A small, cramped, and a cluttered room can feel gloomy and make people hesitate to get in. But by applying some tricks into this small room, you can make them appear larger and feel more spacious. Even a tiny and cramped kitchen can feel roomy if you apply the right design and decoration. Read along to find the tricks and start a redesign project for your small kitchen.

1. See-through elements are your friends

To create an illusion of larger and brighter space, use some see-through elements in your kitchen. An unobstructed view given by the see-through elements will make your eyes see through space and hence doesn’t make your point of view stops in an abrupt halt.

Therefore, it can easily create an illusion as if your kitchen is actually larger. For this purpose, use backless stools, glass pendant light or clear plastic chairs.

Using a transparent element in the form of a clear plastic chair, and shades of white create an unobstructed look so your eyes can see the whole space and therefore don’t make your point of view stop suddenly. Don’t forget to add greenery to the vase for the perfect contrast. Sputnik chandeliers also enliven the bright appearance of the room. Transparent dinding chair from decorpad.

See-through elements like stools, whites, and wooden floors will create the illusion that your kitchen is actually bigger. With this decoration will create the perfect room and make you feel at home for long in this kitchen. You can add greenery and large windows will give this kitchen a natural and fresh feel as well as let sunlight into the room. Backless stools from bobvila.

Translucent elements will create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Use the backless bench, glass chandelier separately to create the perfect appearance in your kitchen. With this idea it will be easier for you to decorate the perfect room and will inspire many people. These wooden floors and blue cabinets make for an attractive kitchen look. Backless bench, glass chandelier from bobvila.

To create the illusion of a bigger kitchen, use transparent elements like white plastic chairs. This will create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Combining it with a wooden dining table and wooden floors will give the room a rustic feel. Adding a large window next to the dining table gives the room a bright light and lets in some sunlight. White plastic chairs from home-designing.

2. Use reflective surfaces

Another trick you can do is using kitchen appliances with reflective surfaces. This type of material will reflect lights and therefore makes your kitchen feel more spacious. To get this reflective effect, consider using glass tiles, shiny floors, glossy paints, or stainless-steel appliances.

Another idea would be hanging a mirror in the kitchen. While it may sound unusual, hanging a big mirror can look striking and enhance the overall look of your small kitchen.

Glazed floor tiles create a reflective surface in your kitchen, so it will look wider. Use a geometric pattern combined with white tones for an eye-catching look. Using this type of flooring can stand out and enhance the overall look of your small kitchen. Complete the look with a dining table set with yellow chairs for an attractive space. Glazed floor tiles from idealhome.

Reflective surface ideas in your kitchen You can use the shiny tiles on the backsplash to reflect light and make your kitchen feel more spacious. This trick is worth trying because it will create a bright and airy room. Paired with white cabinets and shades of blue for the perfect contrast. These potted plants make a space fresh and inviting. Shiny tiles on backsplash from hgtv.

Using stainless steel furniture in the kitchen will create the illusion of a spacious room. This will stand out and enhance the overall look of your small kitchen. This stainless steel equipment will reflect light so that it will make your room more attractive and give the impression of a spacious room. This is perfect for you to mix with your small kitchen. Stainless steel furniture from bobvila.

Give the illusion of space to your kitchen. You can add a large mirror for this reflective effect. With an antique gold frame this will make the room attractive. Using this mirror will create the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Combining with exposed brick walls and some plants by the large windows will give this small kitchen a fresh and natural feel. Mirror antique gold frame from shelterness.

3. Opt for minimalism style

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen appear larger is by embracing the minimalism style. This style looks great with a small space because it keeps the space free from clutter and other unnecessary fuss. Therefore, it will easily make your room feels roomier. Having too many items stuffed in a small kitchen will make this space look cramped and even smaller. Make sure that your kitchen surfaces are clear and don’t place anything unnecessary on top of them.

Choosing a minimalist style in the kitchen will create an attractive appearance. This style looks great with small spaces because it keeps the room clutter-free. With all white nuances, this will create a spacious and airy room. Lighting under the cabinet and three chandeliers above the dining table make for a bright decoration of the room. Large windows also make for a bright room. Minimalist style kitchen from improvenet.

Shades of white, wooden cabinets will create a minimalist look in your kitchen. This style looks great with small spaces and avoids clutter. You can combine it with a marble counter to create an elegant and stylish decor. This unique pendant lamp is the perfect lighting and will make your room brighter. Complete the look with a high chair to create a comfortable impression in the room. Wooden cabinets on minimalist kitchen from improvenet.

These are some simple ideas you can implement to make your small kitchen feels spacious and bright. With a roomier kitchen, you will love spending more of your time there and perhaps levelling up your cooking skill.

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