A bathroom sounds like a perfect room to apply coastal décor. However, without good design planning, you may end up with a boring or crowded bathroom. A beach-themed bathroom can follow your personal taste, from simple and fresh to vintage and elegant.

Thinking of remodeling a bathroom? Try one of these five beach bathroom ideas to plan your design options.

1. Wooden Board Vintage Bathroom

Wooden boards bring a classic beach cabin look. Create a vintage theme by installing wooden board walls in pastel colors. Use colored metal like bronze, brass, or copper for bathroom fixtures. Choose a vintage-style lamp for the lighting source. This idea is good for a dry bathroom with tub.

To bring a beach atmosphere in your bathroom, you can simply use a wooden plank wall as the main decoration. The wooden plank walls painted in light blue will make your bathroom always fresh and soothing. Wooden plank walls also make a vintage impression in your bathroom, don’t forget to add a vintage chandelier to make it more leverage. Wooden plank wall painted with blue from digsdigs.

Use the wooden plank wall by adding a built in small shelf to place some quirky and cute beach ornaments. You can add starfish, shells or rocks to decorate your beach bathroom. To be more optimal, you can also use additional brass ornaments that are applied to the curtain dividing the wet area in the bath. You can try these bathroom decorating ideas easily. Wall wooden planks with built in open shelves from digsdigs.

2. Blue Bathroom with Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles from Mexico, Italy, or Morocco add a great traditional touch to your bathroom. Choose tiles with blue as their dominant colors, although you can incorporate other colors in small amount. These tiles can function as accent walls or floor, creating a unique look in your coastal décor.

Using Moroccan tiles is the right choice, unique motifs and striking colors are one of the reasons. You can use Moroccan tiles with blue motifs as the lining for your beach bathroom. Choose a motif with a tight ornament so that there is no empty space on your wall. Occasionally, insert tiles with other motifs for small mirror frames in the face wash room. Moroccan tiles with splashes of blue and white from housebeautiful.

You can also use small blue and white tiles for a beautiful, tight finish. Install small tiles on the walls and floor of your beach bathroom with matching motifs and patterns. Don’t forget to choose blue as the main element to present a fresh beach atmosphere. There is nothing wrong if you also include green plants in your bathroom to get a natural impression and a fresher room atmosphere. Blue and white tile with green plants from thisbeautifuldayblog.

3. Simple Bathroom with Beach Ornaments

A simple bathroom with neutral tone is timeless. You can insert specific ornaments to create a unique look. A coastal bathroom may have a hard sponge ornament, a seashell lamp/chandelier, and wall ornaments in the shapes of starfish, anchor, or fish.

The beach atmosphere will be felt in your bathroom decoration when you use several different types of coral ornaments attached to the wall decoration, more precisely, close to your single sink. The nuance of this bathroom is perfected with a combination of white and light blue colors that make it look even brighter. The blue color brings out a pastel tone vibe with a fresh and not boring impression. Coral wall ornament from sebringdesignbuild.

In order for your sink area to appear more attractive, then you can use a starfish ornament that is attached to the wall with a size that is not too small. Choose two starfish to stick on the right and left side of the sink wall, the white color in this ornament will blend more perfectly when combined with pastel blue dining. Both of these colors work well in beach-themed bathroom decor. Starfish ornaments from sebringdesignbuild.

4. Seafoam Green Bathroom

Seafoam green is a great color alternative to the beach if you are bored with blue. The color of Seafoam is soft and relaxed, and it matches with other color accents such as coral, brown, or red. You can use seafoam colors for wall tiles, floor tiles, or as an overall color theme.

As an alternative to blue, you can also use seafoam green for your beach bathroom. You can apply Seafoam green to walls by using ceiling-high tiles. You can also combine Seafoam green tiles with wood or brass accents. For floors, you can use natural stone tiles to create a natural atmosphere. High tile in seafoam green color from shelterness.

You can try the seafoam green color in this beach-themed bathroom decoration to the fish-scale patterned wall area that seems unique and not everyone thinks about it. Perfect the fish scales seafoam green tile with green plants placed right in front of it, this plant makes the air around the room fresher and of course, has low maintenance so it’s easier to place it indoors. Seafoam fish scales tiles from shelterness.

5. Navy Blue themed Bathroom

Navy Blue is an attractive color to be used as a bathroom design theme. You can apply color tones in a variety of ways: from installing color patterns to a hint of dazzling blue touch.

You can try this beach-themed striped bathroom wall using two different paint colors, a combination of navy blue and white being the best idea that you can imitate. To perfect your wall decor, hang some marine ornaments on an antique wooden frame. This large mirror reflects sunlight, making the room look brighter and seem more open. Striped walls with a mix of navy blue and white from sebringdesignbuild.

There is nothing wrong with using navy blue in all beach-themed bathroom wall decorations. then you can use some white interior to neutralize it. A cabinet sink, toilet, roof and window frames painted in white are the perfect combination that you can emulate. This woven frame mirror adds a natural beach vibe and is certainly more environmentally friendly. Navy blue walls with white interior from sebringdesignbuild.

Coastal décor is a great option for a bathroom. Use one of these ideas to make your bathroom more interesting.

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