The whole functional kitchen design is constructed of several parts of pre-made cabinets that are set together. A common modular kitchen usually comprises wooden cabinets, countertop, internal accessories, chimney, hob, built-in-oven, sink with or with no drainboard, and in some examples a refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances.

It seems highly manageable and practical, doesn’t it? However, before start looking for your modular kitchen, try to consider the following things first.

1. Space Availability

You need to know the space available in your cooking space since it will be related to the design. For instance, a straight or parallel kitchen will work best with limited space. Meanwhile, L-shaped, U-shaped or Island kitchen designs are applicable to a bigger kitchen interior.

U shape modular kitchen will leave more floor area so that it can be used by two to three people in the kitchen to do cooking and washing dishes simultaneously. The sink and stove in this kitchen are designed to face to face so that your kitchen work can be done quickly. Use the surface of the cabinet with stainless steel material that is sturdy and strong so it is not easy to rust when exposed to splashing water from the sink. U shape modular kitchen from urbancompany.

Do you have a kitchen with limited space? If so, you don’t need to worry, you can choose an L shape kitchen cabinet with a multilevel countertop so that it can be used as a small dining table equipped with a high stool that has the appropriate size and is certainly very comfortable for anyone who uses it The lower countertop can be used to prepare food to be served. L shape kitchen cabinet with two-tier countertop from urbancompany.

Adjust the shape of your floating cabinet with the countertop underneath so that it has an even surface. You can use the L shape to get a wider and open kitchen floor area so that it is safer for children when entering your kitchen. Don’t forget to keep using natural and environmentally friendly materials in your kitchen cabinets, for example, plywood cabinets with iron handles that are sturdy and not easily porous. L shape plywood kitchen cabinet from urbancompany.

2. Determine the Storage Demand

Assess the necessity of storage you would want to have so that you can further plan the cabinets, the shelves, and drawers, as well as tall units. It will be handy when you have certain usage patterns (weekly or monthly supplies) of those storage or when you need more convenient units to operate, particularly if there are elderly.

Put all your kitchen utensils and equipment into the cabinet for a neater and more organized appearance of kitchen decor, with this you can use a cabinet with a wider size. Also, take advantage of the wall as a storage idea by installing a closed floating cabinet that will make your kitchen equipment safer from animals or dust. Storage kitchen cabinet from urbancompany.

This pull-out drawer consisting of several stacks can be put to better use for the idea of storing your tableware or kitchen utensils more clean and hygienic, of course, because it is closed. In addition to being smart storage, this pull-out drawer is also the storage that greatly saves floor space so it is perfect for decorating kitchens with limited space. Complete this drawer with an iron holder to make it easier to open when it is used. Storage pull-out drawer from urbancompany.

Floating cabinets are must-have storage in modular kitchen decor with a limited floor area. You can choose plywood with a brighter color to make it easier to match with any colored countertop underneath. Don’t forget to re-polish this piece of wood for a shinier appearance when exposed to the sun’s reflection from this fairly large transparent glass window. Floating cabinet kitchen from urbancompany.

3.Standardized Ventilation

The kitchen is closely related to fire and fumes, therefore before installing your modular kitchen, you need to know proper ventilation and fire exit. If your modular unit does not feature a built-in chimney to set the temperature, you may install some proper large windows as an alternative.

A kitchen decoration must have air vents to replace the air in the room to be fresher and remove smoke in the kitchen when used for cooking. Tile hook ventilation and several glass windows are the perfect combinations that will work more optimally. The black interior is a smart choice so it doesn’t look dirty easily when it’s in use. Combination of ventilation hooks with glass windows from housebeautiful.

Don’t let the air in the kitchen become uncomfortable due to cooking fumes that can’t come out of the room, you can use the shutter window as a source of air change in the room to make it feel fresher and more comfortable, of course. This shutter window is easier to open or close so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to provide air ventilation in the kitchen. Shutter window from housebeautiful.

4. The Countertop

Another essential thing to consider before bringing a modular unit to your kitchen is the countertop, the place where you do the meal preparation every time. There are countless options of tabletop or worktop made of granite, marble, and other materials.

To make it easier for you when cleaning the countertop surface, then you can use a granite surface which has a smoother surface and will be shiny when exposed to sunlight or light. The granite material has a modern and contemporary vibe that you can pair with the melamine wood kitchen cabinet repainted in blue. The gold handles on the kitchen cabinets add a luxurious color that can be used simultaneously in one room. Granite countertop from housebeautiful.

Mix and match the color of the countertop that you use with the feel of the kitchen as well as the kitchen cabinets to work well together in one room. This white marble countertop which is equipped with an iron gold footstool will become a small dining table that you can use so that it will function better and double. Decorate this marble countertop with several types of bold blooming flowers such as red. White marble countertop from housebeautiful.

Whether you have smaller or larger kitchen space, a modular kitchen can be a complete set to add.

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