Moving to a new first apartment after graduating or starting a new life in a new place can be daunting. You may know what kind of space you want, but the budget is still not there to support your dream apartment room. Here some ideas to help you to get your first apartment décor with an affordable price.

1. Dress Up Your Living Room Windows with Curtains

Choose almost-linen and neutral curtains since they can give an expensive look on your windows. You can find them easily in a furniture store or an online store. However, do not forget to keep the curtains in the same tone as your room color base to give a clean and tidy look.

You can fold the large and tall curtains with a rope during the day to bring sunlight into the living room. This beige curtain invites warmth in your living room decor. Beige curtain from homedit
When you choose a white design in the living room, then choose gray as the curtain color. Gray color is a neutral color that matches the furniture around it. Gray curtain from homedit
This neutral beauty blocked by curtain color accentuates contemporary living room décor that is easy to try. The height of the windows gives the illusion of space into the room. Blocked color curtain from homedit
Match the curtain color to the walls of your living room so that it blends in perfectly. Having the curtains open in the morning and during the day helps natural lighting into the room. Match color curtain with walls from homedit
Buy curtains that have two different color tones. For example, white and black, these colors are easy to combine with other furniture in your living room decor. Choose linen to give it a luxurious impression. Two tone color curtain from homedit
Give a bold splash of color to a neutral living room with red cushions tossed on the brown sofa. Don’t forget to neglect the curtain color in this room with any of the furniture that surrounds it. Brown curtain and sofa from homedit
The bright colors that dominate this living room, including white curtain linen, can be completed with natural touches such as a vase on the coffee table. This flower gives a fresh color and feel. White linen curtain from homedit

2. Use a Low Water Houseplants

Having an indoor plant requires a lot of time and commitment, yet this plant can boost up the freshness of your room. Opt for low water houseplants, such as sago palm, orchid, red aglaonema, or succulent. Thus, you don’t need to take care or water them often.

The sago palm placed in the corner of the living room adds the perfect decoration. You can put indoor plants in a DIY handwoven wicker pot that is painted in the color you like. Sago palm with DIY pots from thespruce
Besides giving a natural impression, indoor plants also bring the living room decoration to a rustic theme. Choose plants that are low in water such as cactus so that you don’t do maintenance too often. Cactus plants from dexorate
Give a little freshness to your living room with succulents combined with snake plants. Use a wooden container that has been polished so that the surface will be smoother. Succulents container from dexorate
A touch of life in the living room is an idea that you can emulate, just know that indoor succulent plants are low maintenance that you don’t have to water every day. Isn’t it easier and beautiful. Succulent for table coffee decor from dexorate
Instead of putting the succulent on the table, you can hang it on a rope once for a creative and eco-friendly DIY idea. Hang it close to a window to get enough sunlight. Hanging succulent plant from dgafdecor
Orchid flowers in wicker pots provide a beautiful focal point. Palm plants with large sizes give an exotic impression that really makes the living room decor more perfect. Orchid flowers in wicker pots from homedit
This tropical living room gets a fresh feel by placing a ceramic pot filled with white orchids. This patterned pot also features a gorgeous vintage decoration. White orchids with vintage container from homedit

3. Invest in Multi-Functional Furnishings

Having multi-functional pieces can be a good choice when it comes to budget-saving. It also can save your space at the same time. You can save a lot of space and money when designing your first apartment décor.

A laminated wood coffee table equipped with drawers provides additional storage in your living room. You can use it to place magazines so that they don’t fall apart. Laminated wood coffee table with drawer from digsdigs
Buy and choose furniture for the first decoration of a multifunctional apartment to save space well. You can choose a table with several storage drawers. Multifunctional coffee table from digsdigs
If you need more storage then a tiered black coffee table is one of the recommended furniture for you. Keep this table tidy by keeping a book at the bottom. Tiered coffee table from businessinsider
Don’t waste the empty space under the stool as a hidden storage idea. You simply drag it to the level to enter the items to be stored. Multifunctional stool from digsdigs
Leave some empty space under the wooden bench to place the wicker basket for storage. This basket will help you to categorize the items according to their functions and uses. Basket storage under bench from digsdigs
Repaint your coffee table in a bold color like pink to attract attention. Don’t forget to also buy multifunctional furniture like this table which is equipped with drawers on each side of the table. Repaint coffee table with drawer from housebeautiful

4. Have Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Sometimes, you may find an outdoor rug designed not exclusively for outdoor; it can even function as an indoor rug. In fact, this rug may be cheaper than the one solely designed for indoor only. Besides, this kind of rug is easy to clean up. You can save some bucks with this method.

Cover the floor of your living room with the stiped rug to give a warm impression when you step on it. Choose a neutral color like a combination of brown and white so that it blends easily with the surrounding furniture. Striped rug from housebeautiful
To bring the impression of a farmhouse in your living room, you can try including a rattan rug and wooden beams on a coffee table in the room. Use an iron table leg to make it stronger and sturdier when used. Rattan rug from housebeautiful
Cover your wooden table and sofa with striped rug with black and white colors. This rug will be cheaper and easier to get. Wall decoration gives a more stylish classic impression. Black and white striped rug from housebeautiful
When you choose a white living room decor, the boho rugs and pillows give this room a cheerful and energetic color. The wooden floor in bright colors also adds a neutral impression that looks simple. Boho rug and pillow from housebeautiful
Match the color of the rug with the feel of the room so that it blends in perfectly. Wall mounted wardrobe becomes furniture that does not take up much space. Match color room with rug from housebeautiful
The faux fur rug has a smoother, warmer surface. Use white as a complement to a clean, bright and elegant living room decorating idea. Faux fur rug from hgtv
To give a different impression in your living room, a animal skin pattern rug is an idea that you can imitate. The green suede sofa is a striking focal point in this room. Animal rug patterned from hgtv

There are some of the ideas that you can use when you are thinking about your first apartment décor design. They can help you to save a lot of money without losing their function to serve your needs at home.

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