Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that it is impossible for you to have an impressive bathroom as your expectation. If you live in minimalism, it doesn’t mean that there will be no furniture or ornament either. Precisely, you need a good and proper design concept for your small bathroom decoration by adding some furniture and ornament but don’t over-furnished. Now, you can see the 24 ideas on how to create a minimalist concept for your small bathroom below.

Corner Sink

Providing a sink in the bathroom is a must-to-do. Because you need to keep your hand and face stay clean. Now, whether you have a small size bathroom, don’t get yourself confused on how to provide a sink in your bathroom. So, your bathroom must have a corner then that is the perfect spot to install the sink. Single sink or combine with cabinet. For design, it would be better if you choose a simple design. It is worth to try!

Take advantage of an empty bathroom corner to put a single sink equipped with storage under it. You can choose white to match the color scheme with your small bathroom decor. Corner single sink from homedecorite.
To complement your small bathroom, using a corner sink with storage cabinets is highly recommended for this decoration. Choose a glass surface to make cleaning easier when it starts getting dirty. Corner sink with storage cabinet from homedecorite.
To bring a rustic feel to a modern bathroom, sink wooden cabinets are a smart idea. You can use this cabinet to store your toiletries to be more organized. Rustic corner sink from homedecorite.
You can get a vintage nuance by using a teak wood corner sink equipped with carved wood mirror frames. Here you can check your appearance as well as wash your dirty hands. Vintage corner sink from homedecorite.
Choose a sink corner with a triangle shape to display unique and attention-grabbing furniture in your bathroom decor. The lamp that is installed above the mirror helps your activities while in the bathroom at night. You can try it right now. Triangle corner sink from homedecorite.
Use a marble surface that is easy to clean when dirty. You can use this corner sink for storage because it is equipped with a wooden cabinet under it. A single sink saves space in your small bathroom. Single sink saves space from homedecorite.
Place the cabinet sink in the corner of the bathroom to use it more efficiently. The corner bowl sink does not take up much room and is suitable for minimalist bathroom decoration. Corner bowl sink from homedecorite.
As well as a corner sink cabinet with the feel of a small bathroom to match the color tone in this room, white is one of the favorite colors that can change the room to be cleaner, wider, and brighter. White corner sink from homedecorite.

Glass Shower Screen

Next, the small bathroom also need to be cleaned. Clean and neat will make comfort vibe to your bathroom. That is why you need a separator between the wet and dry zone. You can install a glass shower screen to avoid wet floor. It is not good for your bathroom. The dry bathroom is the most recommended condition. Because you don’t want your bathroom is the source of illness spreading. So, you need to protect that by installing this glass screen.

To distinguish between dry and wet floors, you can use a glass shower screen that is placed in the corner of the room. The stone shower floor is suitable for relaxing your feet while bathing. Glass shower screen with the stone floor from sebringdesignbuild.
The glass shower screen in the small bathroom makes it look as if there is no barrier in this room. Use as high as the ceiling to add a luxurious impression. The touch of gold in the shower gives a modern feel. Ceiling glass shower screen from sebringdesignbuild.
The glass shower screen attached to the bathroom is very different and more interesting. You can combine it with wooden walls to create a natural and warmer feel. Glass shower screen combined with wooden walls from sebringdesignbuild.
Use a sliding glass shower screen to make it easier for you to enter or leave a wet floor. Distinguish between dry and wet tiles, choosing rougher tiles for wet areas. Sliding glass shower screen from sebringdesignbuild.
The combination of shower screen glass with black and white ceramics on the walls gives a modern and minimalist feel to your small bathroom decoration. Choose a thicker glass material so it doesn’t break easily. Thick shower screen glass from sebringdesignbuild.
Shower screen glass is easier to maintain because you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth to make it shinier. The pull-out shower glass is sufficient to separate wet and dry floors. Pull-out shower glass from sebringdesignbuild.
Shower screen glass does not clutter your small bathroom because it has a transparent texture that gives the illusion of not using a room divider. The glass ceiling helps provide light into the room. Transparent shower screen glass from sebringdesignbuild.
An easy way to distinguish between wet zones and dry zones is to install a glass shower screen in your bathroom. Use a large window for a light source that refreshes the bathroom space and minimizes the spread of disease sources. Glass shower screen with large window from sebringdesignbuild.

Floating Storage

Lastly, choose floating storage than cabinet storage. The purpose is none other than maximizing limited room. You definitely not need cabinet storage because this kind of storage will make your bathroom stuffy. Floating is perfect to put your toiletries and some ornaments. This floating storage is more than just useful rack but also as decoration that will make your small bathroom more impressive and it is something that won’t make stuffy.

To avoid clutter in your small bathroom, installing floating wooden shelves is a space-saving storage idea that has a chic style. Woven baskets become storage helpers to complement vintage designs. Floating wooden shelves from homebnc.
As well as saving space, a floating teak rack equipped with supports will also be an extra storage idea. You can put towels and some ornaments that can enhance the room. Floating teak rack from homebnc.
Take advantage of the empty wall space to hang the wicker basket as storage for your clean towels so they don’t get scattered everywhere. This basket can help spruce up your small bathroom decor. Floating wicker basket from homebnc.
A wall-mounted floating rack is one of the storage in the bathroom that you must have. You can paint it white to make it look more modern and minimalist. Wall-mounted floating rack from homebnc.
Not only do you have to hang on the bathroom wall, but you can also use doors that have empty space to hang iron and wooden shelves for storage. The combination of these two shelf materials will be stronger. Hang iron and wooden shelves from homebnc.
Hang your vertical rack with a strong iron hook. You can hang multiple storage boards to create tiered storage racks. Hang it on the bathroom ceiling to make it more effective and efficient. Ceiling vertical rack from homebnc.
Leveraging wall space as a storage idea is a smart way you can replicate your small bathroom decor. You can hang wire baskets and metal buckets to organize your bathroom fixtures more effectively. Floating wire baskets and metal buckets from homebnc.
To add a farmhouse style to your bathroom, adding a rectangle floating wooden box is a storage idea that you can try. This floating box will accommodate more of your make up equipment. Floating wooden box from homebnc.

So, those 24 ideas can be applied in your limited size bathroom. One thing you should know is that the bathroom is a sweet escape location from the pressure that you got for a whole day. All your stress out can be drained out from your head through a comforting bathroom. One last tip, you can add aromatherapy so you really can enjoy your time there.

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