Studio apartment living has its upsides and challenges. You have a smaller space to manage and clean, which means less work. It is suitable for a simple lifestyle, so it works if you are single or live with a partner who shares your values on minimalism. Despite these challenges, you may struggle with concerns like storage and tricky composition. A few extra things can make it appear small and cluttered. The best way to manage the tiny space is by implementing the right decor ideas that make it appear spacious and beautiful. Here are some easy and affordable decor tips you can follow to ramp up the look and feel of your tiny abode.

Play with the color palette

Lighter colors are ideal for small spaces as they make them appear bigger. White is an excellent choice for decorating your small area, though you can break the monotony by creating an accent wall with wallpaper or a different hue. Different flooring in the sitting area also does the trick as it gives the feel of two rooms. If you want to save on redoing the floors, just adding an area rug works.

Install a glass partition

You can easily create an illusion of more space in your studio apartment by sectioning it into smaller areas. It is easy to divide one large room by using a glass partition. The idea works well as it creates a visual separation and allows plenty of light to flow through the place. If privacy is a concern, you can use frosted or translucent glass rather than a clear one for the partition.  

Install an electric fireplace 

Even small spaces require heating solutions during the freezing months, so you cannot miss out on a fireplace. But a traditional fireplace isn’t a good pick for small apartments as smoke and fumes may make you feel claustrophobic. You can install a modern electric fireplace instead. It offers the look, feel, and functionality of a real fireplace, minus the fumes. Moreover, it does not cost a fortune. 

Create zones 

Since studio apartments do not have separate rooms for sleeping and entertaining your guests, you can create zones for making the space larger and more functional. Hanging a curtain beside your bed can do the trick. You can place a bench at the end of the bed to keep the sleeping area separate from the conversation zone. Just a little creativity can help you with zoning.

Invest in storage

As you decorate your apartment, keep storage on your wishlist because you will need it sooner or later. Investing in vertical shelves is a good idea as these do not take up floor space but give you plenty of room to keep your books, CDs, and knick-knacks. You can pick double-duty furniture pieces like beds and tables with boxes to serve as extra storage for your needs.

Studio apartment decor needs some smart thinking as you have to do more with less. Avoid cluttering your home and buy only as much stuff as you need. The less you have, the easier it gets to arrange it. 

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