A simple well-organized house interior is everyone’s favorite. Its simplicity does great things for your mental state. Though it looks like a piece of cake arrangement (which is kind of true), it offers an appealing touch to the interior.

Where there is a house, there is a living room. It is where you relax and chill at your leisure. This room is also a place where you gather with your loved one while having a chit-chat or watching television. These tips on how to design your own appealing yet minimalist living room can help you have the homiest one.

1. No Striking Tone

It is better to not having any striking color furniture on your living room interior. A neutral or pastel color palette is a perfect choice for a minimalist design. Though using those kinds of colors, make sure you are not combining the contrast colors. A soft gray tone or monochrome can emphasize the minimalist and simple look of your living room.

The black and white living room color scheme features a monochromatic style that makes this décor more modern. Don’t forget to add furniture with a splash of gray to complete it. Black and white living room from digsdigs.
An easy way to create a minimalist living room is to avoid bold colors in one room. Gray on the sofa and white for the wall paint is enough to give a contemporary minimalist look. Contemporary minimalist living room from digsdigs.
If you want to decorate a minimalist living room, don’t use flashy colored furniture. The soft white walls combined with the brick walls create an industrial style. The gray sofa will make your living room decor look minimalist. Industrial minimalist living room from digsdigs.
Incorporating wood in a minimalist living room decor will never fail. Wooden TV stands and floors complement the color tone of furniture that has neutral colors. Minimalist living room with wooden material from digsdigs.
Instead of using a wall with large glass windows that can help the lighting in your minimalist living room decor. You can choose dark colored furniture when you decide to use white paint on the walls and window frames. Dark furniture with white paint walls from digsdigs.
Two different colors on the living room walls provide a minimalist color scheme that can enhance the room to the maximum. Open space gives the impression of a wider room without room dividers. Two paint walls from digsdigs.
When you choose furniture with dark colors, you can neutralize it with bright wood floors that are textured and stylish. The low lighting with a woven lampshade gives a natural impression. Dark furniture with bright wood floors from digsdigs.
Match the color of the suede sofa with the carpet to give it a modern look that doesn’t go overwhelmed. Keep using white paint on the living room walls to avoid bold colors in this room. Neutral color for living room decor from digsdigs.
To add a luxurious impression to a minimalist living room decoration, adding gold swing is the best idea you can try. High windows give the illusion of a room to be more luxurious and spacious. Minimalist living room with swing from digsdigs.

2. Ornamental Decorations

Placing one or two ornaments such as plants, flowers, or a vase to your living room is not a bad idea. However, you do not need the big size of them. Put a regular or small-sized ornament to the table or the corner of your living room.

Ornamental plants or flowers will freshen up the air and liven up the atmosphere of your room. Moreover, a vase gives an expensive look to your minimalist living room interior.

Water plants that are used as a coffee table centerpiece can be a fresh and cool accent of living room decoration. The combo kitchen living room becomes an open space which gives the illusion of a wider space. Water plants centerpieces from goodhousekeeping.
You can combine rubber plants at the corner of the room with pot plants with striking colors, this green plant idea becomes an environmentally friendly room decoration. Provide good care by watering and applying fertilizer. Rubber plants with potted plants from goodhousekeeping.
Buy a standing rack to place several indoor potted plants so that it can be placed in one place and be a focal point in your living room. This indoor plant will make your room more beautiful and attractive. Standing rack for indoor potted plants from goodhousekeeping.
The snake plant has a larger size so it can be a striking fresh decoration. Don’t forget to complete it with a small pot that is used to plant sunflowers, place it on the living room cabinet. Snake plant and small sunflowers from goodhousekeeping.
You can beautify your farmhouse living room decoration with several ornamental plants such as white-ball flowers placed on a coffee table and rubber trees with woven rattan pots. This living room decoration provides fresh air and ambiance. Ornamental plants from goodhousekeeping.
Placing a white ceramic vase on a glass coffee table brings a contemporary style to your living room decor. Not only on the coffee table, but the vintage vase on the fireplace is also a sweet finishing touch. White ceramic vase and vintage vase from goodhousekeeping.
Choose two or three types of indoor plants to serve as decorations that can refresh your living room decor. Small flowers, greenery on wooden benches, and vase plants on the mantle are enough to provide a fresh decoration in the room. Three types of indoor plants from goodhousekeeping.
A glass vase of yellow flowers on a coffee table can be a beautiful and attractive living room decoration. You can put it on a vintage white tray as a complement to classic living room decor. Glass vase of yellow flowers from goodhousekeeping.
To beautify your cottage living room decor, adding the flower arrangements in a glass vase is an idea that can be tried. Add a small plant with a clay pot to add a natural impression. Flower arrangement in a glass vase from goodhousekeeping.

3. Simple and Neat Arrangement

Arrange a living room interior is easy peasy. Lean a chair against the wall or place it at the center of the room—it’s just up to you. If you happen to have a television in the living room, put the chair and table on a proper distance.

You do not have to place a lot of things or various kinds of furniture. It will be a lot of work, and of course, you do not want a stuffy room.

Just using some furniture in your living room is one way to make your living room look minimalist. Use a sofa that reclines against the wall in an opposite layout to save space effectively and efficiently. Leaning sofa on the wall from apartmenttherapy.
Getting rid of unnecessary items can make your room look more minimalist and orderly. Place your sofa and table at the right distance so that it makes its own appeal and looks great. Minimalist furniture from apartmenttherapy.
You can arrange your sofas and chairs in the middle of your living room to provide more space. This layout is perfect for decorating a spacious living room behind the sofa. Minimalist living room from apartmenttherapy.
Place your chairs and tables with the appropriate spacing so that your living room looks neater, structured. The white nuance in the living room makes it easier for you to use whatever color furniture you like. Furniture arrangement from apartmenttherapy.
Placing a sofa leaning against the wall will give the impression of a wider space. Just add one reclaimed wood table for a simple vintage feel. Sofa leaning with reclaimed wood table from apartmenttherapy.
Decorating a minimalist living room by leaning the L-shaped sofa against the wall will make your room look tidier. Add indoor greenery as a natural decoration that can refresh the room. Leaning L-shaped sofa from apartmenttherapy.
So that your living room looks minimalist, you don’t need to add a lot of furniture to your living room. Just lean the sofa against the wall and the small coffee table in front of it to make it look more modern. Simple furniture from apartmenttherapy.
Place furniture such as tables and sofas in the middle of your living room for the right layout. The white color on the sofa makes it easy for you to mix with other furniture around it. White sofas from apartmenttherapy.
Just use a white sofa and an oval wooden coffee table so that your living room decor will look more minimalist and tidy. Adding some wall decorations and table ornaments will make your living room look prettier. White sofa and oval wooden coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

The key to minimalist is simplicity. Enjoy quality time with the loved ones in your lovely minimalist living room.

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