Having a small home means you need to be smart with the layout, and the kitchen is no exception. Here are some smart small kitchen design ideas to create a comfortable kitchen despite its small area.

 1. Against the Wall

Even if your kitchen is small, be sure to make enough room to cook conveniently. Putting everything close to the wall is a perfect idea. Place the furniture and appliances in a straight line on one side of the kitchen. Choose your appliances carefully and consider the size mindfully. You can also add shelves and a hanging cabinet to make the most of the available space. Going up is one of the best ways to do it.

Mounting a metal pipe on the wall that will be used as a place to hang the pot is perfect for your small kitchen. Hanging this pan on the wall will give you enough space to cook in a small kitchen. Place it against a curved wall to maximize space in the corner of your kitchen. Placing vertical storage is one of the best ways to do this. Metal pipe stoage with hook from homesthetics.

One of the most suitable storage places to use in your small kitchen is to install a furniture hanger like the one in the picture above. Place this storage in the corner of your kitchen wall to save space. Using a vertically arranged iron and added a hook will provide practical storage. Corner kitchen storage with hook from homesthetics.

Even if your kitchen is small, make sure it provides enough space for comfortable cooking. It’s a good idea to use a blank wall to store cooking utensils. You can use wood and add a few hooks for hanging kitchen utensils. With this idea, you’ll end up with a smaller kitchen with a tidier look. In this way it will be easier for you to store some of your cutlery. Wooden and hook storage from homesthetics.

Placing utensils on a kitchen wall is a great idea to save space. This kind of storage is perfect for your small kitchen. You can use iron that has hooks and is arranged vertically so that the wall decoration is perfect and the kitchen looks tidier. You can also add herbs in a white pot for the perfect decoration. Iron hook storage from homesthetics.

 2. Multi-function

One of the most popular interior designs for a small area is minimalism. It uses space effectively and only has multifunctional items in the house. Try to use this concept in your small kitchen design.

It will promote simplicity as well as an organized kitchen. For example, you can install an oven that can substitute a microwave or oven a toaster. A stool with a hidden compartment or extra compartment under the kitchen island is also a brilliant addition.  Remember the keywords: keep it simple and efficient.

Using a multifunctional kitchen island for a small kitchen is the right choice. You can use the kitchen island for both a dining table and a sink. Install a wooden plank in front of the kitchen island and you can use it for the countertop. And you can also add a sink to give it a functional kitchen island. Plus the right lighting on the kitchen island bag will provide a dramatic glow. Multifunctional kitchen island from homestratosphere.

Choosing a cupboard with an oven for use in a small kitchen is a good choice. Because a cupboard that has an oven will save a little space in your small kitchen. In addition, you have an oven that can replace the microwave so that you don’t take up too much space because you have a lot of technological tools in your kitchenette. Cabinet with oven from homestratosphere.

This small kitchen island with wheels and has a storage area underneath is perfect for use in small kitchens. The reason is, the existence of this kitchen island will facilitate your work in the kitchen. So it won’t give you a lot of wasted space because of unnecessary furniture. Small kitchen island from homestratosphere.

3. Foldable Kitchen

This is a genius space-saving solution for any small kitchen. Keep things nice and neat according to your needs. A lift-up cabinet can save the area.

An example of smart furniture that goes along with this idea is a foldable table inside the cabinet. You fold it out when eating or preparing food and fold it back in once finished. It is a brilliant way to overcome the small area issue.

Having a cupboard with a door that can be used for a dining table is the right choice to save space in your small kitchen. You fold them while you eat or prepare food and fold them back when you’re done. In this way it will be easier for you to serve food in your small kitchen. Added open storage rack to store cutlery neatly. Adding pockets for additional storage can be added to give space free of clutter. Cupboard with table from gardenista.

If you have a folding dining table, you can fold it back up after use to keep it neat. It’s a genius space-saving solution for any small kitchen. You can also add open shelf storage to keep some utensils tidy. This is a brilliant way to solve small area problems. Added several wooden chairs to complete the decoration of your look. Wooden folding dinding table from remodelista.

One way to save space in your small kitchen is to use a folding kitchen table like the one above. This is useful for saving space but multifunctional. So that it will make it easier for you to serve food easily. Close it again if you are not going to use this countertop to save space in your small kitchen. Folding kitchen table from sortra.

If you have a small kitchen, no need to feel down. Hopefully, these small kitchen design ideas give you an inspiration to design your kitchen at home.

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