It seems like having a minimalist interior design is the best one for you these days. All of the crowded things out there and the tiring days of working sue you to face something as minimalist as possible while at home. That will really help you to deal with all of your business out there as you can calm down your mood at home. Here are the ways you can bring minimalist things to your home.

Minimalist Interior Design for Bedroom

Since the bedroom will be the room where you can really give your body rest after the hectic day, then applying the minimalist interior for your bedroom is really recommended. You can start it with the color scheme where the neutral colors are the best one to choose from. After that, you can move to the ornament and furniture in a harmonious color to make everything looks perfect.

This melamine wood headboard with white color can be used as an effective open storage idea, you can put some ornaments here to beautify your minimalist bedroom decor. This wooden bed platform is very comfortable because it can be adjusted the height and the low according to your comfort. Some of these wall decorations give a beautiful and not boring artistic impression. You can try glass doors for a naturally brighter appearance. Platform bed with built in headboard storage from home-designing.

There is no need to pile up the use of furniture that is rarely used in your minimalist bedroom to avoid a cramped and cramped room. In this bedroom, you can simply use a bed, a floor vase and a patterned storage basket. Cover your wood floors with classic vintage rugs. Some greenery in this floor vase cools and refreshes the room to its maximum. This fish painting on the plywood wall is a sweet finishing touch. Avoid using furniture excessively from home-designing.

The bed, which is equipped with storage drawers, is a multifunctional bedroom furniture idea and saves space as a whole. Make sure this wooden bed is repainted so that it looks newer and not shabby so it is suitable to be placed in the minimalist bedroom decor. The built in nightstand becomes an area to place your table lamp and ceramic flower vase safely. Repaint the wooden bed fitted with storage drawers from home-designing.

Minimalist Interior Design for Kitchen

The kitchen will be one of the rooms that should be decorated with a minimalist design. You know that kitchen is the heart of your home where the good food will be made. That is why something minimalist is needed so that you don’t need to face crowded things and you can cook peacefully. Here are some proper minimalist kitchen decorations that you can adapt to.

Minimalist kitchen dining room combo will save more space in your house so you get more open space. This round dining table with colorful dining chairs makes the kitchen atmosphere more cheerful and fun. This kitchen cabinet is equipped with open shelves, making it easier for you to store anything, including spices and dry food stocks. Minimalist kitchen dining room combo from home-designing.

To give a more shiny illustration of kitchen decorations, you can use a kitchen island with metal materials. This metal kitchen island reflects light, making the room feel brighter every time. Herringbone wooden floor gives a unique and different patterned texture, instead of using a wall with glass windows to bring in more sunlight. Metal kitchen island from home-designing.

This multifunctional kitchen island can be used as a dining table simultaneously because it is equipped with high gold chairs. You can choose marble material on the kitchen island to emphasize the minimalist and modern kitchen decor. Other accents that you can put into this kitchen are glossy white plywood and melamine cabinets. Avoid using the handle on the cabinet to hide the existence of the cabinet so that it provides a more minimalist illustration of the room. Kitchen island that is used as a dining table simultaneously from home-designing.

So that you get a more spacious room in the kitchen, you can design this minimalist long hallway. This hallway is flanked by two kitchen cabinets making it easier for several people to enter the kitchen to do cooking and washing dishes at the same time. This minimalist kitchen with a long hallway is suitable for those of you who have small children at home so it is safer. Minimalist kitchen with long hallway from home-designing.

Minimalist Interior Design for Living Room

The living room is the place where you can chill while watching Netflix or simply have a conversation with your loved ones. That is why it becomes the room that listed to be decorated with minimalist interior design. Just like the other room, it is better for you to choose the color scheme then find the best ornament and furniture in a minimalist style as well.

When the living room is dominated by white, try choosing a darker interior, such as black. You can apply the interior of the living room such as sofas, carpet and chairs. Don’t leave your walls plain and boring, install and hang some of these large face painting frames parallel. This painting is a focal point that gives an artistic impression in moderation. Floor lamps are additional lighting that you can try. Dark color interior minimalist living room from home-designing.

This L shape sofa with linen material is suitable to be applied to minimalist living room decorations because it looks more luxurious and modern. Match the color on the sofa with the feel of the room so that it blends more perfectly. Shades of white with a little black splash make this living room a more monochrome style. Choose hanging bulb lamps of various sizes as the main lighting in this living room. L shape sofa with hanging ball lamp from home-designing.

There is no need to use the interior of the living room too much to maintain a modern and minimalist style in this room. Sectional sofas become multifunctional furniture because they can be used as a relaxing area to lie on and stretch your legs, combine them with a coffee table and a neutral colored carpet for a more elegant look. A large standing mirror is an addition to the interior which gives an illustration of a brighter and more spacious room. Sectional sofa with coffee table and neutral colored carpet from home-designing.

Those three rooms will be the rooms that most needed to be decorated in a minimalist way from all of the rooms you have in your home. However of course, you can still decorate the other rooms if you want it. That will be even more awesome if you can do that. So, which minimalist style do you love the most from our references above?

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