Metal has a unique beauty that can improve any design, especially in the kitchen. A rustic kitchen often showcases several materials in its design, including metal. You can incorporate metal in several ways, such as the main appliances or accents and ornaments.

Improve your kitchen by following these tips to incorporate metal in kitchen design.

1. Add Metal Stools or Table

Metal stools and tables can look rustic or modern depending on their styles. For a rustic kitchen, you can purchase stools and tables with wrought iron ornaments. You can also buy the furniture from the flea market or vintage store.

To maintain the vintage style in kitchen decor, then you can try to enter a kitchen island that is made of metal material combined with marble on the top surface. The faded color is the hallmark of the rustic style. Metal with marble combined kitchen island from elledecor.
Repaint the legs of the kitchen island with neutral colors for a newer and cleaner look. Metal material will be stronger and stronger against all weather. Repaint metal kitchen island from elledecor.
Use a metal kitchen island with wheel legs that will make it easier for you to move it to another place. This furniture has a white marble surface that is easy to clean and gives a more elegant impression. Metal kitchen island with wheel legs from elledecor.
When you have a small rustic kitchen decoration, then choose multifunctional furniture as the right idea. For example, a metal kitchen island with plate storage underneath, this furniture is a reason to maintain a rustic style. Multifunctional metal kitchen island from elledecor.
Not only about the kitchen island, the combination of metal and wood on the stool is also a simple rustic focal point. You can put it on the kitchen countertop so that it can be used as a dining table at once. Combination of metal with wood stool from countryliving.

2. Hang Metal Pendant Lamp

Many pendant lamps have metal shades, both vintage and modern styles. You can install a vintage-style lamp for a warm look in the rustic kitchen. The metal can be anything from iron to colored ones like bronze, brass, and copper.

A rustic themed kitchen is a wonderful combination of country cottage and farmhouse decor. The exposed wood elements and classic metal pendant lamp add instant rustic drama. Classic metal pendant lamp from homebnc.
The combination of inspired vintage metal pendant lamps, white brick walls, and exposed wood elements creates unique new colors, textures and shapes in your rustic kitchen decor. The indoor plant is a fresh indoor decoration. Vintage metal pendant lamp from homebnc.
Hanging pendant lamp that made of cooper material will look stronger in the long run. This lamp is suitable for the main lighting in modern rustic kitchen decorations, wooden cabinets are perfect furniture. Hang cooper pendant lamp from donpedrobrooklyn.
You must install rustic lighting that is suitable for your entire rustic kitchen design. This black round pendant lamp represents a rustic style in a modern kitchen with lighting that makes the room more dramatic. Black and round pendant lamp from donpedrobrooklyn.
This pendant lamp mounted above the dining table will suit a rustic kitchen style that emphasizes weathering to create a natural feel. Choose reclaimed wood furniture as the perfect rustic design fixture. Rustic pendant lamp from mymove.

3. Install Metal Backsplash

Do you know that kitchen backsplash tiles have metal variants? They look different compared to typical ceramic or stone tiles. Metal backsplash tiles have a vaguely European look, combining strength with subtle elegance. Metal backsplash tiles come in stainless steel, copper, brass, and other decorative metals.

Brass backsplash will be more resistant to rust when splashed by water. In addition, this brass material provides a different color and texture. Green kitchen cabinets are beautiful focal points. Brass backsplash from digsdigs.
Instead of a ceramic backsplash with galvanized zinc material to reinforce the simple rustic look. You can add a hanging rack as a storage area for cutlery that has been washed clean to make it more effective and efficient. Galvanized zinc backsplash from tinyhousetalk.
Use your old copper replica for a rustic backsplash idea, stacking it as neatly and as possible for a more elegant look. Leave this backsplash with its original color for a vintage impression. Old copper backsplash from lapuertaoriginals.
Zinc is an option for making strong and rust resistant backsplashes. The rustic style is far from luxurious. You can complete the look of this kitchen with reclaimed wood cabinets. Zinc backsplash from kellyelko.

4. Install Vintage Wire Basket

Installing old-school wire baskets on the wall gives your kitchen a farmhouse-like look. You can use these baskets to organize kitchen supplies and appliances, such as pots, mortar and pestle, manual coffee grinder, tea strainer, and many more. You can buy vintage baskets from secondhand stores to lend the classic, distressed look.

To make it easier for you to sort things in the kitchen, you can use a white wire basket. This wire basket is also able to store supplies of canned food in your home so they don’t fall easily. White wire basket from homebnc.
Besides being able to store some food supplies in the kitchen, antique wire baskets can also make your kitchen look more artistic. Just place it on the wooden countertop which still has empty space. Antique wire baskets from veranda.
Take advantage of your door space to hang several rectangle baskets vertically. This storage idea does not take up a lot of space so it doesn’t interfere with your space when in the kitchen. Hang wire basket from homebnc.
You can use wire baskets that are arranged vertically to store fruit supplies in the kitchen. Hang it in the corner of the room right next to your kitchen cabinet, this basket adds a rustic, artistic impression. Tiered wire basket from homebnc.
Secure all the bottles in the kitchen with a sizable vintage wire basket. Place this basket in areas that you frequently visit, for example on a kitchen countertop. Vintage wire basket from pickledbarrel.

5. Choose Colored Metal as Fixtures

Bored with stainless or chrome fixtures? Try using colored metal to add a fresh twist. You can install black-coated stainless fixtures for a modern look. However, if you want to emphasize the rustic look, choose colored metals as fixtures, like copper or bronze.

Metal chairs painted in bright yellow will contrast against each other with exposed brick walls that add texture to your country kitchen. Gold pendant lamp is the main lighting that matches the rustic style. Yellow metal chairs from digsdigs.
Not only metal with stainless steel color, you can also choose yellowish cooper on the back of the chair. Don’t forget to combine it with a rectangle wooden table as a reinforcing rustic kitchen decor. Yellowish cooper back chairs from digsdigs.
For a more colorful rustic kitchen look, repainted metal shelves are the best idea you can try. Paint it black to make it easier to include other furniture in the color you like. Repaint metal shelves from digsdigs.
White kitchens with rustic touches such as red brick wall decor, old metal chairs and floating cabinets work well together to give a modern kitchen a rustic feel. The blue color of the chairs gives a fresh look. Blue vintage metal chair from digsdigs.
Splash of red on the small stool as your rustic kitchen decorating idea that creates a bold color and gives an energetic impression. Some green plants provide fresh colors and can be used as natural windowsill. Bold color stool from digsdigs.

Metal is a common element in a rustic kitchen. Use these creative ways to incorporate them into a kitchen seamlessly.

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