When it is about building or remodeling a master bathroom, you may want to plan everything perfectly. Everyone loves a functional bathroom, but don’t want to put the beauty aside as well.

Take a peek through these ideas and find one you can think of to create a pleasant private room.

1. Stone is Always a Trend

Natural is eternal. Add stone on vanity surfaces, the wall, or even on the floor. Design your bathroom with stone is offers natural beauty and can create a relaxing atmosphere like you are in the middle of a place to rejuvenate.

Stone is one of the materials to display an elegant natural decoration. You can choose white stones to showcase bathroom decorations that bring nature into the room, stone floors and walls you can try right now. Stone floor and wall from decoist.
To give your bathroom a natural beauty, using white stone walls is the right idea. The stone walls will give your bathroom a warm feel so that it looks attractive. White stone walls from decoist.
The white stone wall theme complements the eye-catching open space bathroom decor. You can enter wooden materials to complete this look, teak wood vanity is the right furniture. White stone wall and wooden vanity from dexorate.
Instead of using minimalist walls with natural stone materials to complement the natural master bathroom decoration theme, the gray stone walls bring a more real environmental decoration. Natural stone walls from dexorate.
Use two different types of walls in one bathroom decoration, you can use stone materials on the bathtub walls and tile walls in the shower room. These two walls are a blend that completes the bathroom. Stone wall bathtub and tile walls shower room from dexorate.
Polished and neatly styled stone walls take on a more refined shape in this master bathroom decor. The rest of the room features wood and uses unique lighting fixtures to bring out the mood. Polished stone walls from dexorate.
The rustic atmosphere is made perfectly with the solid stone walls reflected in the warm, cozier white light. Reclaimed wood vanity is an important part of perfecting complimentary decorations. Stone walls and reclaimed wood vanity from dexorate.

2. The Natural Wood

Wood creates a natural, warm, and unstained luxury look to your bathroom. Unlike porcelain or vinyl, that needs almost zero maintenance; it is hard to maintain wood material in a moist environment, especially in high traffic areas.

So, if you love the natural look but not the wood’s maintenance, luxury vinyl tile is one of the solutions worth to try. It looks devilishly like real wood, and you’ll love it!

You can create a different look in the bathroom with vinyl tiles painted in black colors. Give it a luxurious touch with a glass wall and marble single sink. Black vinyl tiles from elledecor.
Vinyl tile walls can be made quite attractive with the right color choices. Make one side of the wall with marble material to complete this bathroom design scheme. Candles add to a warm environment. Vinyl tile walls from elledecor.
Brown vinyl tiles look beautiful when paired with classic silver items. The big window that leads to the outside becomes a tropical view that spoils your eyes. Brown vinyl tiles from elledecor.
Give a splash of beautiful motifs to the vinyl tiles in your bathroom, black and white are the recommended motifs. This color brings out an elegant monochromatic style. Vinyl tiles with splash motif from elledecor.
Give your bathtub a different touch with the newly refined vinyl bathtub casing. Give artwork with large bird paintings, hang it right in front of your bathtub. Refined vinyl tile from elledecor.
Wooden shiplap walls in white make it easy for you to include any ornament or furniture in any color. White is a favorite idea to make bathroom decorations cleaner, brighter and more spacious. Wooden shiplap walls from elledecor.
Bamboo walls with smoothed wooden bathtubs will never fail to create a natural bathroom decor. Simplicity and warmth are the main themes of the decoration. You can try it right now. Bamboo walls and wooden bathtub from elledecor.

3. Bright and Clean Tiles

Tiles are available in a huge array of styles, shapes, and colors. Whatever style that you choose to design your master bathroom, the clean reflective surfaces of white or cream-colored tile truly help to brightens up the entire space.

Small hack to clean white tiles: homemade cleanser using one cup of baking soda (or white vinegar) and two cups of warm water. Simply spray and scrub it, you’ll find no more yellowed stain.

Beige and dark brown are an elegant color combination for a modern decor in your bathroom. Big windows become natural lighting that can help the bathroom look brighter. Beige and dark brown tile bathroom from homedesignlover.
You can add dark brown to the beige bathroom as additional items that can enhance this look. The glass divider separates wet and dry floors. Beige tile bathroom with glass divider from homedesignlover.
A classic bathroom look will look even better when using neutral colors, such as beige. Beige is a color that makes it easier for you to enter furniture in any color. Classic beige bathroom from homedesignlover.
The bright and clean theme follows the modern bathroom decor. Marble tile equipped with a round mirror, white cabinet and wall mounted ligting to complement it elegantly. Marble tile bathroom from nextluxury.
All white tile bathrooms emit an attractive and elegant light, you can add a small wooden chair as an area to put a towel. Shutter windows add natural lighting. White tile bathroom from nextluxury.
For a bigger bathroom scheme, white tile with two different shapes offers a beautiful bathroom decoration. The faux fur bench is a modern touch of luxury. White tile hexagon from nextluxury.
White marble tile and tufted standing bathtub create an exotic bathroom space. Big mirrors, crystal chandeliers and floating cabinets complete the appeal of this decorating scheme. White marble tile from nextluxury.

4. The Lighting Fixture

Pendant light for an elegant look, the classic chandelier, or sconce fixture for natural light, adding the right bathroom light fixtures deliver a functional, classy touch to your relaxed space. Please note only to use the one that is rated for use in wet locations.

Classic chandelier with black color illuminates the entire bathroom well. You can add aromatherapy candles near the bathtub to provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Black classic chandelier from decoist.
Crystal chandelier that are hung right above the standing bathtub help your activities while in the bathroom at night. This extra lighting offers a spa-like atmosphere. Crystal chandelier from decoist.
Chandeliers candles give off a soothing glow. Instead, use walls with large and wide windows to help sunlight enter the room freely and optimally. Chandeliers candles from decoist.
A crystal chandelier equipped with two candles provides even light to every corner of the bathroom space. Built in lights in the vanity area become hidden lighting that complements the bathroom ceiling. Crystal chandelier and hidden lighting from decoist.
To add to the impression of luxury, hanging gold chandeliers as lighting is an idea that you can try. Cover the bathtub with a new marble casing with the same color as the lights so that it blends in one room perfectly. Hanging gold chandeliers from decoist.
The chandeliers hanging close to the candlelight create a relaxing atmosphere. These two lights offer beautiful color contrasts, the beige color scheme creates a clean impression for open space bathroom decor. Chandeliers and candlelight from decoist.
In contrast to the colors of the chandeliers with the bathroom nuances, the white lighting in these lamps is a warm focal point. Classic wall mounted on the vanity provides additional lighting that gives a vintage impression. Chandeliers and classic wall mounted lighting from decoist.

Every detail matter to design a master bathroom: The right flooring, wall paint color, or lighting can transform a dated bathroom into a stylish, bright retreat. From the ideas above, you may glean an idea or two for your home.

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