There is one good reason why the bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It has a higher value compared to all the other installations because it is the focal point where you can check your look by the mirror hanged over the sink and where everybody washes their hands.

If you are struggling to find the best one to maximize your space, these are the list of ideas you won’t regret to steal.

1. Small Vanity with Storage

Fit perfectly in a tiny bathroom, small vanity with storage will hide clutter effortlessly. Mostly come with smart features like drawers and shelving, it also generates a larger, more expansive vision of your bathroom.

Choose a vanity with striking color drawers like yellow as the focal point for minimalist bathroom decor. Floating small vanity also really saves the bathroom floor area. Vanity with striking color drawers from thecaldwellproject.
Put the vanity in the corner of the bathroom so that it doesn’t interfere with your space, you can add a wicker basket under the vanity as a storage idea that can be used to put down the clean towels you have. Corner vanity with wicker basket from thecaldwellproject.
White single vanity will never fail for your small bathroom furniture ideas, choose a vanity that is equipped with a built-in cabinet with several storage drawers that you can use to put toiletries safely. Single vanity with built-in cabinet from thecaldwellproject.
To get the perfect small bathroom decor, you can use a small vanity with a stainless steel faucet. Choose a dresser with a storage drawer underneath so you can store your belongings and avoid cluttering your bathroom decor. Small vanity with a stainless steel faucet from thecaldwellproject.
Complete your bathroom decor with a shiny vanity to make it look more modern. You can buy a vanity with two or three drawers so that you can use it as a storage area for small items so that you can easily find them when you need them. Modern vanity with drawer from thecaldwellproject.
To bring a pop of color to your bathroom decor, choosing a wooden vanity with a striking color is an idea that you can try. The mint color in the white bathroom is a combination of color tones that can blend perfectly. Pop color vanity storage from thecaldwellproject.

2. Glass Top Vanities

Sophisticated and sleek, glass is a perfect material to bring a thought-provoking, contemporary atmosphere to your personal space. They always look stylish and blend in smoothly in any bathroom decor.

Little tips to keep the glass top vanity in optimal condition, it is highly recommended to keep the facility dry after being used.

To create a luxurious impression in your bathroom, using a makeup glass with a thick material at the top is the right idea so that it doesn’t break easily in a long time. Choose transparent glass to give the illusion that the vanity is floating. Thick glass top vanities from housely.
You can combine two different materials in the bathroom vanity design, glass and wood into the perfect combination to showcase a modern bathroom decor. You can emphasize modern vanity with a bowl glass sink. Glass and wood vanity material from housely.
Choosing a large dressing table with a glass top is an option for decorating your bathroom. Glass will bring a contemporary atmosphere to your bathroom so that it looks wider and cleaner. Large glass top vanities from housely.
To enhance the appearance of a contemporary bathroom, you can use the glass top vanities, which are equipped with a built-in wooden cabinet underneath. In addition, this vanity surface is also easier to clean when it starts to get dirty. Contemporary glass top vanities from housely.
Cover your single sink with glass for a sleek and contemporary look. Glass material minimizes humidity in the room so this vanity design is more appropriate for decorating your small bathroom. Single sink with glass surface from housely.
Vanity is one of the must-have furniture in your bathroom. A wooden vanity equipped with a glass top will give your bathroom a special charm. Glass will also bring the perfect content exporting atmosphere to your bathroom. Wooden vanity with glass top from housely.

3. All-Mirrored Reflection Vanities

Nothing better than mirrors to expands and brightens a small space. Available in multiple designs and styles, all mirror inlaid bathroom vanity can give a Hollywood glitz feel that can add luxury to your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, then using mirror reflection material for vanity ideas is the right choice. Because this vanity mirror will expand and change the atmosphere to be more luxurious. Mirror reflection vanity from decorpad.
Mirror reflection vanity with white color becomes one of the furniture that harmonizes the color tone in your bathroom. Add a small flower on top of the vanity mirror as a decorative item that refreshes the room. White mirror reflection vanity from decorpad.
The combination of a large mirror with mirror reflection vanity and transparent chairs provides a luxurious and contemporary bathroom decoration. You can add a patterned carpet with matching colors to enhance the appearance of a small bathroom decor. Mirror vanity and transparent chair from decorpad.
To create the impression of a more spacious room, there is nothing better than a mirror. The use of all-mirrored reflection vanities will enhance your bathroom decoration, sufficient lighting makes the vanity design more eye-catching. All-mirrored reflection vanities from decorpad.
Give a touch of gold in the mirror reflection mirror vanity to give a striking color while making this furniture more stylish. Glass vanity is suitable for minimalist modern bathroom decoration. Mirror reflection mirror with gold splash from decorpad.

4. Floating Vanity

Though it takes a little hard work to wall-mounting, wall-mounted vanities invest an uninterrupted flooring surface, which makes the room airy and more spacious. For extra storage, you can add boxes or baskets below the vanity.

Other good reasons to install a floating vanity are it can accommodate every height, and it makes your cleaning task way more manageable. 

You can use a wooden bench under the floating vanity for additional open face storage ideas. You can put some dry, clean towels on this stool. Wooden bench storage under vanity from digsdigs.
Don’t forget to provide an empty space under the wooden vanity as a storage idea that minimizes the chaos that occurs. You can use a small wire basket to put the small items you have. Wooden vanity with small wire basket from digsdigs.
Using a wooden floating vanity will make your bathroom look more modern and give the impression of a wider space. You can place a basket underneath for additional storage space. Wooden floating vanity with basket storage from digsdigs.
A white bathroom decor will make your room look brighter and more spacious. Use a floating vanity that made of wooden beams material to make the floor area easier to clean. Wooden beams floating vanity from digsdigs.
To minimize the use of your small bathroom floor, the floating vanity is one of the smartest pieces of furniture that you can imitate. Marble material presents a contemporary style that makes bathroom decor more modern. Marble floating vanity from digsdigs.

5. Modern Farmhouse Style

One of the most popular home designs in 2021 is the farmhouse style. By adding an apron-front sink vanity to your bathroom design will update the contemporary-chic visual to your bathroom.

The large apron front sink vanity works well in a farmhouse bathroom decor. This vanity gives you the look and functionality you want. Large apron front sink vanity from
If you want to design a firmer farmhouse-style bathroom, you can use the double apron front sink vanity with the main wood. This apron front sink vanity will make it easier for you to wash your face closer. Double apron front sink vanity from thedelightofdesign.
Two basins that are placed more forward than the vanity wood surface you can imitate for your small bathroom vanity idea. The apron front sink vanity works better when used for daily use, even this sink will be easier to clean regularly. Apron front sink vanity with wooden surface from thedelightofdesign.
To reinforce the farmhouse bathroom decor, you can use a apron front sink vanity that made of wood with cement material. Don’t forget to use a rectangle mirror as a complementary item that can enhance your bathroom decor. Apron front sink vanity that made of wood with cement material from thedelightofdesign.
The apron front sink vanity with wood base material gives a true naturalness. In addition, wood also reinforces the farmhouse style and becomes a material that warms the whole atmosphere of the room. Wooden apron front sink vanity from thedelightofdesign.

So, which one of these ideas is your favorite? A note to remember when updating the bathroom vanity, choose the right elements to complete the look: elegant lighting fixtures, a modern faucet, and a stylish mirror.

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