Living room is one of the most important parts of the house; thus, decorating it is needed. You might face some challenging problems. One of which is when you have to deal with a small living room. You need to consider the space or even trick your eyes into the illusion that the area is larger than it actually looks.

You don’t need any magic at all, just a little bit of creativity in designing it. Here are some stunning small living room design ideas you can try. With these ideas, your small living room will look spacious and feel comfortable.

1. Get the Reflection

One of the best design ideas to make your narrow space look airy and expansive is using mirrors. Hanging one or two mirrors on the wall will be a good idea, making the living room look bigger.

The double mirror that is hung on the living room wall is useful for checking your appearance before leaving the house. Presenting a mirror is also suitable for rooms that tend to have a minimal size. Double mirrors from homedecorbliss.
Give a modern and minimalist impression to your small living room so that it will shine and become the center of attention of people who visit. The sparkling frame mirror makes it look more luxurious. Sparkling frame mirror from homedecorbliss.
Hang your rectangle mirror above a minimalist fireplace to enhance and give the illusion of a living room that looks wider. You can add a white sofa with a matching carpet to unite the color tone of the room. Rectangle mirror above fireplace from homedecorbliss.
Not only using wall space for your mirror layout, you can also place it on the floor and lean it close to your furniture. This mirror is an item that can help the room look wider. Place mirror on the floor from homedecorbliss.
Try using a minimalist decorative mirror that is placed above a square fireplace, this wall mirror gives a broad impression to your living room decor so that there is no longer a cramped impression. Minimalist decorative mirror from homedecorbliss.
You can try a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with soft sofas and other supporting furniture such as mirrors. Wooden beams floating rack and stone walls give a rustic, natural impression. Gold frame mirror from homedecorbliss.

2. Let the Light Pour into Your Room

If your living room can get a ton of natural light, let the light pour in. Don’t prevent it from entering your living room using dark curtains. Your room will look more open and spacious. If the room can’t get more natural light, maximize the lighting that you have.

The pullout white curtain makes it easy for you to adjust the sunlight that enters the room. This lighting will help nourish your indoor plants to be healthier and more fertile. Pullout white curtain from hgtv.
Instead of doors with large glass windows, the white living room decoration reinforces the impression of being spacious, clean and charming. You don’t need to use curtains to maximize the lighting that enters the house. Large glass windows from hgtv.
Sheer curtains are recommended for small living room decorating ideas, as they allow sunlight to penetrate through the window easily. This natural lighting keeps the room away from moisture. Sheer curtains from hgtv.
The window design that stands out towards the outside gives a different feel to your living room. Match the glass window frames with the feel of your room to get a bright color scheme that can give a more elegant look. Stands out towards outdoor window from hgtv.
Give an empty room by the window in the room to put some green potted plants as a refreshing window. Instead of walls with big and large windows as a means to enter sunlight. Big and large window from hgtv.
White shutter windows will easily filter sunlight into the living room. This light helps the room lighting during the day so it can save costs when paying for electricity. White shutter window from hgtv.

3. Paint the Walls White

To make your room brighter, you can paint your living room walls white. Besides, keep your floor all white to get a better result. Furthermore, putting a colorful piece of furniture as the focal point of your room will be a good idea.

To liven up your white walls and floors, using bold color furniture is an interesting idea and can be tried. Green table lamps, coffee tables and yellow velvet slabs are the perfect complement to the living room. Bold color furniture from housebeautiful.
Cover your wood floor with a pink carpet with yellow stripes. This carpet design will look contrasting when placed in a white living room, put in indoor plants to add color that can refresh the room instantly. Pink carpet with yellow stripes from housebeautiful.
The white board wall will appear more modern and minimalist when combined with the right furniture. You can choose a green velvet chair with colorful cushions. With this the living room decoration will be more passionate. White board wall from housebeautiful.
Yellow chairs will stand out when placed in a white painted living room. You can choose two types of chairs with different colors to bring a more vibrant and passionate feel to the room. Yellow chairs from housebeautiful.
Colorful cushions are a focal point in your white living room decor because they have a dominant bright color. Hang an abstract painting on a white wall as a sweetener for a beautiful room. Colorful cushions and abstract painting from housebeautiful.
Enter a red leather chair in the living room with white walls for a bold, bold color furniture idea. You can neutralize the color of this chair with a white marble coffee table. This idea is easy enough for you to try. Red leather chair from housebeautiful.

4. Have Multipurpose Things

When dealing with a narrow space, you need to be creative. Having a multipurpose room or items will be a great idea. For example, you can combine your living room and the home office with a creative and unique concept. Don’t forget to pick the right pieces of furniture or items to maximize your space.

The minimalist home office combo small living room combo living room is a decoration that you can imitate because it saves space. Pay attention to the layout so as not to disturb your space when you are in this room. Don’t forget to use a high window to enter sunlight. Minimalist home office combo small living room combo from thespruce.
Using the empty space in the corner living room as a small home office decoration idea, you can use the built in white rack for an open storage idea. Corner home office from thespruce.
Navigate the home office in this living room in front of the window so you can enjoy the beautiful and fresh outdoor view. With this window every now and then you can relax more and get maximum lighting. Home office in front of the window from thespruce.
The home office layout in the corner of the living room is a suitable idea when you want to maximize the room as best and effectively as possible. You can use a desk that is equipped with a storage drawer under it. Home office layout in the corner of the living room from thespruce.
You can use the rectangle desk underneath the empty space to store the books you have to make it look tidier. The white paint on the tables and walls gives the illusion of a larger, cleaner room. Rectangle desk underneath bookshelves from thespruce.
Present a classic style with the use of antique and vintage tables and chairs. You can put this desk in a small living room near the side of the window, this combined room idea is very charming and you should try. Desk in small living room near the window from thespruce.

Those are some small living room design ideas as your reference. Hopefully, those ideas will make your small living room cozier and more comfortable. So, which is your favorite idea?

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