In this modern era, many people choose to live in an apartment because it is considered more practical. The apartment has a size that is not too big, it will make you think harder to decorate your apartment. Before decorating an apartment, you must determine the design and concept first. After that, you can choose various furniture and important items that will complement the apartment. And of course, you must choose the creative way to decorate a studio apartment that you have of course.

Of the many furniture that must exist in an apartment, storage becomes the most important thing. You can imagine if the apartment does not have storage, surely the apartment will look chaotic and messy. For that, you must have creative thinking to have multifunctional smart storage there. besides being a storage area, this storage can also be an amazing room decoration. So, you have to choose storage that is unique and has maximum functionality there. there is plenty of storage you can put in your small apartment. And we summarize it in the pictures below.

If you’re short on storage space, this can be an excellent place to store blankets, dog toys, magazines, remotes, and anything else you want out of sight.
Hanging baskets aren’t just for kitchens anymore. They are a great storage solution for socks, hats, belts, scarves, and gloves.
Rather than awkwardly making your bike sit outside on some elements or near your front door, try hanging it on a wall or ceiling. This will add a great piece of art to your apartment and will be a great conversation starter.
If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your unit, you can choose to use it as a smart space to store magazines, books or candles. You can make it beautiful and totally your own style.
If the idea of throwing away a pair of shoes makes you want to run for the hills, don’t worry, you can save them all. You just need to find a better solution than stacking them all in the corner of the closet on top of each other.
Make smart hidden storage in a bed to store your secret items there. However, don’t forget to always check your items there so they don’t get damaged.
Place floating racks attached to the wall as the storage and stunning wall decor in your apartment. You can make different shapes of the rack, depends on your needs.
Make wall shelves, mini closets, hooks in the apartment entryway that you can use to store your shoes and jacket. And, you can also use the wall shelf as decoration to place some indoor plants there.
A creative way to make the storage as the divider in the studio apartment. You can choose white as the storage color to make it looks clean and neat.
Make your wardrobe as the storage for your outfits and for the place to put your television too. With that, you don’t need to buy a table to put your television of course.
Choose a coffee table in the living room that you can also use as a place to store your books there. Here, you will be easy to take a book when you read it in the living room.
To make the apartment look neater, so you can place several containers as a storage area in the cupboard. It looks neater than you store items without containers.
The idea of smart storage which is also as a decoration of the room by making hooks on the wall to store cooking utensils in the kitchen that looks very attractive and also neat.
Create a neat kitchen by placing iron shelves on the kitchen wall that you can use to store all your cooking utensils. with that, it will create an interesting view in your apartment kitchen.
Create your smart storage by making the chairs that you can also use to store your books there. It also will become a stunning appearance in your apartment if you have it.

From the pictures above, you can see that smart multifunctional storage has more advantages in an apartment. as one of the pictures above, you can use the bed as hidden storage in your apartment. You can use this bed to store important things that can not see from everyone. And another example is storage that you can use as a storage area and also a unique wall decoration. Actually you can choose storage from unique objects so that it will create a unique and impressive look.

So, there are many ways that you can do to have the best storage. The most important thing is to think of storage that has good functions and also has aesthetic value for decorating the room. and when you already have storage in your small apartment, then the thing that you have to do is to make sure that there are no messy items in the apartment. With that, a neat, clean and comfortable appearance will be created. So, make your storage and congratulations on having the best storage for your comfortable apartment.

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