Despite various design trends that come and go, a classic white kitchen is here to stay. However, sometimes white kitchen can look boring without pops of colors. You may want to add some colors, but afraid that they will ruin the elegance of the white. 

Here are several ways to add pops of colors without ruining the look of your white kitchen.

1. Add Brushes of Metal Colors

Metal colors like gold, silver, and brass improve a white room without ruining the composition. You can choose functional kitchen features with a touch of metal color. Brass lamp parts, a bar cart with brushed gold accents, or silverware in open shelves inject elegant colors into the kitchen.

Add a metallic gold color to the pendant lamps, stoves and stools to add a minimalist look to your white kitchen. The splash of gold on a white kitchen décor makes for the perfect color mix. Metal gold pendant lamp and stoves from housebeautiful.
To add a luxurious and modern impression to a white kitchen, try a splash of gold on your lamps, a marble island kitchen complements your modern decor. Add greenery to add a fresh color to this white decoration. Splash gold on lamps from housebeautiful.
The shiny gold pendant lights in the white kitchen showcase an elegant and contemporary décor. The wood material in this room neutralizes the feel of the room to be calmer and warmer, you can try it now. Shiny gold pendant lamp from housebeautiful.
Besides looking more contemporary, the stool with gold metal legs will also be sturdier and not easily porous. The stool that surrounds the kitchen island makes it comfortable dining chairs. Gold metal legs stool from housebeautiful.
Give another color to your white kitchen with other attractive colors like gold and silver. Apply gold on the round lights and silver on the kitchen hood so that it looks even more attractive. Gold round lamp and silver kitchen hood from housebeautiful.

2. Install a Unique Backsplash

Leave the white alone and play with colors on your backsplash. You can find a wide range of backsplash materials and colors. Tule backsplash, for example, comes in various types, such as glass, colored, natural stone, mosaic, patterned, and many more. 

The black and white backsplash with marble material behind the sink makes this kitchen feel bigger and luxurious. Floating cabinets free up floor space effectively and efficiently. Black and white backsplash with marble material from feasthome.
Emphasize with the glossy white subway backsplash tiles that are fun and original. Keep your cabinets and countertops white or neutral when choosing a colorful, elegant design. Glossy white subway backsplash tiles from feasthome.
Nothing is as sophisticated and clean as bright white marble. The marble backsplash with a hint of black creates a fresh look when paired with crisp white cabinets and kitchen islands. Marble backsplash from feasthome.
White and gray mosaic tiles bring a classic and chic look to the kitchen. Choose a mosaic backsplash instead to give the space a sparkle without overdoing it. Mosaic backsplash from feasthome.
A graphic pattern backsplash makes this kitchen awe-inspiring. This backsplash makes the kitchen more modern. Fill your kitchen with cool retro patterns and furniture. Graphic pattern backsplash from feasthome.

3. Play with Colored Upholstery

Add colors and patterns into a white kitchen by buying colorful upholstered items. Buy dining chairs with bold colors on the upholstered surfaces. Choose simple graphic patterns to make the kitchen look more interesting without getting excessive.

Create the elegance and unique design of your white kitchen with a multipurpose kitchen island. Here, you can add a blue leather chair with a comfortable backrest for your back. With this unique and elegant design, you will feel at home for long in your kitchen. Blue leather chair from elledecor.
The blue and white colors will be even more beautiful if combined with wooden floors and minimalist storage cabinets. Blue velvet chairs are dominating furniture with striking colors, you can try them now. Blue velvet chairs from carlaaston.
Coat wooden floors with colorful rugs to create a passionate atmosphere in your kitchen. Next, add a shiny silver refrigerator to make your kitchen more colorful. Enjoy the comfort while in the white kitchen. Colorful rugs from carlaaston.
Add bold colors to your white kitchen. For example a blue stool made of wood would make a striking and nice piece of furniture. A graphic patterned curtain adds an elegant color that attracts attention. Blue wood stool from carlaaston.
A pillowcase with a plaid motif is the focal point in this white kitchen. Throw it on the bamboo rattan dining chair to add comfort and beauty. Don’t forget to add natural color by placing small greenery on the dining table. Plaid pillowcase from carlaaston.

4. Choose Interesting Pendant Light

A pendant light will immediately draw the eyes in a kitchen. You can choose a unique pendant light to add a pop of color. Many modern lamps have bold-colored lampshades or structures. If you don’t like bold colors, choose a pendant lamp with colorred metal elements, such as copper or bronze.

Hanging lamps made of copper will look more durable and long lasting. In addition, this color is also suitable when combined with a white design. You can try. Hang cooper pendant lamp from decorpad.
To make your white kitchen decor look more stylish and different, try using a gold copper pendant lamp. Choose a shape according to your taste, for example the shape of a bowl. Gold copper pendant lamp from homedit.
Use bright lighting in your kitchen, for example with more stylish lighting, namely bronze pendant lamp. In addition, this lamp is very beautiful to add to the elegance of your white kitchen decor. Bronze pendant lamp from decorpad.
Apart from copper, a bronze silver pendant lamp will also add to a nice minimalist kitchen decor. Large windows help to introduce natural sunlight into the room. Bronze silver pendant lamp from runtedrun.
Apart from lighting the room, vintage copper pendant lamp can be an interesting decoration idea for your white kitchen. Combine it with a white cabinet for a more elegant and stunning look. Vintage copper pendant lamp from homedit.

5. Add Colors with Rugs or Wall Ornaments

Small elements like area rugs and wall ornaments can inject colors into a white kitchen. You can choose colors from similar shades to create a connecting theme in the kitchen. For example, place mini planters for fresh herbs, along with a rug.

Throw a long rug in a bold color on a wooden kitchen floor for warm footwear. The tulips that are used as windowsill add a beautiful and natural color. Bold color rug from industrystandarddesign.
To make your white kitchen look more colorful, you can use a brown square rug with a subtle texture to add a theme to the kitchen. This kitchen looks clean and minimalist. Brown square rug from industrystandarddesign.
White is one of the favorite colors for a farmhouse kitchen. The red color of the vintage carpet will give your kitchen a different and stylish decoration. Hang a potted plant in the corner of the room as a fresh decorative item. Red vintage carpet from industrystandarddesign.
An easy way to create a bold color in a white kitchen is to throw two rugs with different motifs on the wooden floor. Keep choosing colors that can be easily incorporated with other furniture, such as blue and white. Double rug ideas from industrystandarddesign.
Classic rugs that are thrown under the dining table provide the perfect blend of farmhouse and modern. Multiple chandeliers add perfect warmth and lighting. Classic rug from industrystandarddesign.

Having a white kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot play with colors. Inject pops of colors to make the kitchen look more interesting.

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