For those of you who live alone and want comfort in urban areas, then living in a studio apartment will be the right choice. The studio apartment is an apartment consisting of one open room without a divider wall. Like an apartment in general, studio apartments usually have several places such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and also a balcony. However, because there is no divider, you have to make it from items in the apartment. With the simple design of the studio apartment, there are several advantages to living there. And among them are cost-effective, simple, practical, easy to organize, and easy to clean because the size is not too large. However, sometimes someone will feel bored living in a studio apartment, for that you must try to decorate your apartment to be more comfortable and not boring.

First Apartment Decoration

If this is your first time owning a studio apartment, then you have to do the apartment decoration there first. One example, for apartment colors, you can choose soft colors like white or beige to create a spacious impression there. Then, you can decorate the living room with wall decorations in the form of adorable paintings, beautiful orchids, and charming lamp legs. Furthermore, for the dining table, choose a comfortable wooden dining table complete with warm glass that has an elegant feel.

You can place this wooden dining table set right behind the living room of your studio apartment to give the room a more open look. Don’t forget to take advantage of plain white walls to hang abstract paintings, classic bicycles and silver mirror frame ornaments. The appearance of this room will be more perfect with neutral nuances. Decoration of open studio apartment from hgtv.

Choose an abstract canvas painting with a large size as a focal point in the living room of this studio apartment. You can combine modern and classic furniture for a more unique and less boring look. The classic teak table that is placed next to this white sofa is a great match. Wall decoration with abstract canvas painting from hgtv.

Minimalist Apartment Decoration

Minimalist apartment decoration has become an idol in this modern era. With stunning dark grays and whites, it will create a really cool studio apartment look. As a barrier, you can place a large wardrobe between the bedroom and kitchen in dark gray. Coupled with the presence of two beautiful light bulbs and wall decorations there, it makes the appearance of this studio apartment very cool and elegant.

In order to save space to be more effective and efficient, you can use a wooden divider shelf that can be used to store some of your favorite books. This wooden shelf divider is a natural and environmentally friendly accent. With this the decoration of the studio apartment is more organized and tidy. Divider bookshelves from homedit.

Use a wooden shelf as a multifunctional room divider. Repaint these shelves white for a more elegant and modern look. Display all your ornaments on this shelf to beautify the studio apartment decor to make it look more perfect, provide sufficient lighting through large and spacious glass windows. Modern style divider rack storage from homedit.

Smart Storage

Smart storage in a residence to store your belongings. it will make the room look messy and untidy of course. For that, you can place a large shelf as a place to store books which also functions as a divider between the living room and bedroom. In addition, you can also place a white cupboard which is also used as a place to put your television there. It looks simple but has many functions.

Do you need storage and room dividers? Standing rack that is placed between the bedroom and living room is a multi-functional divider. You can use this shelf as a storage for books and some other beautiful ornaments. Make it from wood and iron to make it more sturdy and not easily porous. Divider standing rack storage from mckinley.

Livingroom Decoration

Besides a place to invite guests to sit, the living room is a place that you can use to sit relaxed in the apartment. And to enhance the appearance of the living room, then you can place some photos as cool wall decor there. Don’t forget, you can put some indoor plants that will make the room fresher because plants have a lot of advantages in the residence. And for chairs in the living room, you can complete it by putting blankets and pillows there. That will make you more comfortable there.

Take advantage of the still empty wall to hang a wooden shelf which is intended to display some beautiful paintings and ornaments. You can hang this shelf just above the tufted sofa. Incorporating greenery into living room decor is an idea that never fails and is out of date, you can try it. Hanging rack equipped with painting art and ornament from mckinley.

Bedroom Decoration

After doing activities outside the house, you will definitely miss your bed. Then a comfortable bedroom decoration is a must. You can apply neutral colors to your bedroom color scheme. The neutral color will bring a calm nuance to your private room. Give a soft texture to your bedroom by using a soft material for the bedding set and rugs. Creating decoration ideas that really bring a warm feeling.

Apply white to the bedroom decor for a wider, clean and neutral look. You can include black in several other interiors such as bed frames and wall paintings. This color combination creates a modern monochromatic style. Standing mirrors give the illusion of more spacious rooms. Monochromatic bedroom decor from mckinley.

Kitchen Decoration

A mini kitchen is a kitchen that usually exists in studio apartments. And your job is just decorating the kitchen to be cooler. One way is to choose a black kitchen set that looks very minimalist and luxurious. And you can place a mini dining table beside the kitchen that you can use to enjoy delicious foods. Don’t forget to also put some decorations such as indoor plants and cooking utensils to perfect the look of the kitchen.

Black and gray in the kitchen decoration of this apartment presents a modern and minimalist masculine nuance. You can use one of the walls with red bricks for a hint of industrial style. Don’t forget to use the ceiling area to hang some ornamental plants. Combination of black with gray modern kitchen from interiorzine.

Bathroom Decoration

A bathroom is an important place in the apartment. It can be said that the bathroom became a place that always searching for every day. With this important function, you can decorate the bathroom in your apartment by placing floating shelves there. This shelf you can use as a place to store your bathroom equipment. And not only that, but you can also make this shelf as a bathroom decoration with indoor plants there.

Leave a little room for this bathroom wall tile as a built in shelf that is smart and doesn’t take up the floor area. Take advantage of this built in shelf as an area to put green plants that will make your bathroom decor fresher and more natural. You can place these greenery near the windows to get enough sunlight. Wall tile with built in rack storage from homedsgn.

Balcony Decoration

Not all studio apartments have balconies, so for those of you who have balconies, you have to maximize the balcony’s appearance by decorating it. You can see the view around the apartment from this balcony. so, you can decorate it with unique objects such as boho rugs, wall decor from cowboy hats, blankets and lanterns, antique decorative lights, and also some plants that make the balcony feel fresher. This looks really amazing and you have to try it.

Give new decoration ideas to your studio apartment by applying some bohemian patterned fabrics in the balcony design. You can apply this Boho motif to the carpet, blankets, and some pillowcases. With this boho fabric, the balcony looks more colorful and cheerful. Some bohemian motifs on the rug and pillowcases from homedesignlover.

Decorate your studio apartment as comfortable as you can and create your sanctuary place even though in a limited space with those ideas above.

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