If you want to craft a timeless bathroom design that won’t go out of style, then Scandinavian decor is the answer. Not sure where to start? Fret not! We’re going to show you some essential Scandinavian bathroom decor ideas that will bring a soothing and cozy effect to your sanctuary space. Let’s take a look! 

1. Play with Neutral Colors

Scandinavian design is always known for its clean and simplistic concept. That’s why neutral colors are the ideal option for Scandinavian bathroom decor. To do so, you can apply monochromatic color schemes with a combination of white and black. Then, add accent colors like gray, brown, green, or cream to get beautiful and warm tones.

If you have a small bathroom, floating vanity furniture is the right idea and you can try it. Add an indoor plant to add color to a Scandinavian bathroom decor. White Scandinavian bathroom with indoor plant from decortrendy.
Provide natural lighting in a Scandinavian bathroom with large windows. Small indoor plant and brown vanity complement the bathroom with white nuances. Scandinavian bathroom with natural lighting from decortrendy.
To get a new life in an all-ceramic Scandinavian bathroom, you can put a Monstera plant in the corner of the room. Wooden furniture adds warmth to your bathroom. All-ceramic Scandinavian bathroom from decortrendy.
Take advantage of wooden stairs that are not used to hang green plants as a fresh and natural Scandinavian bathroom decoration. Splash black on the floor tiles for a pretty and unique motif. Wooden stairs for hanging plant from decortrendy.
You can brighten up the white bathroom surface with green plants, basketball baskets and small tables. Use this wooden table to place aromatherapy candles so that you are more relaxed while in this bathroom. White bathroom surface with Scandinavian style from decortrendy.
Give a vintage touch to the Scandinavian bathroom with shabby carpets. Large rubber plants can provide color in this bathroom, don’t forget to use a large window to make it easier for sunlight to enter the room. Scandinavian bathroom with shabby carpets from decortrendy.
You will feel a fresh atmosphere in this bathroom with greenery placed over the bathtub and windowsill. Glossy black tiles give off a more attractive vibe. Glossy black tiles from decortrendy.
You can complete a Scandinavian bathroom with a monochromatic style with a wide and large window, with this window you can enjoy the outside view freely. Scandinavian bathroom with monochromatic style from decortrendy.
Throw the bright colored carpet onto the white marble floor, this carpet will be a pretty bold color. The standing bathtub gives the bathroom a luxurious appearance. Bathroom decor with bold color carpet from decortrendy.

2. Natural Touch Is a Must

The next essential part of Scandinavian bathroom decor is the use of natural materials or accents. The simplest way is to create a fresh green area filled with plants and flowers. You may place greenery on the top of the vanity counter, making it a pretty decorative element to give peace and welcoming effect. Other than that, you can use gorgeous wood accents for bathroom furniture to achieve the perfect color balance.    

The Scandinavian bathroom concept offers a fresh feel through touches of natural colors and green plant accents. Apart from wood for bathroom furniture that achieves the perfect color balance. Scandinavian bathroom with green plant accents from airtasker.
You will feel more comfortable in this Scandinavian bathroom. The reason is that the natural wall color bathroom decor is combined with wooden furniture which gives the perfect color touch. Besides that, the plants in the corner of the room add a fresh impression. Corner plant with floating wooden vanity from airtasker.
This is a great bathroom design. Scandinavian style is always clean and tidy. Adding ivory betel plant in the corner of the room and plywood vanity will produce a more charming color. Ivory betel plant and plywood vanity from airtasker.
This is a simple yet modern bathroom decorating idea. By combining white wall accents, minimalist vanity and lavender plants, it gives a beautiful Scandinavian bathroom atmosphere. Minimalist vanity and lavender plants from airtasker.
The Scandinavian bathroom concept uses a clean, natural white color that fits perfectly with green accents with glossy pots, these plants make for an inexpensive and affordable bathroom decoration. Glossy pots plant from airtasker.
Wooden vanity is one of the furniture that makes your bathroom warm, don’t forget to add green plants around it with various types of pots to give it a different feel. Various types pots for indoor plant from airtasker.
Aquatic plants are also decorative items that are easy to care for so they don’t need special care, put them on vanity walnut wood. Aquatic plants from airtasker.
To fertilize greenery in the bathroom, watchers forget to open the window during the day to let in sunlight freely. This plant can also be a windowsill. Greenery windowsill bathroom from airtasker.
Green plants with white pots will look even more stunning when placed on a wooden floating vanity. Green plants also add life that you need in your bathroom. Green plants with white pots from airtasker.

3. Choose the Right Tiles

Don’t miss your bathroom tiles if you want to get the beauty of Scandinavian bathroom decor. For those of you who like monochromatic themes, you may opt for black porcelain hexagon tiles, white metro tiles, white square ceramic tiles, or other tiles with neutral colors. But if you prefer a more natural look, you can choose wood-like tiles that are made of stone, ceramic, and porcelain for the bathroom walls and floors.

Square ceramic always gives a special appearance in Scandinavian bathroom decorations because it has a sparkle when exposed to water. Go for a plain design for a simple feel. Square ceramic from digsdigs.
Make the Scandi bathroom look luxurious with several different tiles such as white metro tiles and marble floor. You can use the black iron standing rack to store clean towels and brushes. White metro tiles and marble floor from digsdigs.
Square ceramic tiles floor and black ceramic walls are a blend of colors that look beautiful. You can perfect this bathroom decoration with green plants placed on a white iron table. Square ceramic tiles floor and black ceramic walls from digsdigs.
The combination of Scandinavian and retro style in the bathroom will look more charming, you can try tiles with two different colors such as black and white. Wooden chair adds a natural impression. Black and white metro tiles from digsdigs.
This Scandinavian bathroom design is the perfect example of combining a black shiplap wall and a small white hexagon tile. You can use rattan wicker baskets for natural bins. Black shiplap wall and small white hexagon tile from digsdigs.
The combination of black and white square ceramic tiles gives a beautiful Scandinavian bathroom appearance. You can use the toilet and vanity in white to blend the room perfectly. Black and white square ceramic tiles from digsdigs.
The focus of the dramatic bathroom shifts away from the white themed walls and black small square tile for a charming touch. You can try it in your Scandinavian bathroom decoration. Small square tile from digsdigs.
The selection of white metro tiles in the Scandinavian bathroom gives an elegant feel. In addition, you can use wooden furniture that gives the perfect color achievement. White metro tiles floor from digsdigs.
Of course, the white square tiles give a more charming feel. The reason is, the clean soft Scandinavian bathroom with all-white colors shows a fresh bathroom atmosphere. White square tiles floor from digsdigs.

Those are some stunning Scandinavian bathroom decor ideas to get inspired. With Scandinavian simplistic, minimalist, and aesthetic design, you’ll own a striking bathroom that stands out among others.

So, are you in love with Scandinavian bathroom decor now? Just get ready, start decorating, and bring a fresh look to your bathroom. Good luck!    

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