Embodying rustic touches such as well-worn heirlooms, bleached white shiplap wooden walls, and reclaimed furniture, farmhouse-style has overtaken the design world with its classical beauty. 

In fact, there are many tutorials in blogs and Pinterest on how to transform your bedroom, living room, and porch with rustic, farmhouse-style features. However, amongst them all, the kitchen remains the only one that is still coveted. 

Whether it is wooden countertops, exposed beam stools, or shabby cabinetry, here are the essential elements required to nail a gorgeous rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen.

1. Warm Wooden Countertops

A compulsory element, there’s nothing like a farmhouse-style kitchen without wooden countertops on display. Additionally, put on a signature lettering to add depth and character.

In addition to providing a natural feel, wooden countertops are also easier to clean when they start getting dirty after being used for cooking activities. You can simply wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Wood material will be more durable and not easily porous when you get enough sunlight, the window is a light source that you can use. Use transparent glass windows to maximize the lighting that enters the room. Re-polish the wood interior for a glossy finish. Re-polish the wooden countertop from countryliving.

Use teak wood for countertop ideas in your rustic kitchen to make it more sturdy and durable in the long term so you don’t have to remodel to save on expenses this time of year. This wooden countertop has a smoother surface so it is very comfortable to use for any activity while in this kitchen. A ceramic vase filled with tulips is a beautiful and fresh decoration that you can try. Teak wood countertop from countryliving.

2. Exposed Wooden Shelves

Filled by crocks all lining up on a wooden prop, this exposed shelf is a perfect place to showcase your collections. Whether it is pottery, kitchenware, or jars of ingredient, the warm-toned colours and natural materials are quintessential for a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Open storage is very necessary for kitchen decoration because it makes it easier for you when you need kitchen ingredients or kitchen equipment in a fast and efficient manner. You can make this floating shelf with the main ingredient of weathered wood, float several levels for more storage ideas. Apart from being a storage idea, this clay container is also a multifunctional decorative item. Floating exposed wooden rack from countryliving.

Take advantage of the empty wall area as an open storage idea that saves floor space so you can move around freely and freely. You can use hardwood for tiered shelves as items that emphasize the rustic style in this kitchen decor. This dark stone floor is a natural additional accent that you can try. Avoid using flashy colors that will spoil the deterioration of this kitchen color scheme, leaving them with neutral hues. Wall-mounted open wooden shelves from countryliving.

3. Shiplap Walls

Combining classic and rustic touch in the form of shiplap walls, this kitchen gives off a cabin in the woods ambience. The crisp white walls and a simple vase of flower embody the qualities of a modern farmhouse-style kitchen.

To emphasize the farmhouse kitchen decoration, you can use a wooden shiplap wall with neutral colors like light gray. Match the color of the shiplap wall with wooden cabinets to match the color tone of the room, which is elegant and does not spoil the eye view. If you have a large enough kitchen space, then you can add a dining table set for a more open and spacious home decorating idea. Avoid using room dividers which will disturb your space to become narrow and stuffy. Match the colors of the shiplap walls with kitchen cabinets from hgtv.

The white color applied to the cabinet shelves and shiplap walls is a favorite color that is often used in rustic farmhouse kitchen decorations. The white color is one of the hallmarks of this style, don’t forget to add some reclaimed wood accents through the kitchen island and some kitchenware. The window that is built above the single sink is a light source that brightens and keeps the wooden interior from becoming moldy and porous. White wooden shiplap walls from hgtv.

4. Eco-Friendly Wooden Kitchenware

All bright and shining, this rustic farmhouse-style kitchen houses wooden kitchenware to reduce plastic and metal waste. Not only that it looks charming under the bright daylight, but the eco-friendly kitchen is also sustainable for nature.

Some kitchen utensils that are made of wooden materials are highly recommended for rustic farmhouse kitchen decoration ideas because usually, this style uses natural and environmentally friendly materials. Wooden kitchen utensils include trays, spatulas, ladles, and cutting boards. Leave the kitchen utensils in their original light brown color for a final result that matches a white kitchen cabinet. You can use floating shelves as an open storage idea that is more effective and efficient when used. Light brown wooden kitchen utensils from countryliving.

When you want wooden kitchenware to look shinier, then you can refinish it. The current wooden kitchenware looks cleaner and newer. You can use a ceramic container to store a few spatulas and ladles for better organization. For the layout of the cutting board, you can lean it on the wooden shiplap in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t spread and causes it to break. Cover your wooden floor with a striped tall carpet for one of the hallmarks of a farmhouse style. Refinish wooden kitchenware from countryliving.

5. Repurposed Shabby Cabinetry

With white, green, and brown dominating the colour palette, this rustic farmhouse-style kitchen has what it takes to be the winner. The shelves are made of repurposed woods, exposing potteries and other kitchenware’s with the same aesthetic. 

If you have several pieces of reclaimed wood that are not used, then you can use them to make a kitchen cabinet that is used as a neat, safe, and orderly storage idea for kitchen utensils. This cabinet idea really saves money because you don’t have to buy the necessary materials. Leave this cabinet in its original color to emphasize the rustic farmhouse style in your kitchen decor. Kitchen cabinet that made of several pieces of reclaimed wood from countryliving.

Reuse your old wooden pallets as the main ingredient of a standing kitchen cabinet for decoration ideas that save costs. You can use the glass doors to show off some ceramic tableware that presents a classic and vintage style that looks simple and never goes out of style. This white kitchen cabinet has a neutral color so that it is easier to mix with other interiors around it. Repurposed wood pallet kitchen cabinet from countryliving.

While other elements are just as essential, nothing could beat shabby cabinetry as the focal point of your farmhouse-style kitchen.

After reading this, you might want to install some of the furniture mentioned to make your farmhouse-style kitchen happen. Although farmhouse-style is usually defined as rustic and shabby, you can always combine it with more modern features such as metal and marbles.

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