuring adjoining cabinets on a corner of the room, the L-Shaped kitchen layout is one of the most popular layouts you can apply to the cooking space. However, just like any other options, this layout has both strong and weak points you should always consider.

1. Pros

A. Offers an adaptable work zone

The L-shaped layout comes with a highly flexible work zone that eases up your activities in the kitchen. It consists of a clean-up zone with sink on one side and the cooking zone featuring stove, oven, and microwave on the other.

The distance between the sink and the cooking area which is close to each other makes activities in the kitchen less tiring. Because you can do it all at the same time when the circumstances allow on one side. Sink and cooking area are close together from kutskokitchen
The best work zone for the kitchen is L-shaped. Because this L-shaped kitchen only has one side area to do all kitchen work more effectively and efficiently. Effectively L-shaped kitchen from kutskokitchen
You don’t have to walk too far to do cooking and pick up all the items you need, because this L-shaped kitchen has a small area so it doesn’t tire you out quickly. Small L-shaped kitchen from kutskokitchen
To facilitate cooking activities, you can use a small L-shaped kitchen design. In addition to providing a large storage idea, here you will also easily get cooking utensils. White and gray L-shaped kitchen from kutskokitchen
In order for the kitchen work to finish quickly, you can leave the cooked dishes and do the dishes. The right decoration idea for this is an L-shaped kitchen. Don’t forget to use white paint as the dominant color. White paint L-shaped kitchen from kutskokitchen
B. Provides lots of space

This type of layout is not only suitable for an open floor plan but also provides lots of space for storage. If you are planning to attach a cozy dining space to the kitchen, the layout works great with the kitchen island as well.

In addition to providing plenty of space, the L-shaped kitchen also does not limit your movement when doing cooking or washing dishes. Here you will get more storage. Extra storage L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
Take advantage of the empty space under the steps as an L-shaped kitchen idea, wall mounted wooden rack is a smart storage idea. Don’t forget to add a small wall room to flow together perfectly. L-shaped kitchen dining room combo from home-designing
Take advantage of the empty space in the L-shaped kitchen for dining room decoration ideas, use neutral colors like gray to make it easier to combine with the furniture around it. Gray L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
The L-shaped glass doors in the kitchen give the illusion of a wider space. Add LED lighting to kitchen cabinets for a warm and dramatic impression. The dominant white color strengthens the illusion of a large room. Dominant white L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
C. Suitable for a small kitchen

Another great thing about the L-shaped kitchen layout is its versatility in the small kitchen. When your cooking area has limited space, this layout gives you enough room to store the appliances as well as cook and clean more efficiently.

The L shape keeps the separate kitchen from feeling cramped, and it even allows space for the dining table to one side. In addition, this design also makes it easier to store cooking utensils and cleaning more easily. L shape kitchen dining room combo from home-designing
To facilitate storage and find cooking utensils quickly, the L-shaped kitchen layout is the perfect decoration. The color palette of the cabinets with a splash of gold takes center stage in this small kitchen. Palette L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
So that the cooking utensils are not scattered while storing, the L-shaped kitchen is the right decoration idea. Yellow coordinates in the kitchen and fridge-freezer provide a vibrant color tone. Yellow L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
The L-shaped kitchen helps make up for some of the lost storage space. Floating cabinets are suitable for small room ideas because they don’t take up space and don’t interfere with your space. Floating cabinet storage from home-designing
Repaint the cabinet in bold colors so that it can serve as a focal point in this L-shaped kitchen. Take advantage of the corner of the room for open shelf storage ideas. Corner open shelf storage from home-designing

2. Cons

A. Its corner storage can be difficult to manage

When applying the L-shaped layout, you will get two sides of cabinets in a corner. They may look neat and well-ordered at a glance, but at the same time, you may find some difficulties to access the storage space within those areas.

When you don’t have a room that is too big, the L-shaped kitchen will work and flow together with the dining room and living room. Instead of storing in the corner of the cabinet because it is ineffective and too narrow during storage activities. Gray L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
To help save space in your small kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen is very helpful because it can flow together with a small dining room. Use hardwood for a classic and natural look. L-shaped hardwood from home-designing
Having a kitchen with an L shape design will have plenty of storage space in your kitchen. However, the L-shaped kitchen design will have two cabinet sides in the corner so it will be more difficult for you to operate it. High L-shape kitchen from home-designing
The white kitchen decoration with the L-shaped design looks tidier and cleaner, on the other hand, you have more storage ideas. But you will find it difficult to access semari in the corner because you will have two sides of the cupboard in the corner that cannot be opened simultaneously. White L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
B. Won’t work well without a kitchen island

The L-shaped layout and the kitchen island form a perfect match. If you omit the island, you may lose some additional spaces for storage. It may also reduce the efficiency of your cooking activity.

The appearance of the L-shaped kitchen, which is equipped with a kitchen island, has an elegant and functional design. Use teak wood with its original color on the kitchen island to present a farmhouse style. Teak wood kitchen island from apartmenttherapy
For an open design, you can use the L-shaped layout with a kitchen island combined with several chairs so that it can be used as a multifunctional dining table. Kitchen island with dining table from apartmenttherapy
The L-shaped kitchen decor with the white color scheme makes the room appear more spacious, clean and shiny. Don’t forget to add a kitchen island to add extra space and a dining table for your guests. White L-shaped with kitchen island from apartmenttherapy
The wood and iron materials on the kitchen island provide an industrial style that is suitable when combined with an L-shaped kitchen layout because here you are making more use of empty space. Industrial kitchen island style from apartmenttherapy
C. Not efficient for a spacious kitchen

Apart from its space-saving advantages, the L-shaped layout is not recommended if your kitchen has a spacious area. The appliances that are too spread out only make your work less effective.

When you decide to choose an L-shaped kitchen, then only use a small room area. A large area will make the storage of kitchen utensils scattered, making it less effective and it will take longer to do when looking for it. Small L-shaped kitchen from home-designing
You can combine the white nuances in the L-shaped kitchen with a light wooden floor to add brightness to this room. Small rooms are highly recommended for L-shaped kitchen ideas. White L-shape kitchen from home-designing
Don’t worry if you have a small kitchen, because the L-shape layout can change and make your kitchen more stylish. Use walnut wood in the cabinet and patterned backsplash to add color to this room. L-shape kitchen with wooden cabinet from home-designing
Provide LED lighting between kitchen cabinets for a more dramatic L-shape layout. The go floor to ceiling cabinet gives the L-shaped kitchen extra storage. LED lighting kitchen cabinet from home-designing

Take those pros and cons into consideration before choosing the L-shaped kitchen layout. That way, you can decide whether this layout is a good or bad choice for your kitchen.

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