Having a freestanding tub and a shower in a limited-space bathroom sometimes can be too much to ask. Still, you can manage it by applying the corner shower bathtub combo. Saving space as its benefit, this is a dynamic duo in your little bathroom space. They also provide a nice retreat after your hectic day.

A freestanding standard bathtub and a shower

You can place a standard soaking tub with or without legs on the corner, a showerhead above, and a railing for a shower curtain surrounds it. The classic example will be the clawfoot or slipper tubs.

This corner bathtub equipped with carved feet gives a classic feel that never goes out of style, don’t forget to combine it with the hand shower beside it. You can complement other interiors in this room such as portable sinks, square mirrors and stainless steel towel racks. With all this, the appearance of the bathroom will be more perfect and comfortable. Classic corner bathtub with carved feet and hand shower from visualhunt.

You can get modern bathroom decorations with a standard freestanding bathtub in the corner of the room and a stainless steel shower head. This curved glass divider is intended so that water splashes do not wet your dry floor. The advantage of using a corner bathtub is that it saves bathroom decorations to be more effective and efficient, besides that this corner of the room is also more useful. Glass divider for freestanding standard bathtub decoration from visualhunt.

A corner bathtub with built-in shower

More modern and practical choices of corner bathtub are made of mostly acrylic (or other materials like ceramic or wood) with a built-in shower. They can be found in various shapes and designs. Depending on your personal need or taste, you may opt for triangular, oval, 8-shaped, curve, and more.

To make the corner bathtub decoration more effective, you can add a built in head shower to make this bathroom room more practical. This mosaic combination with bathtub glass gives a modern and luxurious impression that is not excessive. Do not forget to use a glass divider to make wet floors and dry floors. Instead of decorating the walls with large glass windows to let in sunlight into the room. Combination of mosaic with glass corner bathtub from ofdesign.

So that the bathtub design doesn’t feel boring, then you can try other forms, for example a curved white bathtub that is placed in the corner of the bathroom. Do not forget to add a built in shower as an accent for the discharge of water used for bathing. With this shower you can choose a warm or cold water temperature. Doesn’t it look sophisticated and minimalist. Curved corner bathtub with built in shower from ofdesign.

An inset corner bathtub with built-in shower

We are all familiar with this kind of drop-in tubs. This kind of tub is usually built on a deck or rim. You may have the shower installed on the wall, or a hand shower would be preferable here.

Another option for bathtub decorating ideas is to use a wooden deck that is repainted white for a cleaner and more elegant look. You can put this wooden deck bathtub close to the window to make it easier to see the cool and beautiful outdoor scenery. Add aromatherapy candles to relax your body more relaxed. Wooden deck corner bathtub from homedit.

A walk-in corner bathtub and a shower combo

This kind of cozy shower bathtub combo is designed with an area for seating. In this case, you can choose to have a stand-up or sit-up shower options. The most common and recent walk-in tubs are featured with handrails, hand shower, spacious seat, heated backrest, or even whirlpool jets.  

This walk in corner bathtub looks luxurious when using marble as the main material. Combine it with a wooden floor as a combination to present a natural impression that is not excessive. The shower head is a practical water accent. This minimalist corner bathtub gives a modern and contemporary impression. Walk in corner marble bathtub from homedit.

Use a divider glass as a barrier between the dry floor and the wet floor. This walk in corner bath is a comfortable soaking area all day long, you can use the head shower as a perfect accent. The stainless steel material in the shower gives a strong impression and doesn’t rust easily. There’s nothing wrong with using wood accents in this white bathroom to give a different color, apply wood to the vanity and storage. Small bathroom gives a minimalist impression that is not excessive. Divider glass for walk in corner bathtub from homedit.

Corner shower bathtub combo with curtain or glass panel

A curtain around a tub and shower combo is the simplest way to obtain privacy and space-saving idea. Alternatively, you may opt for a glass screen to avoid water spillage as well as to create a more spacious and open feel.

Use a fabric curtain as a cover for your elegant shower room. If you have a white shower room then use some black accents such as a shower head and faucet. Glass windows can bring sunlight into your bathroom decor. This corner bathtub is suitable for decorating a bathroom that has a small room. Curtain cloth to cover the shower room from foter.

So that the corner of your bathtub looks more open and brighter, you can use transparent glass panels as a recommended room divider for small bathroom decorations. Use some white interiors as an elegant blend, you can apply it to toilets, bathtubs and sinks. The small glass vase above the sink becomes a fresh and not boring room decoration. Glass panel divider with white interior from foter.

Corner bathtub and shower with built-in shelf

This combi is ultra-functional. Having a tub and shower in one place, plus a storage idea to economize the space.

Take advantage of your corner bathtub wall tile as a storage idea that is quite effective and efficient. You can use this built in shelf as a storage area for some bath soaps and aromatherapy candles. Apart from saving space, this built in storage idea is also very smart to take advantage of an empty wall area. You can try it in your small corner bathtub decoration. Tile wall bathtub with built in rack storage from foter.

Applying a shower bathtub combo to your limited-space bathroom requires some consideration on the size, material, design, and also budget. 

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